10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Visit Colombia

Colombia is a medium sized country in South America. It is located in the western part of South America, next to Ecuador and Peru. It’s population is 48 million and it’s one of the cheapest places to visit in Latin America.

I’ve spent over 6 months living in Colombia and absolutely loved it. I was very surprised because Colombia is the exact opposite of how the media portrays the country. When people think about Colombia, they envision Paulo Escobar, lots of cocaine, and general dysfunction and violence.

Colombia is nothing like that. I found Colombia treats black men much better than most countries, especially the United States. I visited 3 main cities: Bogota, Cartagena, and Cali.

Colombia is home to some of the friendliest people and most beautiful women you will find in the western hemisphere.

In this article, you will learn 10 reasons why brothas should visit Colombia and how to get yourself ready for an amazing trip.

#1 – Colombians Have Deep African Roots

AfroColombians Posing for Picture

Like the majority of South America, you will find a lot of black people living there. I was shocked to see so many black people in Colombia, even though the media portays Colombians as “white looking Europeans.”

In cities like Cartagena, Cali, and Buenaventura, you will discover most of the women have big round booties (called culonas in Spanish) and are very easy to meet.

#2 – Lower Cost of Living

Cost of Living in Colombia

Colombia has to be one of the cheapest places I’ve ever visited. I’m talking $5 per night for hostels, $3 for a delicious dinner, and only $1 for an American breakfast with omelets and fruit.

Prices are artificially lower due to the lack of tourism to Colombia because of its past reputation. I felt much safer in Colombia than I ever did in America. Take advantage of these lower prices and enjoy a warm climate, organic food and beautiful women.

You can rent a very nice 1 bedroom apartment completed with kitchen, living room and a big bed for only $600 per month in the city center. If you work remotely as a digital nomad or saved up a lot of money, then you will save so much money that you can start a side business or simply not work often. Check out our post on the cost of living in Medellin for more information.

#3 – Warmer Weather

Bocagrande Beach, Cartagena, Colombia
Bocagrande Beach in Cartagena Colombia

Colombia gets beautiful sunny weather year round with only a wet & dry season. If you live in America, then you are used to 4 seasons with potentially snow on the ground. After living in a place like Colombia, I find it nearly impossible to endure cold winters again. Colombia is a great place to visit when you’re tired of cold weather, but aren’t quite ready for a trip to Brazil.

#4 – Unlimited supply of women

Colombian Women at beach

Colombian women have deep African roots, which explains their curvy bodies and beautiful faces. They love to dance salsa and it’s very easy to meet and hookup with them.

Learning Spanish will go a long way here because the official language of Colombia is Spanish. Not only do you have a wide selection of Colombianas to choose from, but Colombian nightclubs allow you to watch the girls dance & strip for free.

Living in Colombia really changed my perspective about American strip clubs. In America, men throw money at the dancers but you get no play. In Colombia, you only have to buy a drink or two to enter the stripclub. Nobody throws money at the women; They simply are there to dance and encourage you to get a room upstairs with them.

American stripclubs are full of simps & money wasters. If you are tired of watching brothas making it rain & filling the club with extreme thirst, then Colombia will be a great change of pace for you.

#5 – More Peaceful

Colombian March for Peace

Colombia operates at a much more peaceful lifestyle than the fast paced, 9 to 5 American lifestyle. You will find yourself slowing down, losing weight, and enjoying a wonderful culture & climate for a very low cost of living. America has become too gun obsessed and violent for a lot of people to enjoy living there.

Unlike the negative stereotypes about Colombia, you will find Colombians much friendly & joyful than the average American.

#6 – Healthy Organic Food

Watercress Salad in Colombia

Colombia is like many Latin American countries that ban GMO foods. If you are wondering why Americans are gaining so much weight & have so many health problems, then you should know more about GMO foods. GMO foods are genetically modified organisms, like fruit & gains, that usually have no seeds & other important changes.

In Colombia, I noticed the fruit tasted fresher & more healthier. Another benefit is that you can purchase vitamin D rich food on the street. America doesn’t sell fruits & veggies outside but rather indoors. This harms the food because it doesn’t get sunlight from the sun. If you want healthy food for very cheap, then Colombia is a great choice.

#7 – Colombian Women Are Looking for Husbands

African-American on Latin Wife Tour in Colombia

Many people don’t realize how many Colombian women are seeking American husbands. Life is much different in Colombia because the government doesn’t offer benefits to women like America. Most Colombian women dream about meeting a good man and starting a family. You don’t have to be a thug or act hard to attract Colombianas. They prefer an interesting yet financially stable man more than a wild badboy.

