50 Reasons Why American Women Make Terrible Wives and Girlfriends

American women think strength is being loud and annoying. Foreign women get their strength from God. See the difference?

After traveling the world for the last 8 years, I’ve noticed many differences between foreign and American women. Here’s a list of reasons why American women make terrible wives and girlfriends.

  1. They’re fat.
  2. They cheat a lot.
  3. They care more about their career than being a good mother.
  4. They age poorly.
  5. They lose their virginity at a young age.
  6. They support feminism.
  7. They get divorced a lot.
  8. They use the court system to imprison fathers.
  9. They curse like sailors.
  10. They use men to receive gifts & cash without providing intimacy.
  11. They lie about everything.
  12. They support paternity fraud.
  13. They usually have multiple men chasing them.
  14. They are among the least fertile women on earth.
  15. They hate to cook and clean.
  16. They sleep with their bosses to climb the corporate ladder.
  17. They judge men based on appearance instead of ability.
  18. They neglect their children in favor of attracting more men.
  19. They wear too much makeup and weave.
  20. They call the police to imprison innocent men.
  21. They enjoy seeing men fight and destroy each other.
  22. They eat too much processed food.
  23. They avoid exercise because it makes them sweat.
  24. They take jobs away from hardworking men.
  25. They ruined ESPN.
  26. They are bankrupting the US economy with their reckless spending habits.
  27. They are now prostituting themselves under the label of “Sugar Baby“.
  28. They lead on men with silly games and tricks, causing men to learn “game”.
  29. They refuse to lose weight and improve their health.
  30. They brag about being strong and independent.
  31. They smell funny – especially the fat ones.
  32. They look down on men who make less money than they do.
  33. They refuse to “settle” even though they are past their prime child bearing age.
  34. They go on and on about how they don’t need a man.
  35. They use a man’s child as a weapon in the court system.
  36. They’re loud.
  37. They always look angry with their permascowls.
  38. They expect Prince Charming when they are no way close to being a Princess.
  39. They make fun of men they find attractive.
  40. They think being cold and distant is a sign of feminine strength.
  41. They chase bad boys when they’re young then go for nice guys
  42. They have too many tattoos.
  43. They have too many piercings.
  44. They weigh more than your grandfather did in his prime.
  45. They say negative things just to hurt your feelings.
  46. They are extremely racist.
  47. They treat their husbands like a slave.
  48. They buy food and support GMO farmers who sell poison to the nation.
  49. They rather screen dozens of men through smartphones than risk rejection.
  50. They have lost what it means to be a lady.


What do you think?

Written by Tarik

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  1. Is the article about USA women or USA black women? The part about being fat and weave suggests that the article is about USA black women.

  2. Black males aren’t marrying anyone anyway. They’d rather bed hop and have kids all over the place while playing child support dodge ball. So please explain the point of this supposed list. Must be another lame excuse, in a long line of them that they dream up regularly just to justify being nothing but sexually irresponsible, walking dildos and to blame black women for their own behavior. The real question is, how many women did he infect internationally while he was bed hopping across the globe.

  3. GREAT list! Yep American women truly stink (not just from their buffet of STDs either!). No one wants them, WAY too masculine and foul. AmeriSkanks are nothing but TV zombies who like to act out what they see in movies, no different than a 7 yr old pretending to be Hulk Hogan, or the average black guy pretending he’s a master rapper pimp (in the ghetto with roaches and the clap). I won’t help a woman in trouble to being attacked, not that I take joy from that sort of thing, just apathy from me. I say let them all die of STDs and their delusional behavior. Sex robots with artificial wombs will replace the skanks in another 20-30yrs. Most men look forward to it. When ever you let women into politics it ALWAYS destroys your nation over time, just ask the ancient Greeks, or the Myans, or the Incans, or the Romans, or the Egyptians, or… get the idea. I’m hoping from some kind of new super AIDS epidemic to get rid of the skanks (and probably the blacks who will sleep with anything).

  4. So true. American women have the Janet Jackson problem ” what have you done for ME lately” without ever thinking what they could do to make the relationship better. All about money, things and bragging to their girlfriends about how they never put out.

  5. If I were Kim jong IL I put American women and girls in camp 22 and make them work harder, or boot camp. And tech them a lesson about the facts of life, all black men go to Asia or north Korea to study joche to crush your enemies means American women and girls.

    • It’s comparative. If it were sexist it would be about all women. Let’s face it in comparison, American women can’t measure up as basic, kind humans to most women around the world. Their supposed independence and pride about being women is just an affected version of them feebly trying to act like men. Men choose women for male reasons/ needs. American society influences men on how they should choose based on American women’s opinions and female driven societal pressure. Basically they just reflect the overall culture: entitled, celebrity obsessed, shallow, need for instant gratification, cheap… In comparison, American women aren’t even really women. They seem like some sort of weird commercialized hybrid of men.

  6. American women are indoctrinated by Western media. They’re already way past the point of no return. Keeping one in her place could be done but wouldn’t be worth all the time, energy, and mental strength. A woman’s purpose is to help a man, not be something for him to constantly need to maintain. Let American women wallow in their own foolish pride. Let them rot. Plenty of other fish in the sea.

  7. Well said! Dated many women before I got married, then my ex decided she was the “man” of the house: battled it out, finally pulled the plug. Dated a few after: haven’t had a girlfriend in almost 5 years. Women have this princess mentality, I’ve tried asking quite a few out: NO! And I’ve dated a lot of great looking ladies. Had enough! Getting two Bullmastiff puppies, new truck and living life and riding my Harley all over the country.

    • Right on my man!! Ive been down that road.Ended a four year gig with someone I thought was it.Went from “Miss Right to Miss Always Right! Ive also had enough of their sexist shit! Im done!! Got the house to myself,my two little dogs,My cars,and my sanity has returned.Only difficult decision I have to make now is either a Challenger T/A or a C7?.Choices Choices!!

    • Right on my man!! Ive been down that road.Ended a four year gig with someone I thought was it.We were not married though but we discussed a future together when we retired.Went from “Miss Right to Miss Always Right! Ive also had enough of their sexist shit! Im done!! Got the house to myself,my two little dogs,My cars,and my sanity has returned.Only difficult decision I have to make now is either a Challenger T/A or a C7?.Choices Choices!!

  8. American women are pure garbage. They are like a doped up hooker pulled from a dumpster that thinks she’s an actual princess. They’re fat, lazy, entitled, and have no class. Avoid them at all costs, especially the ones who think they are the exception.

  9. As a 30 year old black bro i bet many of my peers would back me when i say my whole life as a young black man has been nothing but recieving hate from all sides from the start. It doesnt matter if you are a god in america as a black man society and women will never respect you it does not matter what you do! As a black man you can hand someone $40 and tell them not to pay you back and still get disrespected. Please young black men save your strength, your mind, your skills and talents for a place outside america that will at least respect you! We always been public enemy #1 the way to change that is to realize black men wont be able to even earn respect in america no matter what you do. Get Out America!

  10. I study Mandarin for a reason. I’d rather deal with the “Commies” than with Western skanks! Truly the Whore of Babylon in Revelation; Anglophone women are! (US, UK, Aus, CAN, NZ, – even India!)

    It’s time to drop the racial divide of politics and focus on gender! The Demonrat feminists are saying “Kill all men!” Why cote for people who won’t check thar kibd of talk?

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