Angeles City Freelancers Guide with 2024 Prices

Angeles City is the most popular red light district in the Philippines and many foreign men visit the place to get away from Manila and enjoy life at a much lower cost of living.

Some men claim that visiting Angeles City was the “best overall trip of their entire life”. You can live like millionaire aka “baller status” lifestyle even if you’re an average guy. While millionaires party with all young hotties in the United States or Europe, you can do the same thing even if you are living off a small income or pension.

Foreigner Bringing Home Filipina

Men of ages from young studs in their early 20’s to older distinguished men well in their 80’s travel to Angeles City so don’t let you age stop you from checking it out.

Of course, Angeles isn’t really built for tourism so most guys will sit back, relax, and meet a young beautiful Filipina girl during the day or evening for sex.

The good thing is Angeles City nightlife provides an entire street full of bars & nightclubs for meeting girls called Fields Ave Walking Street, a much smaller version of Pattaya Walking Stret.

Angeles City Walking Street in the Philippines
Image Source: Philippines Lifestyle

Muslims and some of you reading this don’t drink, hate the loud club music, or prefer to save their money by avoiding the hefty 4,000+ PHP girly bar fines.

Luckily, there is a great alternative to meeting bar girls in Angeles: Freelancer girls

What is a Freelancer girl?

Freelancers are Filipina girls or ladyboys who don’t work for a bar but instead search for foreigners along the street, at cheap local bars, nightclubs, and even on online dating websites.

Freelancers are forced to find a foreigner for financial security for several reasons:

  • She may be the sole breadwinner in her home
  • She has children from a previous relationship and needs financial support
  • Her boyfriend aka jowa or asawa sends her out to bring back money

Freelancers are much cheaper than girls working at the bar so you may prefer freelancers over bargirls to save money if you’re on a tight budget.

How to Spot Freelancers in Angeles City

It’s pretty easy to spot a freelancer girl: She is usually dressed in a very provocative way and will be alone or with friends looking to make eye contact with a foreigner.

Some of the younger freelancers girls under 21 generally travel in packs (around 3 to 4 girls) but they usually head home around midnight. These girls are either in school or looking for some extra money to support their families.

A large majority of them have young children after their previous relationship with their ex bf went south.

I generally try to avoid the single mother freelancers as much as possible because they are extremely desperate to provide for their kids and always have a sad story about their abusive ex.

Single mom freelancers demand the most money for the shortest amount of time because they need to bring money back home for their kids ASAP.

It’s up to you but I’d go for the younger freelancers who don’t have any kids and need a bit of pocket money.

Angeles City Freelancer Prices

Angeles City Philippines Freelancers on Field Ave

Freelancers are much cheaper than bar girls and you can negotiate the prices down very quickly.

The average price for Angeles City Freelancers is 1,500 PHP for short time lasting no more than 3 hours.

Some girls will ask for much more than that if they think you are desperate for sex. Remember that Angeles is full of girls and you don’t have to pay more than you are comfortable with.

On a rare occasion, you may find a stunner and pay more for long time (overnight stay). 2,000 to 3,000 PHP isn’t too bad if your girl is super hot and stays until the next day.

Again, it’s up to you how much you want to give. Don’t get influenced by sob stories because Filipina girls all claim to have someone in their family who needs financial assistance.

Thee is a saying in the Philippines “Wala pera” which translates to “I don’t have money”!

Everyone claims to be broke but we know this isn’t always true.

Best Places to Meet Freelancers in Angeles City

The main nightlife area in Angeles is pretty small so you won’t have much trouble meeting these girls.

Here’s a list of my top 5 favorite places to find freelancer girls:

  1. McDonald’s Balibago
  2. A Santos St
  3. Megadance Center
  4. Freelancer Park
  5. Uncle John’s Maingate Terminal

1. McDonald’s Balibago

McDonald's Balibago, Angeles City Philippines

My #1 favorite spot for meeting freelancer girls because Filipina girls get hungry at night and eat at Mcdo with their friends.

You’ll also find a few girls hanging outside looking for eye contact if you’re a foreigner.

I recommend this area because it’s safe, well light, and protected by a security guard.

