Angeles City Nightlife Guide 2024

This is my No BS Angeles City Philippines nightlife guide for single men visiting for the first time visitor.

Angeles City makes it so easy to go out at night and meet girls plus you can use online dating apps such as Pinalove and FilipinoCupid to boost your odds of hooking up.

I put together this guide after spending over 7 months living in Angeles City in 2023 and speaking with dozens of foreigners living in Angeles City.

How Angeles City Nightlife Works

To put it bluntly: Angeles City is 24/7 sexual paradise that offers both cheap, affordable romance for both straight and gay men.

Every week, thousands of local and province girls flock to Angeles City Walking Street to earn money from the massive influx of foreigners year round.

What time of the year is best for Angeles City nightlife?

High season (from November to February) is the busiest time for Angeles City nightlife with the highest hotel and apartment prices.

Low season (from March to October) is less crowded and occurs during the Philippines rainy season. Prices are lower and it’s easier to find a hotel booking.

What time does Angeles City nightlife start?

Angeles nightlife starts at 6PM and ends early in the morning at 5am when the last few nightclubs close doors.

Angeles City is a playground for both foreign and local men mostly but you need to know some important stuff before you indulge.

Angeles City Daily Nightlife Prices & Costs

The cost of living in Angeles City can be expensi ve if you party every night. The average man needs at least 5k php per night to head over to Walking Street, hang out with some girls, and bring a guest back to your room for romance.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the 5k budget:

  • Walking Street Barfine: 4k
  • Trike: 300 php
  • 1 lady drink: 350 PHP
  • 1 foreigner drink: 150 PHP
  • Condoms & lube: 100 PHP

5k is the bare minimum you’ll need but you can lower your expenses by avoiding Walking Street altogether and going to a cheaper girly bar or grabbing a freelancer.

$100 USD goes a long way in Angeles City and will cover all of your needs. For some of you Angeles City veterans out there, you don’t like the fact that prices have gone up due to inflation.

Prices have soared since my first trip in 2017 but that doesn’t mean Angeles City is dead or too expensive.

Getting Around at Night

Luckily, Angeles City is smaller than most cities so getting around is very simple and affordable at night.

Walking is the easiest way to get around if you book a hotel near Walking Street.

You can hail a trike and move around quicker for as low as 200 PHP. Most trike drivers increase the trike fare when they see any foreigner with a local Filipina.

Never pay more than 200 PHP unless your room is very far from the main red light area.

Renting a motorcycle is an option if you want independence and the freedom to visit different spots or pick up girls around Angeles.

2JM Motor Bike Rental (02 Fields Ave, website) rents out motorbikes for as low as 400 PHP daily. You can find the moto rental near the Angeles City Police station along Fields Ave.

Another alternative is Grab app if you want to book a taxi from your phone.

Finally, jeepneys are only 12 PHP each way and offer a very cheap way to commute along Perimeter Road. I took the maingate terminal jeepney home at night everyday when I stayed in Malabanias near VFF.

Girly Bars

Girly Bars make up the majority of the clubs on Walking Street but you can also find cheaper girly Bars along Fields Ave and Perimeter Road.

Walking Street Girly Bars

Walking Street bars charge more for drinks, food, and barfines than anywhere else in Angeles.

There were approx 20 bars on Walking Street in total last time I checked in July 2023.

Girly bars on Walking Street open at 6pm local time and you’ll find dozens of horny men eagerly waiting outside the bars to barfine the younger, hotter girls ASAP.

The barfine covers the revenue a bar owner loses when a girl leaves the bar with a customer.

Usually, the bar will earn 75% of the barfine and pay out the rest to the girl.

My top 3 favorite Walking Street girly Bars are:

  • Club Atlantis: Good lineup plus free massage
  • Carousel: Interesting concept and good atmosphere
  • High Quality: Very hot selection of younger girls

I normally head to Club Atlantis to watch the dancers and grab a free massage since I rarely pay the expensive barfines.

Filipino Walking St Bars


  • Finger licks
  • one 27
  • dragon cider
  • tambayan

Fields Ave Girly Bars

There are several good bars along Fields Ave between Phillys and 711 that offer cheap drinks and barfines than Walking Street.

