Agoda Review 2018: Pros and Cons – Is Agoda Safe and Legit?

[eafl id=”100000416″ name=”Agoda” text=”Agoda”] is one of the most popular online booking sites in Asia and I use it along with Airbnb whenever I travel.

It’s easy to find hotels, apartments, condos and hostels for a reasonable price no matter which city you stay in. For years, I used but have started using Agoda because you can pay with Paypal.

If you are a freelancer or earn some of your income online, using Agoda makes finding a place to stay much easier and simple.

In this review, I’m going to review the pros and cons of using Agoda versus other major booking sites.

Why Use Agoda?

Whenever you travel to a new city or country, you must find a clean and safe place to sleep on your very first night. This is especially difficult if your flight arrives late at night and you suddenly find yourself in a brand new city after dark.

Agoda usually lists over 200+ places to stay depending on which city you are currently in. This not only saves you a lot of time, but let’s you compare similar rooms side by side. They also list all the amenties and key information you need to make an honest decision about a room.

How to Use Agoda

Head over to [eafl id=”100000416″ name=”Agoda” text=””] and enter your current location, checkin date and number of guests.

Next, Agoda will show you a list of recommended rooms but I prefer to sort the results from lowest to highest price by clicking the “Price low to high” feature.

Why? Because you can sometimes find excellent rooms for up to 80% off. These hidden gems get buried in the recommended results but you will easily find them once you sort by price.

To further refine your results, use the sorting options on the left hand size to filter listings based on price, amenties, facilities, and property types. You can quickly search for hotels under $50 per night or find cheap hostels without going through every search result manually.

Tips on How to Find Rooms Using Agoda

Here’s a few key tips on how to properly use Agoda so you get the best value for your money:

  • Use flexible dates: Friday and Saturdays are the hardest days to book while you can find hidden deals if you are flexible with your dates.
  • Book low rates for several days: If you find a low rate, try to extend your booking for as long as possible. The same room may be much more expensive tomorrow.
  • Try hostels for late night bookings: If you arrive in a city well after midnight (12AM) then it makes no sense to spend a lot of money when you have to check out at 12pm the next day. Spend a night in a hostel to save money then book a more expensive room later.
  • Try 5am to 7am for the lowest prices: If you wake up early in the morning, you will find the best Agoda deals while nobody else is awake. The worst time to book a room is around 12pm (it’s very close to checkout times).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Agoda reliable?

Yes. I have been using Agoda for my bookings and have experienced zero problems finding, booking and staying in rooms.

Is Agoda safe?

Agoda uses SSL security to protect your information and does a great job of keeping your credit card & paypal information stored in a secure manner.

Is Agoda trusted?

Millions of people use Agoda to book hotels and flights on a monthly basis. They are extremely popular in Asia.

Is Agoda legit?

Yes. I can easily book a room without any hassle and show up at the hotel/hostel with zero problems. All you need is the Agoda confirmation email and you are all set to go.

What are the different Agoda payment options?

Agoda accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.

Does Agoda accept debit cards?

Yes. You can use debit cards to book with Agoda as long as you have enough cash in your balance.

Does Agoda have hidden charges?

No. Agoda charges a 10 to 12% service charge on most bookings. This is standard practice in the online bookings industry. You get a complete breakdown of charges on the “Payment Details” page before you book.

Does Agoda charge a booking fee?

Yes. Agoda adds a 10 to 12% booking fee aka service charge to each booking.

Agoda Pros – Things I Like

  • Easy to navigate website
  • Hundreds of rooms to choose from
  • Accepts all major credit cards and Paypal
  • Simple 4 step booking process
  • Offers coupons and insider deals that save you money
  • Provides simple email confirmation to show at checkin
  • Saves your credit card and paypal information for future use

Agoda Cons – Things I Don’t Like

  • Sometimes it takes a while for the hotel/hostel to receive the confirmation
  • Taxes and service charges add between 10 to 25% more to your costs
  • Prices can be a bit more expensive than Airbnb for similar-type apartments
  • Great deals often have several dozen people viewing them at the same time

My Overall Agoda Rating: 8/10

As an expat, I am always on the lookout for great booking deals because I want a clean and comfortable room at an affordable price. Agoda is one of my favorite online booking websites and I use it a lot while traveling in Asia.

I highly recommend Agoda as a great way to find a good hotel/hostel for a reasonable price.

