Thaifriendly Review: How to Date Thai Girls

Thaifriendly Review

What’s up fellas!

In today’s article, you will learn how to meet Thai Women online using an awesome dating website called ThaiFriendly.

I was planning my 2nd trip to Bangkok this year and decided to build a pipeline of ladies so I can arrange a few hookups once I arrive in Thailand.

If you aren’t using online dating sites to meet Thai women in advance, then I think you are missing out on a key resource. Many brothas only spend a week or two in Bangkok so time is precious!

With ThaiFriendly, you can strike up an online relationship with a Thai woman and even have her greet you at the airport. Many of these ladies speak decent English, especially women who either studied in graduate school, lived in the United States, or work at an international workplace like a hotel.

Why Join ThaiFriendly?



Now that you’re ready to start meeting Thai women online, I think it’s important to explain why I recommend ThaiFriendly over other Thai dating sites like DateinAsia and ThaiCupid.

It’s 100% Free to Join

Thaifriendly is the best free online dating site for men to meet Thai women. You can sign up 100% free and start talking to Thai women today.

Free profiles can send 1 message every 10 minutes but I do recommend upgrading to a premium membership.

Try out it out for free and if you like it, then I would consider upgrading your membership.

Huge Selection of Women to Choose From

ThaiFriendly has the largest selection of Thai women I’ve ever seen. DateinAsia is free but the majority of the women live in the Phillipines. There aren’t enough active members from Thailand on the site.

ThaiCupid is pretty big but it’s really expensive to use. Plus, most of the women are looking for long term relationships and marriage. Most tourists won’t be spending a ton of time in Bangkok so I recommend using ThaiFriendly because it has a more sexy, fun vibe to it.

All you need to do is join ThaiFriendly, setup your account and start sending/receiving messages to arrange dates and hookups.

How Much Does a ThaiFriendly Premium Membership Cost?

ThaiFriendly charges $24.95 for a 30 day monthly subscription and $99 for a 12 month annual subscription.

If you plan to visit Thailand multiple times per year (trust me, you will consider renewing your visa), then an annual membership provides the best value.

ThaiFriendly costs only $99 for a 12 month year long subscription. That’s the cost of an average dinner at a mid range Thai restaurant. Also, you will save money by meeting women online instead of hitting the Go-go and beer bars everday. They are fun at first, but after a while you are spending more money just to meet Thai women. It’s also good for your health if you drink less alcohol.

Anyone Can Arrange a Date (Even if you are an older mature man)

Another thing I like about ThaiFriendly is that you are able to meet Thai women regardless of age. There is a stigma in western society about older men with younger women, but it’s much less prevalent in Thailand.

You can message any lady you like (as long as she is clearly over 18) and most likely will get a reply. The most beautiful girls receive dozens of messages every day so it’s not 100% full proof.

I get 100x more messages on ThaiFriendly than on western dating sites like OKCupid and POF. You will probably experience the same thing, too. The advantage is in your corner 🙂

Setup Your Profile


You can sign up for a free account to test the site out. I recommend you upgrade to a premium account immediately because free accounts are allowed only 1 message per 10 minutes. Your time is too valuable to spend waiting every 10 minutes to contact your Thai dream girl. Grab a premium subscription to receive the best overall experience.

Upload a good photo of yourself dressed in nice clean attire and smile! Thai Women prefer nice confident men who treat them well unlike western women who prefer bad boys or thugs. A nice smiling photo will attract enough messages to arrange a date. If you have a picture wearing a suit, that’s even better.

Fill out all the details and write about yourself and be honest. Again, just be yourself and write your nationality down and why you are visiting Thailand. Don’t reveal anything about your finances or stuff like that. Thai women KNOW you have money because no expat would visit without having some sort of savings. This ain’t America. No need to brag here about anything.

Start Sending Messages


Remember how I mentioned Thai women like nice guys? Well, you should reveal your confidence without being arrogant in your messages. Western women like men who “disconnect” or neg them to increase their interest. Using this strategy in Thailand will probably be misunderstood and be taken as an insult.

It’s better to introduce yourself and be direct about your intentions. Many Thai women have darker complexions and are freaks in the bedroom. This means you can setup dates and hookups easily without being thirsty.

Ask her to have dinner with you, cook at your hotel/apartment, or meet you at a bar for a drink. You don’t have to enter the “friend zone” in Thailand. Be direct and go for what you want!

Arrange Dates

At some point in your online conversation, you will need to exchange contact information.

Ask for her phone number and her LINE ID. LINE is a free online messenger app like Skype that is hugely popular in Thailand. You can make voice calls and send messages for free.

It’s the best way to keep in touch with your Thai ladies because making calls in Thailand will add up quick. However, I think having a phone is a necessity to make friends and stay safe in Thailand.

Getting a Thai phone number is really simple. All you need is a Thai GSM SIM card. You can purchase them at any local cell store or mall. You can add credits to your SIM at any 7 Eleven. I recommend purchasing an unlocked Dual SIM smartphone before your trip so you can grab the SIM card and start using the phone right away.

