11 Ideas For A Romantic Fall Date

Each season is beautiful in its own way, and autumn is no exception. Do not be sad and give in to the autumn blues, because you can spend time very romantic with your soul mate!

Today we have prepared 11 interesting ideas for a romantic fall date for you. Try one of them this fall for sure!

 Apple Picking

Many may find this option old-fashioned, but it can ensure a lot of fun on a fall day! Visit the garden closest to your home and pick apples that you can use to bake an apple pie with your partner later. Besides fun entertainment, enjoy a variety of apple-based goodies in a garden like this: apple donuts and apple cider can be found almost everywhere.

 Coffee Date

Do you like coffee? Then this option is for you! With the arrival of autumn, the coffee shop menus change, so don’t miss the chance to try pumpkin spice latte, maple latte or hot chocolate. Such a date will add coziness to your weekend and you can enjoy each other’s company and talk a lot.

 Movie Marathon

Autumn is a great time to have a movie date. And in this case, we are not talking about going to the cinema, but about a cozy evening at home. Choose several movies, for example, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Harry Potter films, or watch all parts of Matrix. What’s wrong with spending an evening at home together? If you decide to watch a horror movie, it will be a great option for you and your sweetheart to hide under a warm blanket.

 Cooking Date

Cooking together can be very exciting, fun and romantic. Choose a theme for your dinner, for example, it can be Italian, Mexican, French cuisine, etc., and plunge into the atmosphere of this country during a delicious dinner. Or you can make something seasonal: pumpkin pie, apple pie, pumpkin soup. etc. Also, another option for such a date could be the idea of preparing a surprise dinner for each other.

 Get Ready For Halloween

Have you already chosen what outfit you will have this year? Try to make matching costumes for you and your partner together. It can be movie heroes, cartoon heroes, superheroes, celebrities, and any other characters. Buy fabric, all the accessories you need and create cool DIY suits. You will have a lot of fun!

 Attend A Fall Festival

Check out the announcement of events in your city and choose something interesting for you two. However, you should go there alone, and not invite any of your family members or friends with you. If you don’t find anything suitable, check out the announcements in cities near you. Visit premium class car rental RealCar New York and go on a mini romantic trip together!

 Go Camping

Perhaps, this will be the last foray into nature before the onset of cold weather. Take food, warm clothes, sleeping bags with you and spend time just with your soulmate near the fire.

 Romantic Getaway

Choose a place that you have long dreamed of visiting and go on a journey. If you do not have a car, this is not a problem, you can always rent a Range Rover Sport in RealCar New York ( Just think about where you will spend the night in advance so that later you do not waste your precious time on long searches.

 Horseback Riding

This also can become a great fall leisure activity for couples. Go to the nearest stable, get an instructor (if you don’t know how to ride a horse) and have a fun and interesting time. Do not forget to take photos of your cheerful day.

 Stay In Bed

If it seems to you that an autumn date is necessarily some kind of outdoor activity, then you are wrong. Try to spend the day with your partner in bed. Have breakfast in bed, watch movies, enjoy each other. The most important condition is to do absolutely nothing! You can even turn off the sound on your smartphones so that no one distracts you.

 Spa Day

A day at the spa, what could be better on a cold autumn day? Go with your partner to the spa center for the whole day. You will be able to relax, improve your health, and recharge with positive emotions for the next working week.

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