  • Soya
  • Ace
  • Brown Sugar
  • Club Camelot
  • Kanca Grill
  • Old Club

A Samtos St

  • Roelgeorge
  • Rich Bistro

Off A Santos St

  • Meiosis
  • The Hook
  • The Body Shop
  • Las Vegas

Teodoro St Bars

  • Dimple

1st st bars

gigs bar

  • Girl Next Door
  • Mommyla
  • Adonis

Perimeter Road Girly Bars

Go past Iglesia Ni Cristo to Mt. Mayon St find the cheapest girly Bars with only 2,500 barfines.

Be sure to check out:

  • Candy Bar
  • Grey Fox
  • CNBC
  • Garfield
  • Konami


  • Steel man
  • Hercules


Angeles City only has a few nightclubs near or Walking Street but they are top notch and great places to meet Filipina girls at night.

All Walking Street bars close at 2 to 3am so these nightclubs are good for picking up girls during the early hours of the morning.

Megadance Center and Hammer Disco are the two biggest nightclubs on Walking Street. Both clubs open at 10pm and close at 5am. I would guess 50% of the girls inside both clubs are freelancers.

Angeles Nightclub freelancers ask for around $30 USD (1,500 PHP) for company. Most Filipina nightclub freelancers are single mothers between the age of 20 and 40. Some are earning money to take care of their kids while still in a relationship with her child’s father.

Be careful with these girls if you want anything long term because they can be a bit jaded, ran through, and desperate for money.

If you want to party outside Walking Street them check out Eclipse Nightclub on Fields Ave

You can also check out some of the Korean KTV nightclubs near Walking Street McDonald’s. Lots of Korean hangout at these places with skinny K-pop looking girls. Korean girls hang out at these Korean clubs as well but they are usually with a Korean guy already.

Aqua rooftop Abc hotel – 500 php entrance fee

Restorers & Lounges

Tenspot Hangout

Degas Store – owned by blk american

Valdemar Store – cheap bars at night

Maxies Place

Heidi’s Apartelle downstairs bars across

Jane Marie Store

Brass knob

outside Angelsa bakery

Restaurants & Places to Eat

Food is abundant at night in Angeles and you have several good places to eat at nearby Angeles City restaurants.


McDonald’s Balibago gets a lot of traffic throughout the night next to the entrance of Walking Street.

When the Walking Street bars close at 2am, you can find Angeles City Freelancers looking for foreigners in front of the Walking Street entrance next to 711.

Tequila Reef

Tequila Reef is my favorite restaurant on A Santos St because of its outdoor seating and delicious food. It’s a good spot to eat and watch the action pour into Walking Street.


Phillies is one of the most popular nightlife gathering spots in Angeles City. It’s located just near the beginning of Walking Street and serves American cuisine 24/7.

You will see a lot of freelancers gather in front of Phillies at night in hopes of meeting a foreigner.

Margarita Station

Once sitting along of the iconic Fields Ave, Margarita Station moved its location further down Perimeter Road and sits in a much bigger, more improved location.

You can order food plus swim in the swimming pool and lounge around the joint.


  • Zipangu


  • Amigos Street Food
  • Tacowarma


  • Cho Jang Gun (Across from Angeles Police Station
  • Donedoo



Vegetarians and Vegans

I’m a vegetarian/vegan so I order from the following restaurants:

  • Phillys
  • Domino’s
  • Subway
  • Jambalaya
  • The Vintage at ABC Hotel ($$$)


Going to SM City Clark mall in the late evening is a big hangout spot for young Filipina girls who are bored with nothing else to do. You can tell if a girl is just window shopping because she won’t carry any bags in her hands.

Many girls will be hanging out in a group of 2 to 4 girls so you’ll need to win over the group before you escalate things further.

The outdoor gym on the 2nd floor attracts cute girls at night and you can start a conversation and go from there.

Other good spots are the food court, the bowling alley, and Jamba Juice seating area.


Everyday, Filipina freelancer girls and ladyboy search for foreigners without the assistance of a bar or other place of employment.

Thick Angeles City Philippines freelancer girl on Fields Ave

The average Angeles City freelancer price is just under $30 USD (1,500 php) for short time lasting no more than 3 hours. If you find a freelancer who likes you then she may spend the night or stay even longer.