Once you get in touch, arrange a meetup near a BTS subway station or popular restaurant.

Some Thai girls don’t trust strangers at first so a public meeting is the easiest way to meet them.

Once you meet them, then take them back to your apartment/hotel and have fun!

How to Stop Thai Girls from Flaking on Dates

Flaking is a common problem nowadays with online dating. With so many options available to Thai women, she may cancel your date or just ignore your messages. This isn’t done out of disrespect. Losing face is a term in Thai culture meaning Thai people avoid confrontations and uncomfortable situations. Instead of canceling the date like western standards, I’ve seen Thai women just not show up to avoid a potential argument.

Be Spontaneous – Schedule Dates within a few hours, not days

The solution is to not arrange dates too far in advance. Instead, I suggest contacting your lady and ask to meet up at the spur of the moment.

Why use this strategy? Well, it prevents flaking because she has to make a decision to see you or not.

Arrange to Meet in a Public Location for your first date

Secondly, arrange to meet at a public location like a restaurant or BTS subway. Some Thai women are worried about meeting strangers so a public location reduces any potential danger in her mind.

Stay Connected on LINE app

Lastly, keep in touch with her using LINE app to see where she is. Thai women carry their cell phone everywhere so if she ignores your texts, then you know she isn’t interested in coming.

ThaiFriendly FAQ

Is ThaiFriendly full of scammers? Is Thaifriendly legit? Is Thaifriendly a scam?

Scammers? I think you might find some working girls on these cites – maybe lots of them. If that is a scammer. It is very easy to meet single ladies here, especially up in the countryside.

Depending upon your intentions, there are different venues. It works best when you walk the correct path for each.

If you are looking for a “nice girl” for casual relations, that probably does not exist. There are working girls that will tell you that, that they have jobs and are just trying to pick up a little extra $$ – so, if you want the illusion, you can have that. I think many like that one.

But best advice is to meet someone in person – the girls working the computers likely have many on the line and won’t take you seriously until you arrive – though they will feign otherwise. And the minute you leave, they will go back to it. Be patient.

Is ThaiFriendly Full of Ladyboys?

Thaifriendly has two sections on the site: one for Thai women and another for ladyboys. The owners do a very good job by filtering out the ladyboys or canceling their accounts if they pose as real women.

From my experience, 99% of the women on Thaifriendly are real women, not ladyboys.  Change your filter preference to wants children is a good tip to filter out ladboys from the search results.

Do Thai Women like Black Men?

Yes. Thai women like Black men and you will find plenty of sexy ladies to meet and hookup with. In Thailand, I was called “chocolate man” many times and Thai women were very touchy and flirtatious.

There are various articles and videos around the internet from mostly Europeans stating that Thai women don’t like black men. They are absolute liars. My guess is they want to feed you lies to prevent you from enjoying Thailand and experiencing freedom there.

I, and other black men I met during my trip, got lots of attention from Thai women. I even met one guy who was sleeping with so many Thai girls that it was affecting his job!

Come to Thailand! Just book your trip and try it out for yourself.

Sign Up Today for FREE


If you are planning a trip to Thailand, don’t wait until the last moment to meet Thai women.

Sign up for ThaiFriendly in advance then login at least once a week to start building a pipeline. That way, you can literally have your Thai lady in your room within hours of landing in Bangkok.

If you are already in Thailand, then use ThaiFriendly to supercharge your results!

Join ThaiFriendly Now for FREE


    • you can’t just totally generalize like that, there might be some racists, but how many thai women do you think live in bangkok? they certainly aren’t all racists

      if you are a nice guy you won’t have problems

  1. I live in Chiang Mai and the Chiang Mai section of Thai Friendly is much more limited than the Bangkok and Pattaya sections. Most of those Chiang Mai girls come across as being so sweet and pure they could easily qualify for being nuns. Others have too many don’ts in their profiles and that’s a big turnoff. Also it`s obvious that the majority have copied and pasted the words in the their profiles from other websites so most of it is mainly BS.

    Most hardly mention anything about themselves and only provide brief details of what they are seeking. This means having to keep asking them lots and lots of questions that can take forever to drag out of them and eventually it mentally wears me down and I just give up.

    I’ve only been successful at making a date on TF once. After 3 days the woman wanted to book our wedding so I ran for the hills.

    I find it almost impossible to initiate a conversation with those women. Once they get over the Hi`s and how are you sentence, then all I seem to get is one liner responses from them after that. Same result when they click; interested in you. Trying to actually break the ice with them can be painful.

    Even when I’ve managed to get their Line Ids the conversation has still been hard going. Sometimes while in conversation they disappear for 10, 20 or more minutes while I’m sitting here like a spare one at a wedding. Also on many occasions during our first messaging on those dating sites, women have told me that have a problem and need money even before they’ve told me their names.

    So for all you guys who claim having many successes on these dating sites, I don’t know how you do it, because it’s not working for me.


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