African Brides

African women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet and it’s no surprise more men are looking to meet African women for marriage.

Africa is a pretty big continent with over 52 countries and 1 billion people in total, making it a great place to find an African wife.

If you’re curious about finding and meeting African women for long term relationships, then this article will provide you with tips & helpful advice to make your search as easy as possible

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5 Reasons to Marry an African Woman

Before you start searching for an african bride, here are several reasons to consider an African woman for marriage.

African Women Are a Good Match for Western Men

Many western men are sick and tired of the growing feminist propoganda and the constant ongoing war against men. On the other hand, African women are rarely feminist and truly believe in a ying-yang relationship where both the male and female share an important role in the relationship.

African women, unlike their western counterparts, have no desire to take on a man’s role but would rather be a good wife and mother to your children.

African Women Are Less Materialistic

African women are more likely to make great wives because they are less materialistic than American, Latina or Asian women. They put family first and care more about a man’s character and personality than his wallet.

African Women Are Great Cooks

These women are often great cooks and really know how to fix a delicious meal for their families. Traditional African dishes contains lots of different vegetables, meats, fish and species to keep you coming back for more.

Divorce Rates are Lower for Men Married to African Women

In traditional African cultures, divorce is frowned apon and women consult with their families and church before they file for a divorce. This mean not only is your chance of having a successful marriage higher, but you won’t have to worry about becoming bankrupt during a messy divorce settlement.

African Women Are Desperately Looking for Husbands

African men are notoriously known as players and some African men in muslim cultures may have up to 4 wives. Of course, not every African woman is okay with this and many are looking towards foreign men for long term relationships and marriage.

Which African Countries Have the Most Beautiful Women and Best Wives?

With over 52 African countries to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed at first. Don’t worry. In this section, we will breakdown Africa into 4 major regions to help you simpify your search. We’ll also provide specific country recommendations based on past success stories and our personal experience.

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Top 10 African Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

Northern Africa (Morocco, Egypt Tunisia)

Northern Africa is the closest region to the Americas and features some of the most stunning women in Africa. The most popular countries for finding an Africa bride are Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. Many North African countries are Arabic speaking but you can find ladies who speak some English one.

North African women have more Arab looking features and can have lighter skin as well as a jet black skin tone. This region also contains a majority Muslim population as well so this is something to consider if you are a Christian.

West Africa (Senegal, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria)


East Africa (Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya)

South Africa (Nambia, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda)

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Modern technology has made it much easier to find young, beautiful African women who are marriage minded. Your first step is to create a profile on African online dating websites. You’ll be able to browse photos & personal information to help you narrow down which countries you want to focus your search on.

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