A Black Man’s Guide to the Dominican Republic

Are you wondering…Is the Dominican Republic a good place for black men?

I’ve been thinking the same thing, too. The truth is I visited the DR a few years ago and thought it was okay.

Nothing special.

Recently, I’ve noticed the Dominican Republic getting a lot of positive comments from brothas in various Facebook groups.

If you want some great tips on traveling to the Dominican Republic, then listen to this Youtube podcast from Moma, a well known Black American traveler originally from the UK:

Does the DR deserve a second look?

Then I remembered an article written 2 years ago about this Black American pickup artist who had an awesome time in Santo Domingo.

Unfortunately, I visited the website and the article had been deleted!

So…fast forward, I’ve managed to discover the Archive.org version of it and have edited it for your enjoyment.

This is the best article about the Dominican Republic I’ve ever seen!

Man…where do I start…Dominican Republic was MAD REAL!

As heavily requested here is the write up of my trip!

Note: This article was originally posted on Kenny’s PUA Thoughts. I recovered it and edited it for your enjoyment! Names have been changed to protect one’s identity.


The Text

A couple of weeks ago my boy Ace, a classmate of mine in college, and fellow co-founder of my tech startup, hits me up, saying he’s on vacation from medical school, and is heading to Santo Domingo for Christmas and New Years.

Although I am boss when it comes to geography, I had no idea where the hell Santo Domingo was.


I quickly Google it to find out it’s the capital city of the Dominican Republic (DR). I remember what my old wing Mr. Hurgle aka Dirty Jose told me about Latino girls.

I told him Latino girls in DC weren’t into me, or Black guys. He told me to holla at Dominican girls, they love the brothas. I made a mental note not to forget that.

I also recall reading some threads on the Roosh V forums a while back about guys raving about DR.

I knew Ace followed the Roosh travel forums so I knew what he was up to. He had told me about his trip to Columbia a while back, but I never took it seriously.

He had caught me at the perfect time. I had just returned from Philadelphia, and I was trying to make plans for one more trip for Christmas and New Years; trying to end out the Year of the Mademan in style.

I was thinking of going back to Philly, or hitting up Miami or New York for the third time this year.

Booking the Ticket

The DR offer he presented was tempting, I checked out the ticket prices and they were under $1K.

He agreed on booking a two bedroom room since it was cheaper than booking two rooms separately.

We met up in DC to talk out the plan, and a week later I booked a roundtrip ticket via American Airlines for about $830. Somehow they gave me a first class ticket for the legs to DR…I wasn’t the O.N.I.F.C as well, that’s what’s up.

Hotel Napolitano, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Ace took care of the hotel, someone on the Roosh forums recommended Hotel Napolitano,since it has a casino and club inside (like Vegas hotels), and most important of all, is girl friendly.

In other words, they don’t give you a hassle for bringing guests back to your room. Word was that some hotels didn’t let more than certain number of guests back, so we had to make sure to have this taken care of.

Too Lazy to Pipeline

Once our tickets and hotel were booked, Ace kept on telling me to pipeline girls before getting there.

For those who don’t know, pipelining is contacting girls online, and lining up dates with them before you even arrive.

I was too busy with work, and setting up my new video production hustle. I figured I could just arrive there and call up some model agencies to send me some“models”for a casting call or something, or just hit up the clubs.

Ace on the other hand put his reps, ahead of time. He had been talking to girls on Badoo and Tagged, which are the popular social/dating apps/sites in DR. They’re like Tinder or OKCupid.

Day One

First Taste of DR

I arrive in DR via Miami, and end up waiting at the airport for what seemed like two hours. I had turned my phone off to avoid paying overseas charges, and Ace was supposed to pick me up with our own personal driver for the trip, a DR taxi driver that spoke English, and was a fellow Roosh forum member.

After what seemed like forever, they eventually show up. Ace has a Dominican chica, who I’ll just call the 18 year old, following him around like he’s a GOD! He tells me he already got his Dominican flag (lay).

No offense to my boy Ace, but I’m thinking to myself, Ace ain’t pimpin’ like this over in DC…this just might be Poosy Paradise. The skies were looking up!

Boca Chica


Our driver takes Ace, his girl and I to Boca Chica, a beach town to grab some food. We get some fried fish, which was the bomb! I’ve never seen anything like it, an entire fish fried…it was like fried chicken but with fish, this Black guy was in heaven!

