10 Things Black Men Don’t Know About the Rest of the World

Still think international travel is overrated?

It’s true that 64% of Americans have never left the United States. There are number of reasons why Americans choose to remain in the USA without thinking about traveling overseas.

Issues like lack of money, fear, extreme patriotism, and laziness are many of the factors that keep people in one place.

What if I told you that most of the things you hear about international travel are false? Everything I hear about life overseas is wrong 90% of the time. You cannot get the truth from CNN or BET. They are loyal to their advertisers and do not care about presenting the truth about travelers.

I’m going to share with you 10 things Black Americans don’t know about the rest of the world.

1. There are many beautiful things to see outside of America

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From the Eiffel tower to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the world is filled with tons of beautiful things to see and do. Foreign cultures (non-anglo countries) focus more on social interaction and natural beauty while Anglo countries like America focus on business & commerce.

Making money is important, but I believe in maintaining an equal balance of business & pleasure. Unfortunately, you cannot enjoy these beautiful buildings, beaches, and landmarks because American cities are built for cars, not people.

2. Foreign women are really kind and sweet (for the most part)

Ethiopian Women
Ethiopian Girls

Women will be women worldwide. However, I am shocked at how much sweeter and kind foreign women can be. In foreign countries, you will notice the most beautiful girl in the room smile at you and act as friendly as ever.

In contrast, you see the most beautiful Americans girls ignore most men and carry a chip on their shoulder. They are more interested in their smartphones than meeting men.

I won’t even get started on the crazy female behavior in America such as sexual harassment lawsuits, false rape claims, child support fraud, nasty attitudes, and their ability to encourage men to fight and destroy each other.

Foreign women are much nicer so everybody (men & women included) feels better living overseas.

3. Most of the world is bi-lingual


According to this study of smart phone users by country, the USA has the second lowest percentage of people able to speak more than one language at just 13.8.

Learning a new language opens a whole new world to you that you will never experience just speaking English. Also, I know for a fact that some of the most beautiful women in the world speak little to no English.

Not only will you experience a different way of life, but you gain a huge competitive advantage over other men: you are able to communicate with foreign women where the average guy simply cannot compete.

4. Most foreign women do not want to live in the United States

Brazilian model holding her national flag

Contrary to popular belief, the average foreign woman loves her home country and wants to remain there. The media spreads lies about foreign women to keep their advertisers’ happy and imprison men in the multi-billion dollar divorce industry.

After speaking with hundreds of foreigners over the years, I realized that foreign men are 10x more interested in migrating to America than women. They want to work in America and make money. That means foreign women are simply waiting for you to visit them and say hello!

If you are interested in meeting a foreign lady for marriage, then erase your fears about her only wanting you for a green card. Get to know her and you will probably realize she would be happier if you two got married and remained in her country.

5. Many foreigners are obsessed with Black Americans

Lebron James in China
Lebron James Greeting Fans in China

Everytime I talk to a foreigner overseas, I hear tons of praise for black americans like Barack Obama, Beyonce, Lebron James, Oprah, Denzel Washington, etc. The world knows a lot about the most famous Black Americans and idolizes them in the most fascinating way.

Foreigners aren’t jealous of Black Americans and do not carry racist attitudes towards us. Actually, it is the exact opposite. They want to befriend you and learn about American culture. You’ll experience more racism in the USA than you will ever have to deal with overseas.

6. Poverty is a real problem in many underprivileged countries

Poverty in Mexico

I’ve seen children as young as 6 in the streets selling sweets to earn a little money. Many people overseas earn less than $200 for an entire month. America does offer you the opportunity to earn a sizeable income if you know how to save your money and make it work for you.

This is why more Black men need to travel so we stop this nonsense of fighting and destroying each other in America. Many of you have no idea what it’s like to live on less than $2 per day. Witnessing true poverty makes you realize that you should make an effort to build something for yourself and your family, not tear down other people’s dreams.

