What is it like being black in Japan? The Truth May Shock you…


What’s it like being black in Japan?

SDJMalik, a black super drumline musician, worked in Japan for Universal Studios back in 2014 and fell in love with the country. He visits a couple times a year and shares his opinion on living in Japan and why he enjoys the country.

I’ve spent 1 month in Japan and only had 1 bad experience while taking the subway in Tokyo. Someone dropped the “N” word while I was walking to the metro train. There were so many people around that I didn’t exactly see who said it.

Japan is pretty cool but it’s expensive and you need to bring a stack of cash to really enjoy the city.

What are your experiences while living in Japan? Tell us your story in the comments.


  1. Is not the N-word dropped all day and everyday in the USA? Oh, I get it. Derogatory language and racist language is okay when done by a black person. For some reason, it is fine when black people insult you andcall you an N.

  2. It’s all about intent, Gregory. The use of the N word by black people among black people is an attempt at taking ownership of the word and transforming it into something else, whether you agree with it or not. The intent of an outsider using this word to describe a black person is clear, isn’t it? Really, this is an old argument.

    • Max. I, respectfully, disagree, with you. As a black man, only a fool would make an “attempt” to transform a vulgar racial slur into something else. Besides, when I hear black females saying: Nig*ers ain’t shit, it is clear that the word has a negative intent. The so-called taking ownership of the N word and transforming the racist insult is the work of fools. HOW IS THAT WORKING OUT ? LOL.

  3. Gregory Chandler is an idiot. “Claims” to be a black man that is above using the term than stereotypes another black man in the video by simply pointing it out. There are countless other derogatory terms used by non-blacks. focus on that


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