Failed Double Date

We get rid of Ace’s 18 year old, head to Hotel Napolatino in Santo Domingo and check in. Ace already has another girl lined up for a date. Me being the lazy mofo that didn’t pipeline ahead of time, try to leech and tell him to ask his date if she has a girlfriend she can bring so I can get some play too. They ask for Ace to take a picture of me to send them; they like what they see and make plans for them to meet us at the hotel bar.

Dominican Girls

When we head to meet up with them, my jaw nearly drops to the floor (figuratively)…these ladies were sexy!

We pull up to the bar, order four Presidente beers for us and the girls, as I am trying to conceal my erection!

Ace starts talking to his girl in Spanish, and I make a move for her friend. But things don’t really go anywhere, she doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish.

Ace on the other hand is a seasoned veteran in Spanish from taking it in high school and college. My ass took French in high school.

I just focus on having a fun vibe, and saying dumb stuff. I decide this verbal isn’t gonna work, so we should bounce them to Club Mint in the basement. I figure I can just dance with her and escalate that way.

I try to do the romantic connection hand hold with my girl as we head to the club. It’s a fish grip, which meant she wasn’t into it.

We get to the club and it’s empty, and the girls don’t want to dance.

Ace is doing fine with his girl ‘cause they’re speaking Spanish, I’m going nowhere with mine ‘cause I speak none. I am killing it for him.

Eventually I say we should just go for broke and invite them back to our hotel room, either these girls are down, or they’re not. They’re not down to roll back to the crib for some lovin’ and they want to take a taxi back home…at our expense.

DR was already surprisingly expensive, we had already blown $40 on drinks, ‘cause the bar tenders would just hand the girls drinks without them asking for any, and then when we left told us we had to pay for the girls drinks. Everybody here was a hustler.

I tell Ace the only way I’m paying for their taxi is if it’s after smashing! We tell them to wait outside, we’ll go get some money from the casino ATM, and we head inside and ditch them to go straight to our room.

I wasn’t a newbie, I’m a hustler too man, I didn’t come here to DR to get hustled for my money.

Day 2

Dominican Pesos

Changing the Game Plan

Back in the hotel room we make some game adjustments. No more group dates, no more dates at the hotel or bar, we’re just gonna invite girls back to the hotel, either they’re down or they’re not. We have our driver take us to convert our US dollars to Pesos to get better conversion prices when buying things.

We then go to the local supermarket and buy snacks, vodka and drinks for the hotel, since we won’t be doing any dates. We’re just swinging for the fences, straight homeruns.

Since I wouldn’t be leaching off of Ace’s dates, and I came here to get laid, I start putting in work on Tagged. After seeing the talent from last night, I put up some boss Playboy photos, I’m talking me with Lamborghini’s and models, straight boss mayne!

I spammed/messaged what seemed like a hundred girls, I have no idea of the actual count. The technique I came up with was to message the girls“currently”online, shown with the green circle/bubble. I would just send any opener, from asking whether they spoke English, or telling them they’re sexy.

Since I didn’t speak Spanish, and most girls didn’t speak English, I use the Google translate app (for Android & iPhone) on my phone, and would type in English, have it translate to Spanish, and then copy and paste that to Tagged and send to the girl.

Then when the girls would respond in Spanish, I would copy and paste their responses into Google Translate, and translate to English. This was hard work and time consuming, but was well worth the effort.

Chica #1 – First Dominican Flag

Santo Domingo Girl from Dominican Republic
Dominican Girl

My strategy was to invite girls to the hotel for drinks on the second message. I had this chica I was messaging on Tagged who was down, we were going back and forth, and at some point she asked me what we were going to do at the hotel. I decided, if there ever is a time to go for broke, it would be while in DR.

I tell her she’s going to come over and we make sweet love. I fully expect this to fail, but to my surprise she gets excited and still shows up. I kick Ace out of the room, and have the hotel staff buzz her to my room.

I open the door, I immediately notice she has big boobs, I say como estas, and hug. I ask her habla ingles, she says a little. I tell her the cheesy,“mi casa, su casa”.

She laughs, and that’s all the Spanish I got. I have her sit down and just start talking in English knowing she can’t understand.

I pour some vodka and cranberry for the two of us. I pull out my phone and type in my translator and ask her who her favorite singer is.
She says“Romeo Santos,”a Spanish RnB singer, he’s basically the latino version of Usher. I had never heard of this dude, this video alone has over 123 million views on YouTube.

He facilitated me getting so much ass in DR I should pay homage to this guy! I play his top hits on my Spotify app, if there’s a reason to pay the $10 monthly subscription to Spotify, it’s for this, being able to play any song/album on demand.

