10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Go Vegan

Venus Williams is doing it, Mike Tyson is also doing it and so is Russell Simmons.

People from all kinds of backgrounds, all kinds of cultures and professionalism as well as different age groups are doing it. It seems like the world has woken up to exchanging chronic diseases for longevity and compassion.

Some years back, the USA Today suggested that about 50% of American citizens are aiming to cut down on the heavy consumption of meat. While this is true, approximately a fifth of students are vegetarians. This has become a trendy topic, but why should people start changing their diet and run towards vegan lifestyles?

This might take you by surprise but these black celebrities are actually vegetarians;

  • Omar Epps
  • Q-tip
  • Phylicia Rashad
  • Brandy Norwood
  • Cee Lo Green
  • Forest Whitetaker
  • Kevin EuBanks

These are just a few from the many black celebrities we know. I will leave a link at the end of my article so that you can see more of these celebrities. Here are 10 reasons why black men should go Vegan.

1. Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Chronic heart diseases are a common phenomenon in the current generation especially here in the USA. These diseases built up as a result of continuous consumption of meat over the years. This leads to accumulation of fats which block the arteries. This definitely leads to a heart attack or heart failure.

2. Reverse Chronic Diseases

Health is so important to humans. Many black people suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart diseases among others. But vegetables have the power to reverse this according to medicine studies. Eating vegetable will actually reverse some of these conditions.

3. Lose Weight Naturally

With the current trend of black people getting fat, its not usual. This is attributed to the fat that there is a high consumption of meat and other junk foods. Take vegetables because they have the ability to burn down those calories.

4. Combat World Hunger

It seems that there are so many vegetables that we can consume but instead, we are busy eating meat and other foods. While other people are suffering in the World. It wise to utilize resources by eating vegetables.

5. Animal products are not clean

If you didn’t know, all those time you consume meat products eggs milk, you are consuming lots of bacteria which have negative effects on your body. So just tale vegetables.

6. We actually don’t need animal products

What we do not know is that there are a lot of vegetables out there that we can consume. For our health’s sake, we can always eat vegetable products because they are found everywhere.

7. Save the environment and reduce climate changes

Climate change has been heavy contributed by the fact that meat industries are polluting our environment. This is by releasing certain chemicals to the atmosphere. To deal with these, its encouraged that we only take vegetables.

8.  Improve your fitness

Well, fitness is everything that anyone wishes to have especially the Black celebrities. So why not try out vegetables and see the results.?

9. Improve Skin and digestion

The skin needs to be taken care of. Same case to the digestive system. Meat products such as sausages, hamburgers wont do you any good. Only vegetables. That is why you are encouraged to east a lot of vegetables.

10. Boost your mood

Well,if you didn’t know this, eating lots of vegetables boosts you mood especially if you are a moody person. So try out vegetables today.

For more information, check out these links on celebrities who are vegetarians. Also, more on reasons you should go vegan.

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