10 Best Spanish Language School Programs & Courses in Spain


1. Enforex

The first place to check out in Spain is Enforex, this is one of the best spanish language schools with the most flexible options. The 20 different courses run on every Monday of the week, all year round- guaranteeing
that the student gets the utmost experience while enjoying a schedule that runs flexibly to accommodate them.

2. Cervantes Escuela International

Located in Malaga as one of the many of it’s schools, the institute is part of a collective of institutes that offer the courses in their centers. Enrolment includes the courses along with accommodation and activities that are
filled with entertainment and activities. Courses run on Mondays. The levels in the courses range between 1 to 36 weeks depending on how intense you want the course to be.

3. Don Quijote

With two decades under their belt, the school offers a wide array of 20 of its courses in Spanish. Courses span from amateur level to intermediate- a whole list of different activities goes along with the
enrollment. It doesn’t hurt that they offer some scuba diving and a whole range of activities as part of the package. Twenty classes run at the institutions per week.

4. International House Of Spain

Part of a collective of schools that teach Spanish language lessons in Spain, they take in students from all over the world. Their expertise expands throughout the world with over a hundred schools in about 50 countries. It also offers an online tutorship.

5. ABCHumoldt

Based in Barcelona, the ABCHumboldt Spanish school, they do more than just teach you the Spanish language. There is a course offered to teach you the culture of the country that is part of the curriculum. The classes come with different intensities, this is balanced by the social activities they also offer on their package. One to one tutoring is included in the many options to learn in the best Spanish language schools.

6. Expanish

Located in Spain, Barcelona, and Argentina- this school offers the best of highly trained personnel. The classes operate for in 20-week cycles- accommodating group classes in their facilities. A whole list of other option
include social & cultural activities and volunteering and internship opportunities.

7. Linguaschools

This is a collective of schools that spread through the Spanish countryside to provide visitors with exceptional Spanish skills. You can enroll at any time- this is enabled by recording the date in which you came to enroll
in the school at the start of your semester. Classes of 20 extending through 20 weeks are offered in the price plan. A range of social and cultural activities are included in the package.

8. Solingua Instuto

Courses include the simple course for beginners to the more intense options in their 5 packages. Starting from one to four weeks. The average course is about 20 lessons per week- running for four lessons per day from
Monday to Friday- running in intervals of one hour and 50 minutes. This institution focuses more on grammar.


Classes that are included cater for all levels, they include packages for varying intensity. Standard classes are available in 20 classes per week, the more intense classes run for 30 times per week- with exceptions
to your availability to fit the schedule. The options include surf lessons to help you relax from the intensity that lasts up to 90 minutes at a time. Teenagers can indulge in the summer program that they have running.

10. K2 Internacional

This is a class in paradise in one of the best spanish language schools in Spain-offering the best of amenities such as air conditioning, a TV and many more. Eight of the rooms run about 50 classes through the course of the summer for both the adult and teenagers. Five lessons that last up to 50 minutes per duration are part of their schedule. Starting from 9:30 to 14:00 & 15:00 to 19:30 on the second session.

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