I get to work, and do what I know best. I get her up and we start dancing. We get close as I grab her ass. I pull her in and kiss her, she’s down.

We dance some more, and I kiss her again. I grab her, fall backwards onto the bed as I pull her into me. We kiss and I start grabbing her boobs. I get some resistance, and she gets up.

I don’t let it kill my vibe, I say salute, we drink some more, and then get her up to dance as a I sit. She starts shaking her ass in front of me, I lift up the dress and slap her ass saying”culo”.

This time I just carry her and throw her onto the bed and get on top. She starts complaining saying the bed is hard, and it hurt her back.

She says she’s hungry, and we should grab dinner.

At this point I’m wondering what the hell is going on, I clearly told this chica she was coming over to get some, why is she playing games?!?!

I think quickly on my feet, and come up with a genius lie. I tell her I tried the hotel food earlier, and it made me sick, it’s not a good idea to have dinner here. I grab some salsa chips we had and tell her she can have this.

She then says she wants some help buying a new mobile phone. I tell her yea, whatever, let’s talk about it after making love. She says okay.

I kiss her, grab her and fall backwards onto the bed while pulling her on top of me. This move is so money. She’s on top of me as I kiss, I fondle her boobs, and tell her to take her top off. She takes it off, and I know I have officially arrived to DR. This is what I came down here for. She had fake boobs, either way I didn’t care, I loved them.

I take my pants off, and she strips naked and starts blowing me. Man this chica could blow, by far the best blow job I’ve had.

She could give Too Short’s Blow Job Bettya run for her money. I pull out the magnums (I came prepared for the trip with an entire box) and we get down to the business.

She’s riding me like her life depended on it, while saying“Ay Papi”…I respond back by saying“Si Mami”.

After we finish, as we’re getting dressed, I remember that this chica was trying to hustle me to take her shopping for a phone. I tell myself, how the hell I’m going to get out of this predicament, as said by Plato,“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

I decide it’s better for me to bring this up first, and actively set the frame, rather than have her set the frame and me having to backtrack out of that frame. I type in my translator that I want to see her tomorrow and we can go shopping at 4pm. I figured an exact time would be more believable, than a vague time. She gets excited, and says if I lie she will kill me. I give her money for a taxi back home, escort her out, and let Ace back in to the room.

She texted me on WhatsApp 10 minutes later, and I ignore it. She texts me the next day to go shopping, and I block her ass on WhatsApp and Tagged! Worked like a charm, I can’t believe this chica tried to hustle a hustler like me to buy her a new Samsung S4, she ain’t know I’ve been hustling since 1988! As my boy Chris Smoove would say, that was NEWB move by her!

Day 3

Losing Actress Girl

After last night, I was putting in even more work on Tagged. Bitches weren’t coming thru though. I had this actress chica I was working on.

I was being direct and trying to get her to come to my room, she kept on saying she barely knew me.

Despite rejecting my attempts, she kept on responding, so I persisted. I invite her to join me at the hotel bar instead, no dice. Invite her to pizza place next to the hotel, no dice. I really wanted to bone this chica.

I build some comfort and find out she’s an actress. I immediately smell blood in the water, I tell her I’m a film/video producer, and show her my website. She’s won over, and says she’ll be there in an hour haha…women!

Actress girl


This is where I would lose the lay. Ace had another girl up in the room, and would spend a while up there while trying to get thru some LMR with his girl.

So when my girl came I had to stall and buy time at the hotel pool.

I took some video of her, but after an hour or so she has to go, she had come with a guy friend that was waiting for her outside.

Ace wasn’t yet done with the room, so I figured I would just try to meetup with the actress chica another day and tell her to go home. She ended up flaking, but Ace got his lay, so no biggie.

False Alarm w/Semi-Pro

After Ace finally gets done with his 3rd lay for the trip, I have another girl lined up to join me in the evening. She rolls through and I do the same old thing, verbatim!

Greet her in Spanish, pour drinks, ask her who her favorite singer is…it’s Romeo Santos as well. Dance some bachata, and then kiss her.

She tells me I’m sexy, and it looks like it’s going smooth. I dance with her some more, kiss her, grab her and fall backwards on to the bed with her on top. I grab her boobs and tell her to take her top off.

She then tells me in Spanish that sex is not free, and it will cost me $500 USD!!! I tell her say what!!!!!!!!!! I try to pull the same hustle as the last girl, and tell her we’ll talk about it later. She says no, I pretend I don’t understand and tell her“no comprende”and get her to dance and try to escalate again.

