Top 10 South American Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

Colombia Women

Women are every man’s pride. Not just women, but hot ones who keep our minds active. There are many countries with drop dead gorgeous women, but we’ll just focus on the top 10 in South America from first to tenth. Buckle up and hold tight for this awesome ride:

1. Brazil

Brazilian women dress well, take care of their bodies and are extreme beautiful.

Brazilian women

2. Peru

Peruvian women take the lead for their attractiveness and incredibly large, natural behinds.

Peruvian women

3. Colombia

Apart from beauty, beauties from this country are wise, sensual and if you want a wife, you’re in luck. They cook and clean.

Colombia Women

4. Suriname

Her women are humble, hardworking and friendly and widen beauty with their shade of skin color.

Suriname women

5. Ecuador

These women are well-groomed and proud of their looks.

Ecuador women

6. Bolivia

Women have round, attractive, chubby faces with curvy bodies.

Bolivia women

7. Venezuela

Women are beautiful and always dress to impress.

Venezuela women

8. Paraguay

Her women are positive and good-natured, always smiling.

Paraguay women

9. Argentina

The women have dark hair and flashing eyes.

10. Uruguay

The women are kind and dress modestly.

Uruguay women



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