Don’t be a Fool: 5 Tips to Prevent You from Becoming A Beggar in the Philippines (or any Foreign Country)

Please, read the title. The Philippines has a lot of foreign beggers that squandered their money because they didn’t have a plan and thought with their dicks/hearts. Don’t make the mistake of moving to foreign nations without multiple sources of income or a consistent flow of passive income (retirement checks, VA disability benefits, pensions, etc.).

If you want to see what it’s like for foreign beggers:

Westerners from nations, such as the United States, are stereotyped as rich. Believing that you’re rich, the local populations will show far less sympathy if you ever find yourself in a bind. “Just ask an American friend” is the advice many people will give you. There are a few people that MIGHT show you SOME grace and try to help, by shining media attention onto you or even a little money for snacks. However, most people look down on you or pity you. Is that what you want?

  1. Don’t give money to women that you haven’t even met. This goes without saying. The problem is that some of you are socially awkward misfits that can’t take hints. A lot of women prey on lonely shmucks. If you still feel the need to simp, give A LITTLE here and there (if she deserves it) but do not pay rent, phone bills, or family medical procedures!
  2. Don’t move to another nation, unless you have enough money to live an entire year without working in your own country. Although the sticker prices are cheap in the Philippines, foreigners are routinely overcharged. To foreigners, the overcharge is still massive discount but to Filipinos, you’re a whale. Over time, those small hidden fees will add up. Put aside about $10000 for general expenses.
  3. If you want to live a high-quality life, you’ll pay a high price. Nice apartments in the Philippines cost the same as they’d cost in America. Honestly, you might be better off living in a hostel, if you’re a light packer. Otherwise, put aside at least $15000 for a year of living in a decent apartment in a gated community.
  4. Cook your own food. Going to the local markets is the best way to buy food. You can buy enough veggie to last a week for only $20 or less. With the money you’ll save, you can splurge at restaurants more often, considering that local cuisine and street food are also cheap. Enjoy it. It’s really good. I eat at the fish market, near the Mall of Asia, whenever I pass through Manila. The live seafood is picked AND prepared for a fraction of the price in America.
  5. PROTECT YOUR BANK ACCOUNT WITH YOUR LIFE! If you get married, do not give your wife access to your bank accounts. If you give your account information to a woman, you’re a fool that’s begging to get robbed. Also, protect your credit card information. It’s common sense to carry only one card and leave anything else in a safe. It will prevent anybody from stealing from you. Yet, I know some of you fools will fail. Prove me wrong, please.

That’s it. That’s how to prevent yourself from going broke. It’s as easy as having a plan and money already saved.

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  1. Great advice. I met a homeless American living in Manila just before the pandemic who lost everything. He spent all his money chasing women and was literally begging on the streets for money.

    The Philippines is a very cheap country and you should be STACKING paper here not losing everything. These are great tips to follow so you avoid a financial nightmare.