She’s not having it.

I tell her does she even know how much $500 USD is worth, not even escorts in America charge that much.

She asks for a taxi fare back home, I tell her only if she lets me hit. She just walks out.

No punanni action this day, my vibe started to get messed up. All the people here in DR are always trying to hustle you out of money, at least that’s what it seems.

Day 4

Tired of DR

Napping by the pool

Napping by the pool

I wake up late and spend most of the day trying to stay away from Tagged, trying to take a break from dealing with all the hustling involved, after what happened last night.

I am telling Ace that I don’t like this place anymore, I don’t think I would consider coming back. I’ve spent more money in two days than I intended.

I planned on using about $400 for the entire trip, and I spent over $160 in the first day alone. Our driver was costing us $50 per day, and we go to places to get food and they don’t even give you change after you pay. They just round up. I may have money, but I’m a cheap bastard, and stuff like that gets to me.

Despite all of that, I cannot go the whole day without going on Tagged, I’ve become addicted.

Chica #2 – 34 Year Old Cougar

Sexy Cougar

I message some Cougar and tell her to join me for a drink, and I’ll take her shopping the next day. Hahaha, I couldn’t help it, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

She says she’s 34 years old, and I’m only 25…but then gives me her WhatsApp number. WhatsApp is a messaging app that allows for free texting. Everyone here in DR uses it, it’s cheaper than paying for actual texting.

Ace and his 18 year old have been hogging the room for nearly four hours, I’m not losing another lay, and interrupt their spooning session to kick them out. His girl isn’t happy, but I couldn’t care less. She was starting to piss me off, she was so clingy to him it made me sick!!!

Around 10:30pm the Cougar came over to the hotel and within less than 5 minutes, we were banging!

I was running the same game verbatim, and it was becoming refined. Greeted her in Spanish, began speaking English, poured drinks, played Romeo Santos on Spotify, danced Bachata, kissed her, and fell back on the bed with her on top.


She first starts licking and eating my ear, I tell her“Si Mami”. We get naked and she starts blowing me. Her BJ skills are not as great as the first girl but what knocked my socks off was the freakiness of this girl.

Out of nowhere she starts licking my legs, then proceeds to toss my salad!!!


I didn’t see that coming, I haven’t been the one to get down like that, but I guess there’s a first time for everything. YOLO!

We banged 5 times, and I send her home in a taxi. She texts me the next day to go shopping, I do the usual and block her ass! It’s cold blooded, it is what it is, c’est la vie!

Day 5

Chica #3 – Black Girl w/Amazing Bod

I get a message on Tagged from a girl I had been talking to a few days ago that wasn’t able to meet up. Something had come up, and she’s now able to meet up.

I tell her to come over, not to worry about the taxi fare, I’ll pay for it. Most girls here don’t drive, and taxi fares are expensive for them, so one thing that you really can’t avoid if you want girls to come over, is you have to pay for their taxi fare. This helped me get back-to-back lays this day.

When messaging girls, I would explicitly tell them right away that they should come over to the hotel to grab drinks, and not to worry about taxi fare, I will cover it.

This got this hot chica to come out, and I didn’t even have to tell her I would take her shopping. She was the hottest girl from my entire trip, and only Black girl. Skinny body, and perky boobs. Ran the same game, you know the routine by now. She was okay, only thing I didn’t like was she wanted to give me a BJ with a condom on, which killed the sensation.



She’s the girl I liked the most on the entire trip, if I was staying long term, she’s the one who would get repeat calls and be a girlfriend for a while or so.

She said she wanted to come back in two days before I go. I had lied and told her I was going in two days, rather than telling her I was leaving in the morning.

This was in case I had to pull the taking her for shopping hustle, kinda hard for her to believe that if I’m leaving in the morning.

Chica #4 – Crazy Girl


No better way to end my last night in Santo Domingo, DR than to go back to back. I kicked the Black girl out early by telling her Ace was coming back any minute and he would be mad. She left, and 30 minutes later the next girl showed up.

I ran the same game, had some initial resistance, but 15 minutes later we were getting intimate. We bang for 2 hours, which meant I had a monopoly on the hotel room for four hours, or most of the night. Ace’s 18 year old girl wasn’t happy.

As we finish, I am on cloud nine, praising the poosy paradise I am in. I tell her I got her taxi covered, give her 500 pesos, which is about $12 and try to get rid of her, to clean up the room before our flights in the morning.

