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Colombia is a tropical paradise full of beaches, beautiful landscape and some of the sexiest women in the world. It's becoming a big tourist spot for men in the last few years. Here are links to all of our content about Colombia.


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10 Things to Expect During Your Trip to Colombia

Ever wonder what to expect on your trip to Colombia? I received an email from a reader who wanted me to share my experiences...

Colombia vs Brazil: Which is Better for Black Men?

Two of the most popular destinations for brothas are Brazil and Colombia so we decided to compare them side by side based on cost...

Medellin: This Vibrant Colombian City is 86% Cheaper Than The United States

Who else wants to party like a rock star for a fraction of the cost when compared to New York City? Medellin is located in...

5 Best Beaches in Colombia

Plenty of tourists from all over the world visit Columbia just to enjoy the stunning and breathtaking beaches. However, because of the presence of...

10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Colombia

Colombia is a medium sized country in South America. It is located in the western part of South America, next to Ecuador and Peru....

Being a Black Man in Colombia: 14 Things to Consider

Are you wondering what it is like to be a black man in Colombia? Colombia is a country located in South America that's landlocked by...

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