3 Things You Should Never Do on Dates in the Philippines

For all of you guys out there wanting to know what dating in the Philippines is like I am here to give you the 4-1-1 (if anyone still uses that).

Normally dating in the Philippines is relatively easy but “traditionally” before you and the girl can call yourselves boyfriend and girlfriend you have to go through a stage known as courting.

Some of you may be familiar with it but for those who are not, courting is a period of time wherein a girl is getting to know a guy before she makes the decision to take him up on his offer to be her man.

Yes it is annoying but sometimes necessary. The period normally lasts no more than 3 months, but for me I let them know that I want to be with them now and just take the time and be honest with them and it won’t have to last that long.

This is normally a tradition, but in modern times getting to be with a Filipina is as easy as 1-2-3, as long as do the right things.

These right things include, meeting the parents (if you can), buying chocolates from time to time, and if they have work, taking time to visit them on the job, and also keeping in touch with text messaging and calling.

I will admit dating a Filipina in the Philippines is no different than dating someone from anywhere because you will still have some issues to overcome (nothing really specific just the normal stuff couples argue about).

I tell you now three things you should never do on a first date with a Filipina.

1. Do not allow them to bring a friend on the date with you

2. Do not eat at any place expensive (to show off) and keep it simple because that’s an easy way to go broke. (fast food is just fine).

3. Just don’t be an A**hole.

If you follow these 3 simple rules everything will go well. I said the last one because I have many instances wherein some guy she dated was mean to her and talked down to her and almost ruined it for me and everyone else.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard about some rude foreigners mistreating the women over there and it truly does not do anyone any favors, so just be cool about everything.

I assure you it will be yours for however long you want it to be.

This is just the general rule of thumb I follow when dating a Filipina and also a few tips that I feel can be helpful. If there are additional questions needing some answers please feel free to contact me and I will detail things as best I can for you.


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  1. Also, be careful when using humor, especially sarcastic humor. My Filipino girlfriend didn’t understand that I was being sarcastic and would often get mad when I was just joking. It took me a while to tone down my habitual sarcasm but eventually found a way to keep her laughing with a lighter sense of humor.

  2. Thanks for that information. I found it helpful. Knowing simple things like this can make a difference. Coming from a different culture, we must acknowledge that there are differences to take note that can make life easy for all.