2. A Santos St

Locally known as Blow Row, you cannot visit this street without being offered a massage and/or sex if you’re a single man.

A Santos St girls work as streetwalkers and don’t ask for a lot of money. 700 PHP is the price for a short session at any nearby short time hotel.

Blow row freelancers hang out at Roelgeorge Bar, in front of Wild Orchard Hotel, and along the 2 side streets intersecting A Santos St called

3. Megadance Center

If you’re looking for cool, hip freelancergirls, then head to Megadance Center on Walking Street. It opens at 10pm and you’ll see a huge selection of women looking to meet foreigners.

I’d estimate 50% of Megadance is freelancers while the other 50% is made up of normal & foreign girls.

Don’t worry about spending a lot of money on expensive bottles, tables, and liquor. You can order a drink and take home a freelancer girl within 15 minutes after the club gets packed past 12AM.

There’s a trike stand across Street from Megadance and most drivers ask for no more than 200 PHP to go anywhere within a 15 minute drive.

4. Freelancer Park

Lots of Girls go to Freelance Park at night looking to meet foreigners

If you want a cool place to hang out and chat with freelancers for free, then head over to Freelancer Park across from Phillies Sports Grill.

Grab a bite to eat at Phillies and many of these freelancers will come up to you and strike up a conversation if you’re both hungry and horny.

You’ll see lots of girls hanging out here as early as 2pm. Just say hello and tell them what you’re looking for.

The only problem is that some of these freelancers are squatters from very poor areas in Angeles. Some girls have hygiene issues, bad teeth, or haven’t taken a shower in a while.

5. Uncle John’s Fields Ave

Lastly, Uncle John’s Fields Ave is a good area for picking up freelancers at the intersection of Narciso St. Lots of Filipina girls and ladyboys gather in this area to ride a jeepney, grab a bite to eat, or shop along Fields Ave.

Angeles City Freelancer Girls at Fields Ave Money changer

Meeting Freelancers Online

Sometimes, you will feel lazy in Angeles and prefer to meet girls online rather than going outside. Or perhaps the rainy season makes it more difficult to go outside at night.

Try these apps:


Facebook is very popular in Angeles City and most freelancers have access to their FB account. You can join Angeles City Facebook groups and message freelancer girls who need extra income.

These FB groups contain thousands of Filipinas who desperate need a job or financial assistance. Post something explaining you need a helper/assistant/caretaker etc and will pay a salary.

You’ll receive dozens of messages in your Message Requests so just go through them and chat with the girls you like most.

Move the conversation from text to audio or video chat to make sure you aren’t being catfish.


Tinder is popular in SE Asia and most guys report receiving many matches in Angeles City.

Download the app and swipe right whenever you want to match with another profile.

It’s free to use but you can upgrade to Tinder Gold to unlock unlimited swipes and location change features.


Pinalove is one of the best free online dating app in Angeles City for meeting freelancers. There are over 800,000 users on the site and you don’t need a credit card to sign up.

It’s free to use and you can send 1 free message every 10 minutes with a standard account.

Pinalove Homepage


Online dating is an easy way to meet girls in Angeles without putting in much effort. FilipinoCupid is the best online dating site in Angeles City and you can meet girls on there with ease. It’s not free so you need to pay a membership fee to use the website. It costs $24.95 per month but you save a lot of money if you sign up for the $99 annual membership.

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Here’s a general guide based on a girl’s age:

  • Younger Girls (18 to 25): Around 1,000 to 1,500 PHP
  • Older Ladies (25 and Up): 500 PHP to 1,000 PHP

Best Freelancer Friendly Hotels in Angeles City

Taking your freelancer to a shorttime hotel is a good way to keep her from stealing stuff inside your wherever you are staying. Most shortime hotels have good security measures to protect you from theft or problems by requiring your girl shows her ID and must retrieve it from the front desk before leaving.

Most of the better Angeles City girl friendly hotels are located along Walking Street or Fields Ave. Prices are normally around 400 to 600PHP for shorttime, which usually last no more than 3 hours.