This chica then proceeds to pull the rug out of me, and kills my vibe, Kendrick Lamar style.

She asks me if that’s all I’m going to give her? I look at her like the hell you talking about it, is that not enough for a taxi, I give her some more pesos. She says, she needs money for her as well!!!

I tell her that’s all she’s getting, and she starts arguing, saying she’s not my girlfriend or wife, and the pussy ain’t free. She sits back down and says she’s not going anywhere until she gets some money for herself.

I tell her we never talked about this, why bring up surprises now. I try to pull the same hustle and say I will take her shopping tomorrow, and to just text me. She says no…bitch was too smart! She wasn’t a newb!

I’m thinking to myself, what the hell I’ve gotten myself into now. I ask her how much more she needs, she says $100 USD!

I panic, are you kidding me I type in the translator. I try pulling the no comprende but she wasn’t budging.

I tell her to just spend the night there then, and start packing planning to just run out the room and take a cab straight to the airport 7 hours early and just wait for my flight.

In the middle of my packing I realize Ace had his belongings in the room, including a Mac Book Pro, and if I left she could steal his stuff. I didn’t wanna do him dirty like that, but this girl was crazy!

I contemplate going down to the hotel staff and getting them to kick out the girl. Problem is I don’t speak Spanish, and didn’t want them coming in thinking I’m banging some prostitute! Don’t know where the hell that would have gone.

I blow up Ace’s WhatsApp telling him to come help out with this crazy ho! He shows up with his 18 year old chica, and I tell him I need to talk to him without the clinger.

He tries to talk to her in Spanish and she’s not budging. He says I should just pay her the $100, and not risk any drama. The last thing we need is a false rape charge or some crazy things happening and not being able to fly out in the morning.

As much as I hate it, I see Ace’s case. The last thing I need is a Jameis Winston or Kobe Bryant here in DR, we don’t know the countries rules, and I’m not a US Citizen, if I get into any trouble, the US Government ain’t coming to get my ass.

I tell him to watch the girl to make sure she doesn’t steal anything, and go get 4000 pesos / $100 to give to her ass. She finally leaves and has the nerve to say by and that she had fun!
Damn, that’s cold blooded y’all! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the people over here in DR are some hustlers, always trying to get your money.

I guess my hustles caught up to me.

DR Trip Analysis

Stuff That Worked

  • Calling an audible and adjusting after failed double date night
  • Skipping dates, and inviting girls straight back to the hotel room
  • Escalating to punani
  • Quick on feet, shopping idea was money
  • Tagged strategy and effort
  • Buying drinks and food from local supermarket, rather than bars and restaurants

Room for Improvement

  • Pipeline ahead of time, makes it less of a #s game
  • Next time don’t share a room, hurts logistics, worth the extra money to have own room
  • Always have my stuff packed and ready to runaway when girl comes over, never know when drama comes
  • Put some effort into day game and night game when in foreign country
  • Take a short crash course on the language before traveling (i.e. cliffnotes)
  • Persuading chicas to do a sex tape

A Black Man’s Paradise

“Within a country there is a city that has a bar that contains a spot where you will be in disbelief at how easy it is to consistently get quality women, regardless of how many flaws you think you have. On this 3 foot by 3 foot patch of space you’re an unstoppable rebel force, though for the guy standing next to you the patch does absolutely nothing because it’s not his patch. It is your duty as a man to find out where that little patch of Earth is and reap the rewards that it contains.”- Roosh

As much as I didn’t like what happened, in a way, the DR is a Poosy Paradise. The results don’t lie, four lays in five days. Two in one day, back-to-back.

If I was actually staying there longer and actually ran some long-term game, social circle, lifestyle, learn some Spanish, etc. the results would be even more remarkable. We’re talking Hugh Hefner!

Because of that, despite what happened, the Dominican Republic is still a Poosy Paradise.

With that being said, the caveat is that it is full of hustlers. The guys, girls and everybody is a hustler, they hustle every day.

“The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything”– Friedrich Nietzsche

Yes you will be swimming in punani over there if you put in the work, but you will also be swimming with sharks. As eloquently stated by“Playa With a Passport”on the Roosh forums:

I also would like to add, that the chances a chick on one those sites has swallowed some leche in exchange for some pesos to be almost 99.99%

Every chica on those sites are there because they heard from a friend of a friend that they met some gringo in there who gave them free stuff without even having to give up the pussy first.

Unlike American women on Okcupid, these chicks are not online because they are horny and they want some dick. They are there because they are looking for a come up. The pussy is the bait.