If you are seeking a loyal wife to start a family with, then Colombia is a good alternative to Brazil. It’s a bit more “underground” and hasn’t been “Americanized” as much as Brazil has.

#8 – People are Down to Earth

Colombia Americas Summit with Barack Obama

If you are looking to escape the crazy, unnatural American ego & behavior, then Colombia will surely be a sigh of relief for you. America is full of too many insecure weak simps who think chest beating & fighting is a sign of masculinity.

Colombian men are much tougher & fierce than American guys, yet they don’t act aggressive or try to intimidate you. You won’t here about tons of mass shooting & club fights because Colombians are more soulful and want to have a good time. Come to Colombia, but leave your American ego at the airport.

#9 – Good Long Term Visa

Beautiful AfroColombian Woman

Colombia is much easier to visit than Brazil because American citizens don’t need a visa to visit Colombia. If you have legal problems and/or other responsibilities, then getting a visa can be a big hassle.

Colombia offers 3 month visa free travel to US Citizens. You can travel around the country for months without having to do a visa run.

#10 – Colombian Women Are Waiting For You

Black Man with Colombian Women

Colombian women don’t get nearly as much attention as Brazilian women, but they are fantastic in bed & a blast to be around. You only need to be yourself: no game needed. It was such a relief to live in a country where the women pursue you instead of the other way around.

Whether you are looking for a wife, girlfriend, or anything in between, then Colombian women are a realistic choice for brothas. They are looking for love, brothas. Don’t keep them waiting!

Here’s What You’ll Need to Visit Colombia

There are a few things you will need to make your trip the best ever!

Government Issued Passport

If you already have a passport, then you are set to go. If not, you need to apply for a passport. It’s cheap and easy to do.


US residents receive a 90 day visa on arrival in Colombia. That’s good for 3 months. If you want to stay longer, then visit your local Colombian consulate and inquire about a long term visa application.

Travel Insurance

Always purchase travel insurance before your trip. Colombia hospitals and medical bills can be expensive but hopefully nothing will happen. Better safe than sorry.


The best place to stay is a rented apartment so you have 100% privacy and can bring guests back to your place.

Here’s a list of websites to find a good apartment/house rental in Colombia:

  • AirBNB – Save $40 on your first booking if you use my link.
  • Booking.com to find hotel rooms in Colombia.

Lastly, if you are on a tight budget, then try staying in a hostel. You will share a bunk bed with other people but it’s the cheapest way to go. Plus, you will make friends with other expats much easier.

Learn Spanish

Spanish is the official language of Colombia so you should start learning the language now before you go. It will make your journey much more enjoyable. Easy Spanish Step by Step is the best Spanish learning book for beginners. For a complete list of Spanish resources, visit our Learn Spanish section.

Meet Colombian Women Online

There are many Colombian women online looking for American & western men. The best website to meet them is Colombian Cupid. It’s full of super sexy women who will have you visiting Colombia again and again.

Recommended Travel Guides

  • Lonely Planet Colombia – I use Lonely Planet travel guides for all my trip. They are written very well and give you tons of information that most tourists never know. Everything from finding a hotel to the best restaurants is covered in their guides.

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  1. This is a dream. I live in a Mexican community. There are a lot of unwritten rules, cultural norms and racial beliefs, and family hierarchy rules that latinas have to follow. If you think that you, as a black man, will be admitted into a Spanish family unconditionally, and with open arms, then you better take a second look. The spanish are a cruel and controlling group. Additionally, both men and women are very ‘immaturely’ jealous and gossippy. This can be extremely dangerous for a black man with good intentions or big bank account. There is so much I could tell you about these sick and damaged people that I would need a week to write about it. As far as Colombia, don’t think for a moment that afro-colombian women are not damaged, or not opportunistic. Poverty and violence affects peoples’ behavior in many ways. If you’ve got money, they will know it. Don’t be fooled by that beautiful smile or the attention.

