5 Ways to Save Money in Thailand

Thailand is an amazing country, well-known for its natural beauties and tourist attractions that for years lure the visitors from all over the world.

If you are a passionate traveler, then Thailand is a must visit destination. Such a thing is perhaps easier to say than to complete, since traveling to Thailand may not be as cheap as you thought.

However, it is still possible to enrich your traveling experience if you decide to save your money and spend wisely while in Thailand.

For that reason, we provide you with several tips for saving money and still enjoying this beautiful country. Here is the short list.

Follow the Locals

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Although you are a tourist in Thailand, you surely don’t have to act like one as well. This does not mean you have to pretend that you are a native because that is impossible, but you should try to go to places where the Thais go.

Every destination has places meant for tourists, and that is perfectly fine, but those are usually the most expensive shops too.

The prices there are usually two or three times higher than in other spots. Especially if you are planning to eat out and try Thai dishes, you should never go to the restaurants geared toward tourists.

The best Thai food is where the locals eat. So, try to find out the address of such a place. There you will eat better but cheaper, guaranteed!

Buying Healthy Breakfast Will Undoubtedly Save Your Money

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Those who have visited Thailand know how expensive it is to buy a ready-made breakfast.

For instance, pizza, grilled pork, and rice cost too much, and if you want to keep your money in a money belt, then make your vacation healthy as well and buy fresh fruits and yogurt for breakfast. These are much cheaper, as well as healthier.

Moreover, your morning does not have to start with a cup of expensive Thai coffee. Indeed, it is a luxury to pay it around 15 baht, and the same price is for a can of Coke.

Instead of consuming unhealthy and sugary beverages, you may well drink water and tea. These two are less expensive and will surely keep enough money in your wallet for your enjoyable vacation in Thailand.

Choose Your Drinks Wisely

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While in Thailand, it is best to drink water and whiskey. Although this may sound like a weird combination, the truth is that those two drinks are the cheapest.

When it comes to water, you may not notice them at the beginning, but in almost every corner you will see machines for the water refill.

You should use them all the time because for 1 baht you can refill 1 liter of water. But if you decide to buy a new bottle of water it will cost you between 13 and 20 baht.

Also, if you are preparing to go out to clubs or bars, the cheapest option will be to buy a bottle of whiskey or maybe even the Thai rum Sangsom.

Beers are quite expensive in Thailand not only in clubs but also in shops and markets, so whiskey will definitively be a better alternative.

Find Your Own Means of Transport – Rent a Motorbike

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Public transport in Thailand is somewhat complicated, as well as expensive. If your intention is to visit surrounding places, then the best thing is to rent a motorbike.

Traveling around with tuk-tuks makes you dependent on public transportation. However, if you rent a motorbike, you will pay around $10 (or 240 baht) for both, vehicle and gas.

What is more, you will have complete liberty to start your journey whenever you want and wherever you want.

Barter Everywhere

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Thais just love to trade so you should not be ashamed to join the contest. In Thailand, almost everything has a flexible price, and it is up to you to get yourself a nice discount.

But you should also be reasonable when it comes to bartering and don’t expect to get something for free.

Also, shops, markets and places where the prices are visible will not let you negotiate.

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