10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Travel to Thailand


In this article, I’m going to discuss a few reasons why black men should travel to Thailand.

Our travel community heavily focuses on Brazil, but I want to share with you some of my experiences in Thailand.

Thailand is a great country for black men to visit because you get warm weather, beautiful women, low cost of living and decent safety all in one trip.

I spent 1 month in Thailand while visiting Bangkok and Pattaya a few years ago. I really enjoyed my trip and want to return soon.

Jubril Agoro, an internet entrepreneur, posted an interesting youtube video about Thailand that was part of my decision to go. Check it out below:

Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because Thailand has so much to offer. Here are 10 reasons why brothas should travel to Thailand and experience “The Land of Smiles”.

#1 – The Original Thai People Are Black


A common misconception about Asia is that Asia is full of Chinese looking people. This is false. Africans migrated from Africa to Thailand tens of thousands of years ago and created settlements there.

Over time, many African descendents mixed with other cultural groups to form today’s modern Thai society.

The Mani People are one of the few untouched African tribes left in Thailand who live in Southern Thailand near Phuket.

Black people were the first people to live on every corner of this earth. There are many more African tribes throughout Asia that have lived there for unknown time periods.

#2 – Thailand is a Warm Tropical Climate


Living in Thailand is a wonderful experience for brothas because the weather is hot and humid all year round. Vitamin D is so important for our health especially if you are melanin rich.

Thailand is a sunny tropical paradise with large sprawling cities like Bangkok and sunny beach towns like Phuket. You can live an easy going lifestyle for less than $1,000 per month.

Say goodbye to the 9 to 5 work commute, rude women, over aggressive psychopaths, and a pile of bills at the end of the month.

#3 – Thai Women are interested in Black Men


Do Thai women like Black men? Yes!

Black men will get lots of attention and action from the local Thai ladies. There are lots of misconceptions going around about how Thai women perceive black men.

European (white) guys spread lies about Thai women not being attracted to black men.

Yet they forget about the countless stories of Thai women extorting money from white men and disappearing once the money well runs dry.

I got lots of attention and smiles from local Thai ladies who had zero interest in my wallet. Many Thai women have jobs and are looking for love just like any other woman.

Thai women refer to black men as “chocolate man” and I haven’t met a woman yet that didn’t like chocolate.

Plus, there are many cities in Thailand such as Khon Kaen where the majority of Thai people are darker skinned. You will meet some Thai women even darker than you!

As long as you are clean and well dressed, you should meet beautiful Thai women with ease. Learning some basic Thai will go a long way and make you even more desirable.

Chat up some Thai women on Thaifriendly before you visit to make connections before you go.

#4 – Fewer Violent Crimes


Unlike the savage gun tooting thugs in America, I have never seen a gun in Thailand. In fact, I never even saw a dangerous looking knife in Thailand. Out of all the countries I visited, I felt the most safe in Bangkok by far.

You can walk around Bangkok at 4am and no one will really bother you. As long as you don’t flash money or jewelry, you will be fine on your trip.

As I’m writing this article, I heard about another mass shooting in the United States.

Let’s be honest: The United States is FUCKED UP! It’s turned its back on the creator (God).

I find it hard to believe that the creator intended humans to create guns and kill innocent people. It’s goes against everything in nature!

In Thailand, you don’t have to worry about living in the modern day Wild Wild West.

Cities like Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya and Khon Kaen are tourist friendly and safe.

#5 – English is widely spoken in Hotels and Tourist Areas


Thai people speak Thai but English is widely spoken in big cities like Bangkok. I spoke English to lots of different people and got along just fine.

Many people know at least basic English and you can find your way around without struggling too much. Many expats live in Thailand for many years and barely speak any Thai. It’s a good idea to learn some basic Thai for giving directions, shopping and asking out Thai women.

If you only speak English, then you will miss out on some incredible Thai women that cannot communicate with you. Watch this Thai language lesson below to learn some words:

Check out this Thai language course to really improve and hold conversations.

#6 – Lower Cost of Living


Thailand has an incredible low cost of living for expats and tourists from western countries.

The official currency is called Baht and features a picture of Thailand’s king, Rama.

Numbeo estimates that Thailand is 43% cheaper than the United States. If you live in the UK, then you will save even more money.

I paid $5 per night at Saphaihae hostel in Bangkok during my first trip. It was the nicest hostel I’ve stayed in by far. They had a restaurant, electronic keycards, huge comfy beds, etc. You get great value for your hard earned money.

Let’s be honest: Everything is so expensive in the United States and UK. You spend a lot yet receive so little.

Thailand is a great place to live and enjoy life without working so much. Some expats live in Thailand for less than $300 per month! Where would you be in the USA with only $300 per month? 🙂

If you make money passively through the internet, it’s even easy to visit Thailand or move permanently.

