How to Apply for a US Passport

How to Apply for a US Passport

All citizens of the United States of America, including children, are eligible to receive a US travel passport. This is a useful document for anyone...
Cambodia Travel Guide

Cambodia Travel Guide: What You Need to Know Before Your Trip

Cambodia is arguably the most mysterious destination in Southeast Asia. It's a country that unleashes its intoxicating presence upon you from the very moment...
Afro-Mexican Women

What’s It Like Being Black in Mexico?

Being black in Mexico is a very unique experience that is greatly enhanced if you learn Spanish. I was able to speak Spanish and...
Brazilian Women

What Brazilian Women Really Think about Black American Men

I can still remember the day my black Brazilian girlfriend in Rio de Janeiro asked me to marry her. "Let's get married!" She said with...



10 Lessons I Learned Traveling to Africa for the First Time

I can still remember the feeling as I got off the airplane 17 years ago: like walking into an oven. My first trip to...


Casablanca Morocco

10 Best Countries in Africa to Visit for First Time Visitors

Visiting Africa for the first time? We've covered the best 10 African countries to visit on your first trip to the motherland. 1. Ghana Ghaha is...


10 Best Jobs in Thailand for Expats

Looking to find a job in Thailand? Need a way to earn a living while living in Southeast Asia? Here's a list of the...

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