Conclusion: Dominican Women Love Black Men

Overall I had a blast! I fell in love with Dominican women, the fellas where right, the Black and Latino combo is deadly. I can also confirm that the women there have big boobs, relative to other nationalities.

Would I return? Initially I said no, but now that I’ve had some time to digest things, yes. Maybe in the next 2-5 years I would return to perhaps stay longer and run higher caliber game, to get the top notch, high class girls.

Those girls take more time, i.e. require actual pipelining, rather than just messaging them the moment you get there, and asking for a meetup. After exploring some other flagging destinations, I would come back.

I will take these memories with me, and plan my next flagging trip to a foreign country. This was a fun and wild first flagging trip. This was the Playboy lifestyle I was talking about, jet setting from country to country.

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  1. This article was hilarious! My boy and I are planning a trip to the DR. But brah, you sound like you have zero game!!

    I also saw a recurring theme. All the chics gave top without you even asking. In America that’s pretty rare, and you’ll never get your salad tossed unless it’s your girlfriend/wife. But boy does having your salad tossed feel good!

  2. Cielo that’s a sensible comment. i love it when i hear a woman with reason speak. I’m considering relocating to the DR for some time and I’d value input (re where to rent, get utilities, etc.) from a reasonable person. gracias.

  3. Trying to hustle chics in the DR is pretty lame. If you promise a girl a dollar amount, a phone, groceries, etc just pay it. It causes unnecessary drama for guys on future flights when lame dudes go down to other countries and argue over a C-note. If the money is that hard to let go of, stay your butt at home and see what you can get with that C-note. Nothing but a few lap dances.

  4. This whole post is demeaning and puts a bad light on the women of the DR. Women aren’t just sex objects, and btw ALL Dominicans are Black. We just come in different shades, so that part about the Black girl, was total BS. Every single woman you screwed was Black. Get your facts straight, and maybe stop objectifying women too. You were hustling the women for sex (which is a WANT) while those women were hustling you for money (which is a NEED). I”m not saying that it’s right, but try to see it from another point of view and not just about getting your dick wet. This whole post just makes you seem selfish, judgemental, and narcissistic.

  5. Apparently they have the game all wrong in DR…get your money first, then fuck.  Poor, poor examples of sex tourism.  Hopefully they'll figure it out.  Tossing salads and bjs on random tourists tho????

  6. Why? Why in the world would anyone go to Santo Domingo for the ladies? Sure, you can find them there but the action is in Sosua and to a much lesser degree Boca Chica. It takes no effort to have a 1-2 hour date with the ladies for $40 USD in either location. Most hotel stays are $40-$75 USD per night. Spanish knowledge is not required as these are predominately tourist areas and most girls know why you’re there. I’ve been to the DR 7 times in 4 years for a reason. I encourage all gents to avoid the issues brought out in this article by doing research on your destination. The internet is filled with info on having a great time in the areas of the DR I just described. I can’t believe the writer of this article would be so foolish as to place himself in these situations and to vastly overpay and get scammed based upon his astounding ignorance. Nearly every negative experience he wrote could have been avoided. Unbelievable. One more thing: The DR is not the place for finding a girlfriend, wife or “love”. Brothas get caught up in the madness of this game because they lack self-confidence, discernment and wisdom. Don’t be that guy and you will enjoy the fruit of all that this wonderful island and its women have to offer.

    • If you stay around the tourist areas, then of course you'll believe that the women aren't girlfriend, wife, or love material.  Any tourist area is going to attract hustlers…that's where the money is.   A lot of the other things you said was pretty true. I go to the DRa few times a year, but I stay away from the tourist  areas.

    • In America, and I can only assume this… This guy must be deemed as unappealing, lame, and/or a reject. That’s pathetic the way you acted as if you weren’t used to being in the presence of beautiful women. The sad part is that you had to still lie and say you would pay them to get them to show you any attention. Reason being? Probably because in American we still wouldn’t want you, you or you’re money. What the hell is $100 anyway to an American man. Is that all you had? You are pathetic. With all the std’s going around those parts, even with a condom, herpes will get you caught up. I bet you have it. And sounds like… You may have got that shit for free! After all, you only paid up one time. Hopefully not but uhrummm. Maybe you have grown up and learned your lesson seeing that this post is so old now, but if not, this cyber world will pray for people like you. Vulchers, leaches, lowlifes. You should be ashamed. That’s their job! You knew that and still you thought to take advantage. So weak man, you are so damn weak minded. It’s not a game to them, it’s how they survive.