# 7 – Thai Women are more submissive than American Women


This is a controversial topic that many people misunderstand when it coming to being submissive.

War is for men but a man and his woman should live in peace.

I never once saw a Thai woman cursing out or abusing a man in Thailand. On the other hand, I think American women are experts at being the biggest bitches in the world.

Thousands of black men lose their freedom and end up locked in jail each year because American women want to show them that they are the boss.

Don’t agree with what a American woman says? The police come and you may go to jail. This is a sign of disrespect and subordination that black man cannot tolerate any longer.

Thai women don’t have the same legal support system as American women do. You are free to express yourself as the leader without worrying about legal threats of violence from Thai women.

This isn’t a Thai thing. I met African women in Thailand and they are so much sweeter and beautiful than western women.

You can meet Nigerian, Ghanian, Kenyan and other African women in Thailand in places like Nana Soi 3 in Bangkok.

For brothas looking for black women, you can find your black queen while enjoying the laid back lifestyle.

#8 – Thai Food is Healthy


During my first trip to Bangkok, I lost 10 pounds without really trying at all. Thai cuisine is made up of noodles, vegetables and lots of fruits.

It lacks all the toxins and chemicals in American poisonous shit. The crap sold to Americans is not food. That’s a myth.

Americans eat chemical poison designed to make them sick, angry, stressed and tired.

Corporations make a fortune selling medicine and remedies to the same people they poisoned with the chemical crap. It’s an evil cycle solely designed to enrich the shareholders of major corporations.

Living in Thailand promotes a healthier lifestyle including more walking, more sunshine and better quality food. Once you see the weight falling off, you will look at the USA in a different light.

#9 – Sex is available 24/7 365


Men should have 24/7 access to beautiful women no matter where they are in the world.

What I witness in the USA and other western countries is absolutely disgusting. Men of all ages and nationalities are literally begging women to have sex with them. With no other alternatives, these same men become spineless cowards around women.

PUA aka “having game” becomes a necessary tool to counteract the lack of sexual options available to men in western countries. What a horrible way to live!

Thailand offers any man, regardless of age, the opportunity to have your sexual fantasies fulfilled with NO GAME NEEDED.

Many people reject prostitution yet cherish the most expensive type of prostitution in the world: marriage. If you support marriage, then you are a de facto supporter of prostitution.

In Thailand, you pay the girl to leave. In an american marriage, you pay when your wife decides to leave.

Best of all, you have so many different types of working girls to choose from. There are go go bars, beer bars, soapy massages, and many other types of entertainment.

You can find these places located on Sukhumvit Road near Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy in Bangkok. It’s a must see event even if you don’t participate in the activities!

#10 – The World is Yours


Don’t let lies about how life is in other countries prevent you from travelling.

The whole world belongs to us!!

Thailand is one of the many wonders of the earth worth visiting. Once you see Thailand, then maybe try some nearby countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

America is falling along with many other western superpowers like Canada, UK and Australia. It’s time to visit these countries in Asia and see exactly what they offer us black men.

On the other hand, I believe Thailand is becoming more independent and self sufficient. Black men receive more justice and fair treatment in Thailand than most western countries by a long shot.

Come see what Thailand has to offer you. It only takes 1 week to find out if it’s right for you.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Visit Thailand

There are a few things you will need to make your trip the best ever!

Government Issued Passport

If you already have a passport, then you are set to go. If not, you need to apply for a passport. It’s cheap and easy to do.

Thai Visa on Arrival

Thailand offers US Residents (and most developed countries) a 30 day single entry on arrival at the airport. If you want to stay longer, you need a multiple entry visa before you arrive. Here’s a good post showing you how to get a 90 day multiple entry Thailand visa.

Travel Insurance

Always purchase travel insurance before your trip. Thai hospitals and medical bills can be expensive but hopefully nothing will happen. Better safe than sorry.


The best place to stay is a rented apartment so you have 100% privacy and can bring guest back to your place.

Here’s a list of websites to find a good apartment/house rental in Thailand:

  • AirBNB – Save $30 on your first booking if you use my link.
  • Booking.com to find hotel rooms in Thailand.

Lastly, if you are on a tight budget, then try staying in a hostel. You will share a bunk bed with other people but it’s the cheapest way to go. Plus, you will make friends with other expats much easier.

I recommend Hostelworld to find and book your hostel room.

Tip: I stayed at Saepaihae Hostel in Bangkok. It’s cheap, English friendly and very modern.