Here’s a list of recommended AC Girl Friendly Hotels:

  • Walk About Hotel
  • Fields Walking Street Hour
  • Kokomo’s Hotel

If you’re a cheap baster then try walking along Malabanias Road where you will see find Hotel Gogo and Silks Inn . Both of these shorttime hotels charge between 250 to 300PHP if you want to save money.

Dealing with Freelancers and Money

Angeles City Freelancers are becoming more westernised and will most likely want to leave after you bust a nut.

Cash is the easiest way to take care of your freelancer without hassle. Some girls have Gcash and prefer to receive money electronically.

Only Filipinos can register with Gcash so use WorldRemit to send money from your credit or debit card to your freelancers Gcash number.

Even after you give money, you’ll hear many sob stories about a sick family member or financial problem.

Freelancers use sob stories to extract more money. Just ignore them and give what you agreed upon.

Safety Tips

One of the downsides to meeting freelancers is you have additional problems to worry about if you want a one night stand.

Bar girls are employees of the bar and receive monthly health checkups by a registered doctor. If they don’t stay healthy, then they lose their job. Also, if you have a problem with a bar girl, simply go back to the bar and talk to their boss.

On the other hand, freelancers don’t have to visit a doctor so you need to be careful. Here are a few key safety tips to protect yourself.

  • Use Condoms – Some Angeles City girls have STDs and you should protect yourself by wearing condoms at all times. Most 711’s sell two brands of condoms: Trust and Durex. Trust is the cheaper Filipino but Durex condoms are bigger and more expensive. I recommend Durex condoms for most foreigners.
  • Have the front desk call you before she leaves – A good way to prevent any problems is to have the front desk call you when she tries to leave. Simply tell the person at the front desk to call your room before your guest leaves. Some hotels follow this policy by default but many hotels don’t.
  • Girlproof your room – If you take her back to your hotel/condo, be sure to hide your valuables in a safe place. You don’t want a girl to walk off with your cell phone, wallet, jewelry, etc. Some hotels have in-room safes but surprisingly most don’t. You can buy a cheap security lock from 711 for $1 and lock your bags and store them in a safe place.


Here are answers to the most common questions I receive about Angeles City Freelancers.

If you look are handsome and fit, then some freelancers will hang out with you for free.

I’ve banged a few cute Angeles City Freelancers who didn’t ask for any money other than trike/jeepney fare. It helps if the girl is under 40 and doesn’t have any kids.

Having good hygiene and a muscular build goes a long way in Angeles City because Pampanga girls prefer handsome (pogi or gwapo in Tagalog) men.

My recommended hygiene routine is to:

  • Shower Daily
  • Brush and Floss Teeth
  • Comb Hair
  • Remove all non-facial body hair
  • Clip and trim fingers
  • Wear deodorant

If you’re overweight, lose weight by walking more or drinking more water. If you want to best overall results then invest in a gym membership.

Work out at either Anytime Fitness at SM Clark Mall or AC Fitness gym if you want to lose weight and get in shape.

You can also try body weight exercises to get in shape using your own body as resistance instead of weights.

Most freelancers want to get paid and won’t cause you any problems as long as you provide me financial assistance.

However, you may encounter an out of control freelancer who demands more money than you agreed upon and wants to cause a big scene.

Firstly, push the girl out of your room and lock the door if she becomes unruly. Don’t fight or escalate the situation by engaging in nonsense.

Ask for help at the hotel front desk if things out of hand. 99% of the time a freelancer girl will give up and leave your place after 15 minutes.

Lock your door, close your curtains, and go to sleep because you can always find a new freelancer girl the next day.

It’s common to meet a nice freelancer girl and make her your girlfriend for your entire trip. If you take care of her well, she will keep coming back to you instead of searching for another foreigner instead.

The problem is that keeping a freelancer girlfriend gets expensive over time and increases the cost of your vacation/stay.

If you want to keep her for the entire trip then give her a steady daily allowance to keep her coming back for more (think Horse and Carrot).

If you give too much money upfront then she will mostly likely ghost you or just stop responding to your messages until she needs more money.

You will also spend more money on allowance, food, transportation, and other small expenses if keep the same girl.

If you have plenty of money to spend then go for it! However, don’t be too proud to cut off an expensive freelancer because there are always more fish in the sea.