  2. The way you all speak of women is disturbing. So this is the example you are going to leave for the younger generation to speak about your daughters, because they will. Good luck repeating such a misogynistic demoralizing world for your daughters. Tarik, Tarik, Tarik. What nonsense have you started here, your mum would be ashamed of the way you speak about women. “Unlimited supply of women”.? I find myself ashamed to be a human being when you peanut headed people prove to be shallow. What the hell is happening to the human race. Don’t come at me with, “we are just having fun/it’s all light hearted”. What you reap is what you sow and the seeds you guys are sowing are rotten and will only reap poisonous fruit. I apologize if I offend anyone but this whole article is disgusting and low. What has become of us as a race? Don’t you think the world is suffering enough with your low down dirty ego’s. Time to reevaluate your lives or just rip off your ego driven masks. Just remember we are all flesh and blood, you ain’t taking your ego’s with you when you pass but it will be your demise when you sit on your death beds. I’ll end this sending you all peace and love in the hopes that you will see things differently, just felt like you needed a reality check! We all do!

  3. My husband is Columbian and I am Ghanaian. We live in France. I have been to Columbia multiple times to visit my in laws. It’s a beautiful country and I was amazed to find that some of my husband’s friends and family look just like my friends and family back home in Ghana. Our skin tone, family values and lifestyle are very similar. I adore my husband because he is loving, kind, hardworking and strong. He is very proud of his heritage, his roots and very protective of his family. He has 4 sisters and 3 brothers. That said, this has to be the DUMBEST article I have ever read about Columbia. Your disrespectful opinion of Columbian women seeps through every tired paragraph. I could comment on the other things that annoyed me but it’s not worth it. I hope you rethink your silly attitude and show a modicum of respect next time.

  4. Yes i see this a lot here in the San Francisco California Bay area I See a lot of Mexican, Nicaraguan, El Salvadorian, Cultures which the Majority of the Latino Communities here in the entire Northern California bay area United states they maybe some Peruvian Guatemalan here and there here in the San Francisco California bay area but the majority as i mentioned earlier are three different Nationalities of Latino Hispanic cultures that are most populated in Latino Culture here and whats interesting how the mediocre looking or okay to attractive ones who stick with co -Latinos will strictly stick with there own fellow co- Latino nationality counterparts male and if they do date or mate outside there fellow race of Latino Community of men they will be seen mostly with white males or Asian males aka Mostly they are now getting with Filipino Males and the ones who look tough or thugglisly gangster as the same if they happen to get with a brotha they won’t bee seen with a decent Afro American negro brotha they will get with the ones that mirror kyie Irving or Iggy Azalea ex fiance Nick Young types and that is if they are millennial age group ranging mostly ages 16-34 Years of age maybe even my age 35 or over depending or they pick the ones who resemble in physical if they date brothas they Usually pick the brothas that look like 2 chainz Future Young thug or Travis Scott looking types but will not be that attracted to my type decent clean cut looking brotha! its bizarre in this day and age trying to get play from Latina’s here in the US when these guys I mentioned or the New attractive men in US is the brotha that looks like a rapper???! the female Urban US Latina eyes its Sickening that is what I’am starting to see with a lot of these Us Matrix Latinas here in this US matrix! So I hope I have more of a better chance in Colombia?!

  5. The while hates blacks rightly so as they have been civilIation destroyers since the recording of all history . Bottom of the barrel . Believe me Colombians to my sadness are way more racist than white Americans

  6. Buenas tardes a todas las hermosas latinas en el mundo, es actualmente 3:19 PM (GMT-5) donde estoy

    Sir. Tarik, I would like to add one other thing, you are basically on the ground floor of creating a network on this website for interracial couples to meet and greet IN PERSON and share what you have already experienced personally abroad. I’m an “IT computer specialist”, and come in contact with all types of people. So stay on this road with this website. As time goes by the rest of the world will try to catch up with you. Those that need to catch up with you represent the “ trendy words” on the street, and in my previous comments posted on this website, which are;

    1. Black women are mad at, whoever, because they feel that Latinas and White women are taking “their men” from them.[YES/NO]

    2. White men are mad at Black men because they feel that Black men are taking “their women” from them. [YES/NO]

    3. Latino men are mad at Black men as well, because they feel that Black men are taking “their women” from them.[YES/NO]

    4. For now Black women haven’t given a second thought or haven’t said much about Asian women dating Black men I guess its because the interracial dating numbers between the two are too low here in the States. [YES/NO]

    I’m I right ?? or am I wrong ?? Latinas let us know what you think

  7. After a second review of my January 12, 2017, post I see I need to clarify maybe even apologize for my somewhat rough comments. First and for foremost, I’m a native born Mix-African-American male as in “Brown-American-Hebrew-Israelite”, if you know the roots of your BIBLE, nevertheless, I met a lot of Latinas in person where I live from Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Mexico and Peru yes all of them here in the United States, because I’m seriously looking for a Latina and not for SEX. I usually make it clear that I love Latina ears because they look like good listeners . Men love women who are good listeners  that’s a plus. Skin color is not an issue with me nor is traveling abroad I use to fly to Germany on business while in college. My foreign language selective in college was Spanish 2 semesters so hablo muy poco español en este momento [I speak very little Spanish right now] Finding a non-Americanized SINGLE English speaking Latina in the USA [is extremely rare unless you’re teenager]. Finding a non-Americanized SINGLE English speaking Latina that fit the description of these beauties you depict on this webpage is even more scarce. I’m not saying these beauties don’t exist in Columbia or in other countries.

