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I’m Tarik, the creator of this website: ExpatKings. If you are interested in traveling outside of the Matrix USA (or any Anglo Western Country), then you’ve come to the right page. It contains everything you need to find the perfect country, get your passport and visas, make money and enjoy your trip/move abroad.

In 2009, I was depressed and miserable with the standard American lifestyle. I was sick and tired of putting up with my boring 9 to 5 deskjob, my racist coworkers, and my cheating girlfriend.

I heard some talk about brothas getting treated like KINGS in other countries so I decided enough was enough. That’s when I booked a roundtrip ticket to Costa Rica to experience my first interational vacation outside the Matrix USA.

Costa Rica was my first eye opening experience outside of the USA and it made me look at America in a different light. When you travel overseas, you will be shocked at how people treat you and the way things operate in different countries.

I no longer desired the standard American dream – House, Car, Wife, etc. I began to desire freedom, great food, warm sunshine, and of course beautiful down to earth women.

The best thing is you can have all of these things if you just TRAVEL OR LEAVE AMERICA.

Ready to Travel? It’s Easy

Are you ready to live your dreams? I’m here to help you. You probably feel like I did back in 2009. I knew I needed a change of pace but didn’t know where to go.

Maybe you feel trapped in your current situation. Maybe you feel alone. Maybe your friends and family are settled into their typical American lives and they just don’t understand why you would give up everything to travel the world.

The answer is Simple: We want more than the bullshit lies and garbage fed to us by white western society.

Which Countries Are Best for Black Men?

If you’re at this stage already, then you know about the problems where you live and are looking for country to visit/reside.

One of the most popular choices is Brazil. It’s in the western hemisphere, has a warm sunny climate, and is home to the 2nd largest black population in the world.

If you need to get your money right before your first trip to Brazil, then check out my article called 6 Steps to Making Money for Your Trip to Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro is a great place for beginner travelers. I even wrote a book for first time travelers to Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro for Beginners is a 60+ page travel guide available on Amazon Kindle. You will exprience Rio to the fullest without the steep learning curve. I took me over 3 months in Rio to get a hang of the language, culture, and best of all Brazilian women.

It’s written especially for single men because I discuss lots of taboo topics as well. Get my guide and make your first trip to Brazil memorable!

I’ve also either seen or heard great things from the following countries as well:

Then I realize there was so many countries out there yet everybody kept asking me about the countries that love black men.

Free Gift: Best Countries for Black Men

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As a thank you gift, you will get FREE access to my popular ebook, Best Countries for Black Men.

Inside this ebook, you will discover the top 16 countries that love black men. Of course, no country is perfect but I believe these locations are the best countries for beginner travelers as well.

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