7. Foreign countries want to do business with Black American men

Black American School Teacher in Japan

I was shocked at how many foreigners want to do business with Black Americans and hire us in their companies. You can work/invest in many industries like education, finance, healthcare, travel, clothing, transportation, etc.

Brothas are struggling to find jobs in America when the rest of the world is begging for our services. It’s time to take your job search to the international level and consider working outside of the USA if you cannot find gainful employment.

There are many international jobs website as well as recruitment companies that can assist you. Best of all, you can often bring your family with you and find local schools for your children. These companies will set you up with a nice salary, transportation, living accommodations, work visas, etc. Think global!

8. The world is catching up to American technology

Kenyans Using Smartphones

I used a smartphone with data & wifi while living in Africa. You can buy almost anything in Siam Paragon (Thailand) shopping mall including a Lamborghini!

I walked into a sports clothing store in Panama where the employees wear playing Desiigner Panda on the radio. They sold everything from Nike Fitted Hats to Lebron James jerseys.

The world is catching up with America in many ways. You will find the same products & technologies in most countries nowadays. America is no longer light years ahead of the world in terms of modern comforts.

9. The police are friendly outside of America

Thai Police
Thai Police

Black Americans carry an immense dislike of the Police, but you should know most police officers are very nice overseas. I was walking around in a wife beater one day in Thailand when the police stopped me. They asked me why I was walking around with no shirt! LOL

I showed them my passport, put my polo shirt back on, and they disappeared at once. Dealing with police outside of America is not a big deal. Places like Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia have decent police officers that do their jobs.

The Police in America are doing exactly what the government tells them to do: terrorize its citizens. Talking to foreign police makes you look at America in a sick and twisted way.

10. You have more control than you realize


While living in America, I hear the same talk over and over again: “Racism,” “White Supremacy,” “Diversity,” “Donald Trump Sucks,” “March for Rights,” and so on.

Does anyone realize that living in America is a choice? You are free to go wherever you want.

You don’t have to eat American food: you can grow your own food.

You don’t have to work at racist companies: you can invest your money together and hire each other.

You don’t have to get sent to jail for child support: you can start a family outside of America.

Once you travel overseas, you realize that everything you currently have was your choice.

If you want to live overseas, then make up your mind and commit yourself to finding a way to support yourself and thrive in your new environment. The choice is yours.

Getting Out: Your Guide to Leaving America” is a great book to read if you’re just started out.

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  1. I love how you wrote this article! So spot on! Love how you nailed every important reason why a black man should live abroad! Especially the child support reason lol! That is why women feel like they can do whatever they want with men lol!

  2. Good article on why brothers need to travel. Yes brothers need to venture into Europe more and not just Asia & LAtin America. My next trip will be to Europe(will be my third time). I look to eventually settle there after I do a year or so in Asia. I plan to get to know attractive European women once I am settled there.

  3. It is true that we get more benefits if we go overseas than we do if we stay in United States.

    I am going to Odessa, Ukraine next month. I am nervous but excited to go and meet lovely white foreign women.

    In United States, a black man or another man of color would have trouble in getting a white woman. But, if he goes to Russia, Moldova, or another Eastern European country, he would have access to many gorgeous white women who would not care about his race, skin color, or appearance.

    • EXACTLY, Foreign Love Web. So many repetitive articles about Latin America and Asia. And these are poor countries where the women aren’t that attractive. How about some articles about attractive white women in Northern/Central/Eastern Europe and how they are so much more approachable for black men than American women. Unlike America, where white women will freely, easily, and openly date every other race of men under the sun as long as he isn’t black, and keep black men at a distance and wall them off so that they don’t get too close, there is none of that behavior in Europe. The women there will openly and freely date you. Don’t put your dating life on hold and miss out on life just because American women are stuck up, racist, and nasty! I’d like to see more articles about European women.

  4. Big fan of your blog, thanks for keeping it alive. I’m headed to Costa Rica in April. Can’t wait to experience something other than American bullshit. I hope I’m crying in the airport like the brotha you wrote about that didn’t want to leave. No LOL, that’s real talk.