10 Reasons Why Thai Girls Are Better Than Western Women

Being with a Thai Girl, you can feel the difference and benefits over western women almost immediately, but what are the most outstanding differences that make us men choose Thai Girls over Western Women on almost any occasion?

It has to do with the natural young look of the Thai girls, their relatively mild temperament and positive attitude, submissiveness in a relationship, self-esteem and optimistic look on life and general can-do-it-all approach that makes them better wives/GFs than most western women. Sign up for some online dating apps in Thailand and see for yourself!

Black men visit Thailand to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle, delicious food, and beautiful women. Here are 10 reasons why Thai girls are better than western women.

1. Thai Girls have slimmer bodies

Thai girls have thinner, sexier and better looking bodies than western women. The Thai Girl body is proportional and symmetrical, combined with soft skin and almost no body hair. It’s a man’s dream coming true.

2. Thai Girls are better looking on average than western women

The average Thai girl is better looking than the western woman. There are a lot more average good-looking girls than western women and you can see that just by walking on the streets, in the shopping malls, public transport or any public location with pedestrian traffic. There are a lot more beautiful Thai Girls than you would see in a similar situation in a western country.

3. Thai Girls have a beautiful friendly smile

Thai girls have a beautiful friendly smile that warms your heart and sends a good vibe and happy inviting openness that can’t be resisted. That’s not to say that western women don’t smile at all, but rather Thai Girls smile a lot more often and perhaps gentler.

4. Thai Girls are more feminine than western women

Thai girls are more petite and feminine than western girls. The Thai Girl body is soft, relatively small-sized, thin and shaped with sexy curves.

5. Thai girls age better

Thai girls look considerably younger than their real age compared to western women. If someone were to guess a random Thai Girl’s age just by looking at her face and body, the age estimation would vary from 10-30 years under their real age – therefore a Thai Girl would look much younger than a western girl at the same age.

6. Thai Girls rarely get angry at you

Thai girls will rarely get really angry at you and even if they do, they normally won’t be resentful towards you and will generally forgive and forget, even for relatively harsh situations. That’s not to say, you can do anything you want to a Thai Girl and won’t expect retaliation, but rather to show the differences from a western woman who would get annoyed and angry over small petty things on a regular basis. Thai girls would often overlook the petty things and most of the time won’t over react on serious issues that might occur.

7. Thai Girls have a positive attitude and smile a lot

Thai girls are generally happier and have an upbeat mentality and will allow you to steer the decisions in the relationship. Dealing with Thai women will relieve a lot of unnecessary stresses that occur with western women on a regular basis.

8. Thai Girls want the man to be the leader

Thai Girls usually prefer the man to be a bit more assertive or more of a leader. They will be more agreeable and content with your decisions than western women, who often are living in an accomplishment based society and therefore would like to achieve accomplishments or “small victories” in their relationships as well as their careers. This behavior causes tensions that normally won’t happen with a Thai Girl.

9. Thai Girls make better housewives

Thai Girls do make better housewives than western women simply because they are more content, down to earth and upbeat women.

10. Thai Girls will support your dreams & goals

Thai Girl’s can-do-it-all spontaneous attitude reflects in all aspects of life, whether in agreeing with the man’s decisions, performing daily chores with relative joy or making their man happy and keeping him loyal. On the other hand, western women’s attitude draws upon focusing on careers and progression and generally proving who is in charge rather than actually doing any work.

I think the choice is clear and obvious. If you want a relaxed, joyful, stress free and optimistic life, go with Thai Girls 🙂

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  1. I have traveled to Thailand. I always enjoy the hospitality of the Thai people. The Thai women are incredible. There are many US expatriates in Thailand. In fact, a high school classmate moved to Thailand and lived there for 10 years. He and his Thai girlfriend lived in Chiang Rai, Thailand where they operated a health food store and restaurant. Unfortunately, by the time I visited Thailand, they had already relocated to Accra, Ghana.