    However, with respect to the non-Americanized SINGLE Latinas or the ones that are new to the U.S. you can sense the tension or a fear factor of some sort concerning interracial dating. They seem nervous, about how Latino males in their environment respond. Which is common ground when it comes to interracial dating. Back to the nervous, part about how Latino males in their environment respond.

    For example, if a Latino male sees that you’re talking to a non-Americanized Latina in a store, or at the mall or something like that, they will actually stare the Latina down or even worse stop near the two of you and listen in as if he was invited. If a Latina is dating and/or is married to a Latino male and you happen to be her coworker that sometimes is a problem too. In some cases if you’re seen talking to Latinas in your neighborhood on a regular basis that presents a problem too. If you’re seen being socially friendly, as in waving your hand from a distance and no face to conversation on a regular basis with Latinas in your neighborhood that seems to be an issue. Some Latino males if they live in your neighborhood will actually park near your house and watch your house, just to see if you’re “friendly-loving-to-wave-at-Latinas” blank blank a$$$ is sneaking around with their Señorita. To make a long story short, the fear factor and tension from most Latino males, IN MY VIEW, could be the source of why this type of environment you depict on this webpage is not being seen as a transferable attribute for non-Americanized SINGLE Latinas or for the ones that are new to the U.S.A This might be the reason why most Americans who live in a neighborhood with a huge percentage of Latinas don’t highlight these same attributes online. On the other hand a Latinas shyness in a strange land could also be a contributing factor as well. If anyone [especially a Latina], cares to expand on this issue please feel free to drop us a comment or two and let us know what you think, we want to know, well I do. Don’t be shy even if your English is a little rusty I don’t care. Buenas noches, dulces sueños y hasta mañana

    • Thanks for your personal opinion. I don’t have much experience dealing with Latinas in America because I prefer foreign women over American ladies anyway.

      I am shocked that there is so much tension between men when trying to get with Latina women. You really make it clear on why so many brothas are dealing with trouble when they simply say “hello” or try to setup a date.

      That is another reason why I am promoting the international lifestyle.

      There is an abundance of Latinas available in Latin America, but there is a major shortage of younger ones without kids in America.

      You have to go to the jewelry shop if you want the finest jewel around. America doesn’t have the finest Latinas, and as you said, a large majority them already have Latino boyfriends.

      Places like Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and Brazil have so many hot Latinas that Latino guys will introduce you to them. There is much less competition for them because there are so many. Now, of course you should target the single ones because any women in a relationship will have a jealous BF or husband lurking around.

      Start with some online dating websites and send a few messages. You will be shocked at how friendly these girls respond. Arrange to meet them after you arrive then have fun!

      Travel is worth it! You deserve a break from the horrible, racist USA dating market. Try it, bro!

      • “a major shortage of younger ones
        without kids in America”
        Is right,

        I’m looking for a Latina that most Latin American countries don’t consider the “younger ones” women which are in my age group someone between the ages of 30 – 37.

        I have nothing against women in their 20’s but Latinas in their 30’s suit me better for what I have in mind.

        With respect to dating sites I have a list of them and can chat online all day, but I don’t have time to sort out who’s who and what’s what online

        I’ve been doing some research about several Latin American countries too and not just online. I read as many local Latin periodicals as I possibly can to get more of a “real feel” for my destination of choice.

        In summary, dating sites are cool, newspapers and magazines fill in a few pieces, talking to a few Latinas on a local scale is ok too, even youtube websites are ok, but …..

        to get a better understanding of a Black man dating a Latina you have to get direct feed back from a Black man who is currently dating a Latina or has dated one for several years and I have spoken to a few, but they were all locals in the United States.

        Dating on an international scale, I believe you, because when I was in college I heard the same thing about interracial dating i n Germany and it was true when I got there. But I wasn’t there for that reason, I had a woman state side and I was there on business in between college breaks. For example, German women are for obvious reasons are not impressed with cars every taxi cab is a Mercedes.