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  1. Point #9 is my favorite. Not just because as a straight man I like sex. But what you said about PUA is on-point. It is absolutely crazy to me that a whole industry exists in America designed to help men get pussy, which is something that should happen naturally. Women in America are so spoiled, so picky and so demanding that a man can’t just be a gentleman and approach her like a normal person. The fact that there are men making money teaching other men how to get laid, and that men are actually paying for books, seminars, workshops, webinars, etc., is the most ridiculous phenomena I’ve ever heard of.

  2. I don’t understand something though, if I retire and just want to stay in Thailand, must I leave every 90 days for two weeks and then come back only for 90 days and do the whole process all over again and again?

  3. Man, I’ve never been there, but it seems that Thailand is trending heavy in some of the travel groups I belong to on Facebook. Not to mention, I’m getting sick of living here in the Divided Snakes of Amerikkka. Were I to get laid off, I think I’d give this Expat thing a shot.

  4. About Thai girls not liking black guys –

    Good to see that cleared up. I’ve disqualified Thailand one of my places to visit bc of this very issue, but then I realized it’s probably white guys afraid of a little sexual competition. They’re lucky most black guys are not into Asian girls, otherwise it would’ve been a wrap.

    Love the site. Keep up the good work.

    • Sorry bro. It ain't no white guys cock blocking you. From what I hear it was the Nigerians who were responsible for whatever happened. Don't have all the details.

      As a matter of course, South Asian women prefer white skin more. They want white skin men and white skin babies and they want to turn their own skin white. This is why they are always using whatever they can to whiten their skin. Most Thai men are dark brown bros and they still get laid. So, no matter their hang-ups, you'll do fine in Asia, so have at it.

      Oh one more thing, don't be all cocky about your sexual prowess as a black man, cause bro, these ain't American white chicks. They play different. You'll find yourself sitting with the white man in 2nd place to the Korean and Japanese who is their #1 pref. The only thing they have in common with their Western sisters is they love money. Show them the green and you'll be having fun 😉

  5. This is spot on!! Just left Phuket. I'm considering going to the Peace Corps, just so I can stay in that area/learn Thai. One of the best experiences in my life. Take all that racism and be you deal with in the states, Thailand is the exact opposite.. So serious. Didn't want to leave.

  6. How dare you post something that’s unequivocally falsified! There’s no way you’re black. You must be a white guy pretending to be black (who hates blacks) and you’re steering blacks from all over the world into the most openly racist country on planet Earth. Seriously. How dare you.

    I’ve been a teacher for three years, and soon to be author to a book called “black teacher in thailand.” I have emails sent from Thai bosses saying, “we don’t hire black teachers” and everything. I’ve been told from locals, “ewwww black man! low-class! Pimp!” I’ve been told “I hate blacks the worse of them all.”

    I’ve simply been through some of the most profound hardships I will probably every come across in this country. And YOU….out of all people, have the audacity to post this rubbish? Better yet, after my book is finished, i’ll mail you a free copy so we can all have a read and expose the lies that lie within the Kingdom of Thailand because for you to put this up and mislead all blacks worldwide is downright disgraceful and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • Stop passing lies man. I’m a black man who just returned from Bangkok, Phuket and can confirm everything is this article is 100% accurate. I had a great time with Thai women, and never felt any racism in the least. I walked so much that I lost weight in the 2.5 weeks I was there. Looking forward to returning next yr.

      • There is prejudice all over planet earth…to remove we must remove the ones responsible for it, and those who perpetuate it. Turn the planet against them….then everything on planet earth will be free. By the way my brothef who is,a black man lives in Thailand with his wife and children. They really do like black men too. You just have to make prejudice people look like savage asshole. ..Then be very arrogant with them at all time. Great then like they a retarded. Just plan your moves so that you make them.pay in the most clever and extreme way.

  7. “Thousands of black men lose their freedom and end up locked in jail each year because American women want to show them that they are the boss.”

    Or you could, you know, just pay your fucking child support.
    I know — shocking concept…
    You have unprotected sex, because your 12 seconds of pleasure matters more than not bringing into the world a child you can’t possibly afford to support, and never will.
    (Not to mention spreading diseases in your own community, and putting at risk the lives of the people you claim to care about.)
    Girl gets pregnant, and you won’t let her get an abortion, because “killing YOUR baby!” (Not to mention you can’t afford the $300 copay at the Planned Parenthood.)
    But when it comes to paying anything to take care of “YOUR baby!” — to buy food, or clothing, or diapers — you’re nowhere to be found — or you’re off with the next baby-mama, creating yet another kid or three that you also won’t pay for. This is from the NYTimes article you linked above (emphasis added):

    “Mr Scott said that he had fallen behind when the checks he sent to a state agency for his ex-wife were mistakenly directed to THE MOTHER OF HIS FIRST CHILDREN(!)”