Looks are important when dealing with freelancers and you will pay less if you are in decent shape and muscular.

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Massage Girls

Massage girls are good alternative if you want to skip the noise of Walking Street and get a relaxing massage with a “happy ending”.

There are lots of massage parlors along Teodoro St and Perimeter Road. You can also find massage girls at Mama Jhen along Walking Street across from Cosplay Bar.

Lastly, Good Massage and Kakuguran Daka is the only massage Spa on A Santos St.

Prices start at just 300 PHP for a regular 1 hour massage depending on which type you choose (Deep tissue, foot, full body, etc).

If you want extra services then ask the therapist how much. Full service costs around 1,500 PHP extra while handjob is an extra 700 PHP.

Tourist Girls

If you want to meet a female tourist in Angeles City then head over to Walking Street on the weekends and look for groups of western girls.

Foreign girls come to Walking Street mostly on Friday and Saturday nights and party at Megadance Center.

Western girls do not carry the same attitudes in SE Asia because there is too much female competition in Angeles for them to act rotten. You can chat them up pretty easily although I normally focus on Filipinas during my Angeles City trips.


Angeles City ladyboys work as freelancers mostly outside the entrance of Walking Street in front of Envy bar and restaurant.

Most Angeles City ladyboys are pre-op because few ladyboys can afford to fly to places like Thailand for expensive surgery. In my opinion, it’s easier to identify ladyboys in the Philippines than Thailand.

If a ladyboy likes you then you won’t have to guess. A ladyboy may stare at you, ask you a question or even grab your arm if you aren’t careful.

Avoiding eye contact is the easiest way to get rid of unwanted ladyboy attention. You can also nod your head sideaways as a body language cue for extra effect.

If you must speak then a polite “No” works wonders. However, you may continue the interaction if you are LGBTQ friendly.

The average Angeles City ladyboy price is between 700 to 1k php. That’s what most of the ladyboys ask for when you walk by Envys.

Most Angeles City Hotels are ladyboy friendly so you shouldn’t have any problems.

Ladyboys make up less than 10% of all Angeles City Freelancers so don’t worry too much.

Girl Friendly Hotels

Staying at a good hotel is crucial to enjoying your night to the fullest. Some hotels are far more girl friendly than others and won’t cockblock you when you bring a Filipina girl who doesn’t have ID.

All bar girls are mostly over 18 and carry ID so you won’t have too many issues if you prefer barfining girls.

On the other hand, you can run into trouble when a Filipina freelancer doesn’t have ID. She could be denied entry at your hotel so ask the front desk in advance if “ID Must Be Shown”.

Take a look at my favorite Angeles City Hotel recommendations that accept both short time and long term stays:

  • Walk About Hotel: Good hotel located on Walking Street towards the end near Mcdonalds. Rooms starting at 1,500 PHP. Short time is 450 PHP for 3 hours.
  • Rapid Rise Hotel: Laid back hotel with modern amenities located on a Santos St just past 711. Rooms starting at 1,300 PHP. Shoet time is 450 PHP for 3 hours. Mention the code EXPATKINGS to receive the special discount.
  • Swiss Chalet Hotel: Good hotel with superb location near Walking Street next to Tequiola Reef. Rooms start at 1,700 PHP.

Always remember to use the hotel safety deposit box to secure your valuables especially if you drink alcohol. It’s too easy to lose your smartphone, keys, money, and other valuables while intoxicated.

If you book a room at any of the aforementioned hotels, please mention EXPATKINGS as your referral source.

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Getting Money Safely at Night

It’s always a good idea to withdraw cash during the daytime so you are prepared for the crazy Angeles City nightlife. Digitalization hasn’t taken over Angeles City yet so cash remains king around the city.

Sometimes you meet a girl and don’t have enough cash to make things happen. There are several easy way to withdraw cash at night without any hassles:

  • ATMs: Located inside 711 or outside of major hotels. Some of the girly bars on Walking Street have ATMs inside the bar! Depending on your bank, you willnbe charged up to 2 withdrawal fees (International bank and ATM withdrawal) costing no more than 750 PHP. Most ATMs have a 20,000 PHP withdrawal limit.
  • Gcash Cashout: You can use a money remittance app like WorldRemit to send money from your credit or debit card to any Gcash number. Next, you can send money to a Gcash cashout vendor on Fields Ave and receive money within 20 minutes. All kiosk charge a 2% withdrawal fee, which is cheaper than using ATMs.
  • Money Changer: If you are carrying your local currency then you can exchange it at any money changer on Walking Street or outside of JJ’s Supermarket on Fields Ave.

