10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Colombia


Colombia is a medium sized country in South America. It is located in the western part of South America, next to Ecuador and Peru. It’s population is 48 million and it’s one of the cheapest places to visit in Latin America.

I’ve spent over 6 months living in Colombia and absolutely loved it. I was very surprised because Colombia is the exact opposite of how the media portays the country. When people think about Colombia, they envision Paulo Escobar, lots of cocaine, and general dysfunction and violence.

Colombia is nothing like that. I found Colombia treats black men much better than most countries, especially the United States. I visited 3 main cities: Bogota, Cartagena, and Cali.

Colombia is home to some of the friendliest people and most beautiful women you will find in the western hemipshere.

In this article, you will learn 10 reasons why brothas should visit Colombia and how to get yourself ready for an amazing trip.

#1 – Colombians Have Deep African Roots


Like the majority of South America, you will find a lot of black people living there. I was shocked to see so many black people in Colombia, even though the media portays Colombians as “white looking Europeans.”

In cities like Cartagena, Cali, and Buenaventura, you will discover most of the women have big round booties (called culonas in Spanish) and are very easy to meet.

#2 – Lower Cost of Living


Colombia has to be one of the cheapest places I’ve ever visited. I’m talking $5 per night for hostels, $3 for a delicious dinner, and only $1 for an American breakfast with omelets and fruit.

Prices are artificially lower due to the lack of tourism to Colombia because of its past reputation. I felt much safer in Colombia than I ever did in America. Take advantage of these lower prices and enjoy a warm climate, organic food and beautiful women.

You can rent a very nice 1 bedroom apartment completed with kitchen, living room and a big bed for only $600 per month in the city center. If you work remotely or saved up a lot of money, then you will save so much money that you can start a side business or simply not work often.

#3 – Warmer Weather


Colombia gets beautiful sunny weather year round with only a wet & dry season. If you live in America, then you are used to 4 seasons with potentially snow on the ground. After living in a place like Colombia, I find it nearly impossible to endure cold winters again. Colombia is a great place to visit when you’re tired of cold weather, but aren’t quite ready for a trip to Brazil.

#4 – Unlimited supply of women


Colombian women have deep African roots, which explains their curvy bodies and beautiful faces. They love to dance salsa and it’s very easy to meet and hookup with them.

Learning Spanish will go a long way here because the official language of Colombia is Spanish. Not only do you have a wide selection of Colombianas to choose from, but Colombian nightclubs allow you to watch the girls dance & strip for free.

Living in Colombia really changed my perspective about American strip clubs. In America, men throw money at the dancers but you get no play. In Colombia, you only have to buy a drink or two to enter the stripclub. Nobody throws money at the women; They simply are there to dance and encourage you to get a room upstairs with them.

American stripclubs are full of simps & money wasters. If you are tired of watching brothas making it rain & filling the club with extreme thirst, then Colombia will be a great change of pace for you.

#5 – More Peaceful


Colombia operates at a much more peaceful lifestyle than the fast paced, 9 to 5 American lifestyle. You will find yourself slowing down, losing weight, and enjoying a wonderful culture & climate for a very low cost of living. America has become too gun obsessed and violent for a lot of people to enjoy living there.

Unlike the negative stereotypes about Colombia, you will find Colombians much friendly & joyful than the average American.

#6 – Healthy Organic Food


Colombia is like many Latin American countries that ban GMO foods. If you are wondering why Americans are gaining so much weight & have so many health problems, then you should know more about GMO foods. GMO foods are geneticially modified organisms, like fruit & gains, that usually have no seeds & other important changes.

In Colombia, I noticed the fruit tasted fresher & more healthier. Another benefit is that you can purchase vitamin D rich food on the street. America doesn’t sell fruits & veggies outside but rather indoors. This harms the food because it doesn’t get sunlight from the sun. If you want healthy food for very cheap, then Colombia is a great choice.

#7 – Colombian Women Are Looking for Husbands


Many people don’t realize how many Colombian women are seeking American husbands. Life is much different in Colombia because the government doesn’t offer benefits to women like America. Most Colombian women dream about meeting a good man and starting a family. You don’t have to be a thug or act hard to attract Colombianas. They prefer an interesting yet financially stable man more than a wild badboy.

If you are seeking a loyal wife to start a family with, then Colombia is a good alternative to Brazil. It’s a bit more “underground” and hasn’t been “Americanized” as much as Brazil has.

#8 – People are Down to Earth

Colombia Americas Summit Obama

If you are looking to escape the crazy, unnatural American ego & behavior, then Colombia will surely be a sigh of relief for you. America is full of too many insecure weak simps who think chest beating & fighting is a sign of masculinity.

Colombian men are much tougher & fierce than American guys, yet they don’t act aggressive or try to intimidiate you. You won’t here about tons of mass shooting & club fights because Colombians are more soulful and want to have a good time. Come to Colombia, but leave your American ego at the airport.

#9 – Good Long Term Visa


Colombia is much easier to visit than Brazil because American citizens don’t need a visa to visit Colombia. If you have legal problems and/or other responsiblities, then getting a visa can be a big hassle.

Colombia offers 3 month visa free travel to US Citizens. You can travel around the country for months without having to do a visa run.

#10 – Colombian Women Are Waiting For You



Colombian women don’t get nearly as much attention as Brazilian women, but they are fantastic in bed & a blast to be around. You only need to be yourself: no game needed. It was such a relief to live in a country where the women pursue you instead of the other way around.

Whether you are looking for a wife, girlfriend, or anything in between, then Colombian women are a realistic choice for brothas. They are looking for love, brothas. Don’t keep them waiting!

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  1. The first one is quite inaccurate! Not all Colombians have African roots, mainly the ones on the Caribbean coast do but the majority of Colombians are mestizos (mixed native American & European) as in most South American countries. There’s also good percentage of pure Europeans!

  2. This reminds me of a saying… “if it seems too good to be true…” But I hope it is. It would be great to be done with the American lifestyle. It’s a drain on life force.. In my opinion.

  3. So beautiful women waiting eagerly to be bed down and men don’t have to be successful or much of anything. Yes please; make haste to Columbia fellas that helps with the weeding out process ; p!

  4. There are some good points here on the differences between the two cultures of America and Colombia, but not all Colombians as one has already pointed out are from African Roots, ignorance and racism are everywhere so don’t think Colombia is any different. Be a ambassador of some sort, showing that the stereotypical information they see in the media is not a representation of all Black men from America,When traveling stay safe and try not to make it obvious that your there just for sex. My brother lived in Bogota for 4 years and not all Colombian women want American men, just be yourself and apply the golden rule “do onto others as you would have them do unto you.

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