An Open Letter from Black American Men to African Women

This open letter from Black American Men to African Women was submitted by our guest writer, Ray.

Good American Black men are expanding their dating and marriage options internationally.

Inline image 3And, for some of us, even when we go global we still have our hearts set on being with a black woman.

Inline image 4We love the skin, hair, and curves of black women.

 Inline image 5

But, we want a nice, feminine wife who will work with us, not against us, as we strive to build beautiful, healthy families with children who will be well-prepared to succeed in this advanced and highly competitive global economy.

Solomon is originally from Ghana and I’m sure he would have some inside scoop about how good American Black men could connect with attractive, feminine African women who are open to dating and marrying American Black men.

So a brotha is asking:

Where the African Women At?

Inline image 6

Where are the beautiful Nigerian sisters that are feminine, family-oriented, and educated who look like reality star hottie Nikki Oluwanike?

Inline image 7
Nikki Oluwanike

Where are the sisters from Ghana who are down for a good American Black man who is responsible, hard-working, faithful, and who wants to connect with a good African woman to be his life partner and soul-mate?

Where’s my Miss Ghana?

Inline image 8
Lisa Aidoo Miss Ghana USA

Where’s my Miss Gabon?

Inline image 9
Christine Pitty Miss Gabon

Where are the Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Somali sisters that are down for good American Black men?

 Inline image 10And, how can we connect with them?

Inline image 12And when we say good American Black men we ARE NOT talking about Pookie and Ray-Ray.

We are talking about men that have made good life choices.

We are talking about brothers that have served in the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marines.

We are talking about good brothers who are Police Officers and Firemen.

We are talking about good brothers who are Computer Network Administrators, Public School Teachers, and Youth Counselors.

We are talking about gainfully employed blue-collar brothers who are carpenters, electricians, and long-haul truckers.

Like I said before.

Where the African Women At?

Inline image 14

– Ray

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