10 Important Things to Know Before Traveling to Colombia

Colombia is one of the best countries in Latin America to visit because you’ll enjoy low prices, great weather, beautiful women, and a cool laid back vibe.

The media has done a great job of misconstruing the true facts about Colombia. Yes, there were many problems involving drugs and corruption during the Pablo Escobar era, but those days are over.

While Brazil is bigger and has the hottest women, I found Colombia to offer a more well rounded South American experience. Not to mention, you’ll find it more easier to learn Spanish than Portuguese.

If you’re planning a first time trip, then here are my top travel tips for surviving in Colombia.

  1. Get Your Passport – You need a valid passport to enter Colombia as a foreigner. US residents get a free 90 day visa at the airport. It’s one of the reasons why Colombia is more travel friendly than Brazil. Brazil requires a visa for Americans citizens to enter their territory. If you plan on spending less than 3 months in Colombia, all you need is your passport.
  2. Learn Spanish – Spanish is the official language of Colombia and you should practice learning the language before your trip. Even understanding basic Spanish will help you so much during your trip. You’ll understand the culture better, enjoy lower prices, and meet Colombianas with ease. Some of the most beautiful girls don’t speak English so you don’t want to waste a perfect opportunity because of a language barrier. Easy Spanish Step by Step is a wonderful book for beginners who don’t know any Spanish. You can also find free lessons on Youtube and find a language penpal using the HelloTalk App.
  3. Get an International Smartphone – Colombians will be eager to hang out with you, but you need an international dual SIM phone to contact them. I use the Motorola Moto C dual SIm International phone for my international travels. It also use to keep your home number and store an additional Colombian SIM card. That way, you won’t waste money on roaming charges by using your home phone number.
  4. Visit Cali – Medellin and Cartagena get the majority of the attention, but my favorite Colombian city was Cali. Cali is located in a valley so the weather isn’t as hot as Cartagena or as cold as Bogota. The prices are extremely low and the pace of life is very relaxed. Most of Cali’s women are brown skinned morenas with incredible bodies. Definitely visit hotspots like Medellin and Cartagena but don’t sleep on Cali. It’s a hidden gem.
  5. Only Spend a Few Days in Bogota – Bogota is the capital city of Colombia but I didn’t enjoy my time in the city. I only spent a week there to obtain my Brazil visa and wish I had left sooner. I recommend spending 2 to 3 days in Bogota before heading out to greener pastures: Medellin, Cartagena, Barranquilla or Cali. Why? The city is mostly blanco (white) with an extremely high elevation above sea level (over 5,000 feet). It’s also very cold at night. I was literally freezing in my hotel room. Such an unpleasant experience.
  6. Visit Cartagena – Cartagena is the hottest and most popular tourist destination in Colombia. It’s also home to an extremely large Afro-Colombian population with some beautiful black ladies walking around the city. Did I mention the beaches and seafood is excellent? It’s truly a paradise for men if you enjoy the beach lifestyle and like Caribbean women. If you only have a few weeks to spend in Colombia, be sure to visit Cartagena. You won’t be disappointed.
  7. Visit Medellin – Medellin gets most of the attention in our travel community because the women of Medellin are arguably the most beautiful and classy of all Colombians cities. The nightlife is amazing and you can either live there on a low budget or splurge like a boss. Jubril Agoro, a popular vlogger and entrepreneur, absolutely loves this city and I recommend visiting it as well. Most men will enjoy Medellin more than any other Colombian city. It’s got everything from low prices to excellent nightlife.
  8. Guard Your Phone at All Times – While Colombia has so many positive benefits, I have to mention a growing problem in the country: Smartphone thieves. It’s quite common for Colombian criminals to steal cell phones right out of your hand or even steal your lady’s phone too. You have to be extremely careful with your valuables in Colombia. There is a lot of poverty and Colombian men are desperate to come up at your expense.
  9. Don’t Mess With the Locals – As an American, I witness one of the biggest mistakes American culture has done to its citizens. Americans are often loud, aggressive and cocky when they travel overseas. This may be tolerated in Africa, Europe and Asia but Colombia doesn’t mess around. I made the mistake of talking back to a local Colombian guy at a strip club many years ago. Within seconds, I was surrounded by 4 men who told me in a polite way to get inside the taxi and go home. You may think you’re a boss but Colombian guys often roll with heavy muscle (huge black Colombian men) who can send you to the hospital in a minute. Enjoy the country and don’t mess around with these local guys. You didn’t come to Colombia to chestbeat or get into fights; You came to enjoy yourself.
  10. Be Confident When Talking to Colombian Women – Colombian women are similar to Brazilian women except they are more humble, less flashly and seek good stable men over assholes. One of the nice things about Colombianas is that she will show strong interest in you right way. You need game, but not at the high level like you do in the United States. If you talk to a Colombiana and she responds positively, she likes you 90% of the time. I found it easier than dealing with Brazilian women who are slightly more beautiful but respond a bit more to the thuggish vibe (Brazilian guys are notorious thugs and players).

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