    (Note the plural! Fucking ineducable.)
    And then you wonder why so many white people are racists.
    You know, I could never be a Republican, let alone a Trumpf voter — but I totally understand why so many fed-up white people are.
    And here you are, whining about those mean, horrible, awful women, who dare to ask you to step up and take care of your responsibilities?
    God, you really are the lowest of the low.
    Now go ahead — dismiss everything I’ve just said, because I’m obviously a racist, so clearly you don’t have to accept any of it, or take any responsibility whatsoever.
    Go ahead — tell me how if you ever meet me IRL, you’ll beat me or even kill me.
    You know you want to.

    • In reference to #3,7,9: You sound like a bitter Black man, which, in my opinion, is waaaay worse than a bitter black woman. Why is it that when some Black men go overseas all of a sudden every American woman they have known is trash and can’t measure up to foreign women? I swear pussy is all men like you think about, and it’s probably why you are bitter. Haven’t gotten enough?

      So far, the only thing I hear black men rave about in regards to foreign women is “how submissive” they are. That sounds like a cop out for you wanting a woman (who can barely understand your English) to put up with the bullshit you will try. But we’re the enemy for holding you guys accountable for your stupid actions? You’re supposed to be leaders yet when given our submission you take advantage of it and make bad decisions. Comments about finding better, non-Black/non-American women are a direct reflection of the effort you put into and value you place on Black/American women. It’s also a direct reflection of your decision making skills. You think with your dicks, act with your dicks, then try to degrade women as if your dick has devalued her, treat her like shit, then get up in arms when she reacts, saying we’re combative, lol what a joke… choose better women instead of making generalizations based on the shit women you’ve chosen.

      I’m happily married to my black ass husband who despises men like you. He read this as well; thinks you’re a simp.

      This article is a joke, basic, and an embarrassment. This is why white people laugh at us. They don’t need to divide us, men like you do it for them with shit posts like this.

      • Please all you perverted white people this is a Blog for black men if you disagree with what’s being written there’s hundreds of other blogs about traveling by white men on the internet you visit… Can you fucking racist assholes just go duck yourselves…

  8. I am not in to tricking for sex. I did meet a girl from Udon Thani….she was cool…. she was not into the,bar girl, or working girl idea….she just wanted a man in her life. Are there any girls that’s not it to the (tricking ho life) bar girl/working girl thing?

  9. I have,always been interested in Thailand….I love Jaoan too. Everywhere is better then America tiday…..Trust that thought. I had a female friend from Udon Thani, City she was so cool… she w S not into the bar girl, working girl ideas, she just wanted a,man in her life to treat her good……I wZ, feeling her too, because I am not in to tricking and buying sex…..that’s for the other guys. STD’ S got to be at a all time high there…..if I visit Thailand, want to meet women that’s not (tricking hoe’s) working girls or the Homo-Lady Boys that’s almost all over Thailand. I am sure it some cool down to earth Thailand girls somewhere in Thailand. …Right?

  10. Just came back from a month in pattaya and Bangkok, this is the only place ive been where being a black man was valued over white men. Its true they bleach their skin to get lighter but somehow this has no effect on how much they love chocolate men. If you end up down there, go to the club 808 and you will have your pick of drop dead gorgeous women.

  11. Also, keep in mind “Aids still exist… it’s all over the world, even Thailand. A lot of men and women from The United States, and Europe are infected with it, and they take it to Asian countries like Thailand, Cambodua, Laos, Philippines, Taiwan and many other Asian countries. Be careful, and remember, that they been there ahead of the black man. You coming behind them. Herpes, and Aids are always,a concern when you are (cumming) coming behind another man.

  12. Advice, and wisdom… condoms, or check at the local health clenic there. Think safe. Bring her back with you, and get her checked here… or take the “Test Kits” with you.

  13. Some of your points are on point. With that being said I have been to thialand twice women there have exotic beauty.

    I met my thia woman her she was married to a white boy who brought here didn’t teach her anything, she works hard lives her family.

    After she divorced I made her mine she is fine I don’t worry about the bullshit in my city, because to see a black man with a pretty thia woman you have to real I have game, but you cannot come at any asian woman sideways period.

    Its been three years we go out I love the fact when we walk through there isn’t any woman that can touch my thia princess straight up.

    We have a great home she cooks so damn good the average women in America can’t even through down a meal.

    Yes she is submissive but I taught her the game she made me realize how I wasted time dealing with American woman.

    As I close my beautiful thia woman is the best thing ever happen to me .

  14. That’s great!!! Now if you have not already… prepare to live in another country… because America is about to become a civilization of the pass. Plan well, millions here in America will not be able to escape what’s coming America’s way… see the writing on the wall… co next the dots quick. There really is no more time left. My passport is at hand.

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