Ready to book a room? [eafl id=”100000416″ name=”Agoda” text=”Check out now to save up to 80% on your next stay!”]



Ease of Use


Cost and Fees


Customer Service


# of Rooms Available



  • Agoda App is easy to use and has lots of rooms
  • They accept Paypal and all major credit cards
  • Bookings are instant and allow fast checkin
  • Fees are lower than or AirBNB


  • Customer service isn't the best
  • Extra taxes are charged in certain cities
  • Sometimes the App crashes and doesn't work
  • Hard to get refunds if a problem arises

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  • I disagree about Booked a hotel with them, checking in the 16th, checking out the 17th. Went to the hotel, and found out AGODA HAD MADE THE RESERVATION FOR DAY-ONLY!!! Meaning, for those of you who are unfamiliar with how agoda rips customers off, that you can only use the room during the day. Apparently if you book a hotel with agoda, the day-only use is AUTOMATICALLY SELECTED!!! You have to FIND THE PLACE TO SELECT THE OPTION TO STAY THE NIGHT. Notice that you have to do this if you book the room to check in one day and check out the next. Who on God’s green earth checks in one day, checks out the next and does NOT spend the night? Absolutely ridiculous. Did agoda give me a refund? Nope! Bandits. Never use this service.
    100% of my experiences have been 100% negative. Of course it’s one experience. Why would I do this again?

  • I am extremely disappointed by the customer service of Agoda. They have taken $2500 without my authorisation, and have sent email confirmation that I have not been charged. I have spent 5 hours on the phone. I’m starting to think that the use the preauthorisation to invest to make profit. They are incompetent thieves! With terrible service. Five different answers from five staff!!no manager call back and day 3 of unauthorised taking of my funds. There is a reason that allow direct payment at hotels! I’m posting this just so I can get them to respond to my calls and emails and return the funds that they can’t explain why or how were taken.

  • I’m completely disgusted with this company. I made a reservation, cancelled it by mistake and called them right away. I explained to them that i was a senior with limited income and they didn’t care! They kept my money!

  • Do NOT trust Agoda. They are under credit card fraud investigation because they have withdrawn 5000CAD from my credit card without my knowledge or approval, months after I gave them the details. Never trust them!

  • Please don’t trust on Agoda. Its customer service is awful. They don’t help you practically, they easily cheat you…!

    They cancelled my booking without permission exactly before my travel and only suggested a 50 dollar gift card to me.

  • This company is a scam, they stole my money and don’t want to return it be very careful, report this to the FBI.

  • AGODA over charged me!
    They steal money!

    Booking ID # 283044368
    The above booking specifies it’s only US$500 including all taxes.

    But they have charged my credit card US$526.66

    I kept emailing the requesting them
    To Please explain why they have over charged and also asked them to refund the additional charge.

    No reply!
    Not even admitting to the email!

    It’s illegal to charge something over the agreed amount and AGODA is stealing money!

  • I had such a negative experience with Agoda recently. Booked a hotel on their website and when I arrived, the hotel said they had never signed a contract with Agoda and my fully paid reservation was considered void!
    Called Agoda up and they promised a refund. That was on 20 June 2018. Until today, no sign of the refund.

    Extremely disappointed with their service. You can be sure that my family and friends will not be using Agoda. Disgusting.

  • I was also charged for a reservation I did not make and have experienced a refusal to confirm my refund. There are obviously issues with this company and the favorable articles written on the travel blogs are by people who have some incentive to write favorably about this.

  • I’ve notice on their App and booking page they list “last room available” when this quite simply isn’t the case in any of the places I’ve been staying.

  • Initially I was booking a trip though Trip Advisor, but upon payment Agoda came up as the booking agent. Most importantly Agoda BOOKING CONFIRMATION had WRONG DATES! It is IMPOSSIBLE to get the customer service on the phone! In turn received an email saying my booking is NON-REFUNDABLE! Avoid this Agoda site as much as possible. I recon the wrong dates and non-refundable booking terms and conditions are a scam!

  • Really poor costumer service! We had a problem wuth a booking we made threw the app. The hotel we bioked looked nothing like the pictures and he was horrible, smelly and inappropriate for use. We booked 2 roomes for 2 couples and we had to take another hotel. We tried to reach agoda by phone and no answer and by mqil neither. O your self a favore and buy with another website, just not agoda!!!

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