        Beer at McDonalds is served with a burger and heineken beer is available in a soda machine like PepsiCo so the day to day mind set is different because of the marketing environment and the bad weather there too

        What are some of the popular local newspapers in Columbia and the other countries you’ve visited ?.

        Not to take up too much of your time I will return to this website from time to time with questions or opinions. Thanks for the “DIRECT FEEDBACK” and advise.

        • Oh P.S. If you go to Germany and can only eat homegrown American food make sure you find a place that sells food to your taste or else you will be eating at high-end restaurants or at McDonald’s several times a day, everyday

          Plus make sure you travel with a friend and locate the nearest hospital, to your hotel because like me you never know when you might need one. I sprained my ankle on one visit and lucky for me I had some friends over there with me to help. Of course some travel-mates will bum money from you [so they can save theirs] but an extra set of hands to help you is always better to have…………..

  8. If this is true about Latinas then why don’t most Americans who live in a neighborhood with a huge percentage of Latinas in the United States write the same thing online about them….Is this type of environment in Columbia a reality? Or a collection of pictures and words created by a webmaster. I love Latinas, but I found out through my friends who like Latinas too, that, nooooooooo all Latinas in general 80 % are not into Black men the way this website depicts them to be, once they travel the United States the things you say about Latinas in general from a Latin American country don’t transfer here with them, I think its because of family ties, family pressure about interracial dating, stereotypes, close door racial jokes, slurs or something, whatever it is the bottom line is the type of environment you depict on this webpage is not being seen as a transferable attribute of Latinas, from wherever they come from to a place somewhere herein of the United States

    • Hey bro,

      Thanks for your comments. Colombia is a like a different planet compared to the United States. United States has a very different culture and ways of doing things than Latin America. Latinas love Black men, but as you said, cultural pressure and family ties stops them from getting with more brothas. Also, American men are super thirsty and will do all sort of crazy things if they think their woman is interested in another man.

      Colombia doesn’t have the same vibe nor relationship issues that we men face in America. You have more freedom and more opportunities with Latinas. Plus, many Colombian women are black! So now you have a buffett of options without dealing with racism and down right prejudice.

      I understand your concern and lack of trust, but please visit for 1 week and see for yourself. You will be shocked and make plans to visit again. The USA is great for making money, but the social life is garbage. Don’t miss out on your dreams just because USA women are racist and nasty. See the world and find out for yourself!

    • Hi Rick,
      Realize the articles writes are on general, not a cemeted rule. I’m a black man from Detroit MI…US…correctly leaving in Cali. The articles are correct regarding life and love in and outside of the States.
      Have you come to Colombia or South America yet?
      Andre: Love Crossing Borders (YouTube)

  9. There are some good points here on the differences between the two cultures of America and Colombia, but not all Colombians as one has already pointed out are from African Roots, ignorance and racism are everywhere so don’t think Colombia is any different. Be a ambassador of some sort, showing that the stereotypical information they see in the media is not a representation of all Black men from America,When traveling stay safe and try not to make it obvious that your there just for sex. My brother lived in Bogota for 4 years and not all Colombian women want American men, just be yourself and apply the golden rule “do onto others as you would have them do unto you.

  10. So beautiful women waiting eagerly to be bed down and men don’t have to be successful or much of anything. Yes please; make haste to Columbia fellas that helps with the weeding out process ; p!

  11. This reminds me of a saying… “if it seems too good to be true…” But I hope it is. It would be great to be done with the American lifestyle. It’s a drain on life force.. In my opinion.

  12. The first one is quite inaccurate! Not all Colombians have African roots, mainly the ones on the Caribbean coast do but the majority of Colombians are mestizos (mixed native American & European) as in most South American countries. There’s also good percentage of pure Europeans!

    • Type in “Colombian ancestry dna results” on youtube. Go through all the videos and take note of the results from these Colombian mestizos and “pure Europeans.”

    • I totally agree. This way of thinking is kinda sad. If you look at spanish countries where black settle, you will see the harsh injustice towards blacks. The social and cultural prejudice towards african descent. Look at government officials, news personnel. Lol. This is too funny. There is no person of african descent representing the country. I understand you might want to meet a southern European mixed girl or a mullato but question the socio cultural differences and the hardship that may come.

    • Hi Rick,
      Realize the articles writes are on general, not a cemeted rule. I’m a black man from Detroit MI…US…correctly leaving in Cali. The articles are correct regarding life and love in and outside of the States.
      Have you come to Colombia or South America yet?
      Andre: Love Crossing Borders (YouTube)