When I first visited Angeles City in 2017, the AC girls were more friendly and warmer to foreigners. After suffering the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation, AC girls will charge more money for less time if you let them.

Perhaps back then, you could get the girl to stay overnight but nowadays she prefers to leave ASAP.

There’s not much you can do to persuade her to stay longer other than offer more money. If she thinks she’s too greedy then get rid of her and find another girl.

Remember: you are the prize in Angeles City!

Sometimes, other foreigners may see you with a nice girl and ask for a referral. It really depends on whether you care about the girl or not because chances are your friend will attempt to get her in the bed.

Angeles City is a rough place for finding the one true keeper because AC girls sleep with a lot of foreigners every year.

Don’t expect the girl to stay loyal and by all means help out a friend if he’s struggling to meet cute girls on his own.

I recommend judging freelancer girls based on their age, style, looks, hygiene, and general attitude.

A lot of AC girls are cute but have poor hygiene (dirty mouth, not taking a shower, etc) so you generally want to avoid those girls from the start. She may be homeless or taking drugs and will most likely try to rob you if you let her into your room.

A nice, clean freelancer girl is your best overall option so don’t be afraid to take care of her if she’s a decent girl.


That’s it. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments.

Please share your tips & advice when dealing with Angeles city Freelancers.

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  1. Another monger who does NOT know that Condom’s do NOT prevent a variety of STD’s INCLUDING nasty ones like Syphilis.

    This is a DIRECT quote from the CDC website …”However, condom use cannot provide absolute protection against any STD. The most reliable ways to avoid transmission of STDs are to abstain from sexual activity,” Genital warts, Chlamydia, Pubic Lice, and Syphillis ALL can be contracted with proper condom use. If there are any cuts, abrasions on your member or upon the jewel sack then you might as well not even be wearing a condom. Stop with the sanctimonious self-righteous BS because the VAST majority of you are oblivious just how little a condom actually does to prevent the transmission of an STD. The fact is that the reason everyone pounds the table about condoms is almost exclusively because of HIV/AIDS. It is a difficult disease to contract when engaging in vaginal sex with a girl. It is much easier for a girl to contract it from an infect male than it is for a woman to pass it to a man via vaginal intercourse. If the girl is NOT into anal sex and doesn’t shoot up then your odds are far better of dying in a car crash than getting HIV from her.

    As of 2017 In the US there was a grand whopping total of 120 Asian women diagnosis of AIDS. There are just over 20,000,000 Asian people in the USA 120 is .000055 of the population. Additionally, numerous studies show that if a CIRCUMCIZED man has unprotected intercourse with an INFECTED woman his odds of contracting HIV are 1/2500. It’s not popular but it is the truth and the stats make it CRYSTAL clear. The VAST majority of infected people are gay and bi men who have had unprotected anal sex with a man. 90% of the over 36,000 Asian HIV diagnosis was Gay/Bi MEN. Another 5% were contracted by sharing needles.

    This always WAS and IS largely a disease that has a very, very high prevalence among people who are sharing needles and shooting up and Gay/Bi men. The women are getting the disease when they sleep with these infected Bi Men Of ALL the infected Men 5% claimed to be heterosexual. A significant % of those men are lying.

    Yeah, I know its not PC but the truth does not care about your feelings or political correctness

    • You freakin’ Amican puritan uninformed uneducated idiot. GO SEE YOUR DOCTORS AND TALK WITH THEM ABOUT IT. This guy’s “information” is pulled straight out of his ASS. Read up on PrEP. Read up on racism. Read up on homophobia. Dr G.

  2. Hi i m Steven from France.1 st Time in Angeles and 20 times before pattaya
    I would like take 1 or 2 girls at Angeles city for 1 week .for visit philippin.
    Girls stay with me and help me for visit…
    How much do you think ?
    IS it 3000/girl/day?
    Thank you

    • All good points but 1,000-1,500php for 18-25 y/o? You might want to adjust that. I was there January 2020 and the going rate was at least 2,000php for short time visit.
      Long term visits will cost a little more than that.
      Sure you can try to negotiate but remember, the Koreans throw money around like water. This could lead to a cheap charley label.