I set a limit of withdrawing 5k PHP at any one time to prevent the loss of huge sums of money.

Do not carry around more money than you need or you could become a target for pickpocketers.


Angeles offers both a state of the art casino and local poker den all within a few minutes from Walking Street.

Here’s a quick breakdown of both places to gamble:

  • Casino Filipino: Poker, slots, and general casino activities. Open 247.
  • Wild Aces Poker Room : 2,000 PHP minimum buying with 20,000 PHP max.

I don’t bother much with gambling in Angeles because updating this site and banging Filipina girls takes precedence over a normal Poker game.

Casino Filipino does have a lot of chubby lonely middle aged Filipina ladies looking bored at night. If you want a potentially easy lay without much effort then give it a shot.

Common Scams to Avoid

Angeles City nightlife is full of scammers who aim to separate you from your money and valuables so be careful.

The 5 most Common Angeles City nightlife Scams:

  • Pickpocketing
  • Barfine overcharge
  • Phone snatching
  • Freelancer “Bait and switch”
  • Drugged drink


Angeles gets crowded at night with tourists and locals, which attracts pickpockets.

Be aware of your surroundings and avoid keeping money in your front pockets. I recommend buying a waist belt or passport holder to secure your stuff.

Barfine Overcharge

Angeles City bars may try to rip you off with a higher bar tab than normal. Next, the bar owner will threaten to call the police if you don’t pay. The most common issue is losing track of expensive lady drinks.

Phone Snatching

Snatchers will target foreigners by stealing your phone when you aren’t paying attention. I recommend owning 2 phones and keeping a backup phone just in case something happens and you need an emergency contact.

Freelancer “Bait and switch”

The “Bait and Switch” happens when you meet a freelancer but she instead recommends that you go with her friend. This is usually a red flag and could lead to a more dangerous situation if you aren’t careful.

Drugged drink

Don’t leave your drinks unattended when you go to any club because your glass may get drugged. It’s possible for someone to slip something in your drink when you aren’t paying attention.

Take precaution if you drink tastes weird or you see a white substance in your glass.


Manila and Angeles City are extremely different because Manila is a massive city with so many people and a ton of traffic. Manila nightlife has a lot of good spots but I think the overall size of the city makes getting around a hassle. Cost of living in Manila is higher than Angeles so everything from hotel rooms to barfines feels more expensive.

On the other hand, Angeles City is much smaller and more geared towards the single male traveler. It’s cheaper with less traffic and fewer people so everything is more managable.

If your goal is to smash a local ASAP with as little hassle as possible then Angeles is a better choice.

A barfine is the amount of money you pay the bar owner to take a girl home with you. The whole concept covers the lost income from the bar owner for taking a girl away from any establishment.

Barfine prices range from as low as 2,500 PHP to as high as 5,000 PHP for ling time. Some bars charge a flat rate while others offer different prices for both short and long time.

Lady drinks are higher priced drinks that girly Bars serve to customer when a girl sits down next to you. Whenever you go to a bar, a few girls will ask you to buy them a girly drink to earn extra commission.

Most lady drinks cost 350 to 450 PHP on Walking Street while other surrounding bars charge a bit less. Regular drinks usually cost 150 PHP so you pay an extra 200 PHP for these types of drinks.

Usually, a girl will earn 50% of the markup on a lady drink, which is usually an extra 100 PHP per ladydrink.

Be careful when orsering lady drinks because your bill can add up quickly. I have witnessed foreigner screaming at the top of their lungs when they order drinks for a girl without understanding how everything works.

2 or 3 bar girl can sit down at your table and order lady drinks just to jack up your bill. Buying 1 or ladydrinks is okay but after that it feels like a waste of money.

Save your money for barfines because you can always buy cheap drinks at 711 or any cheap dive bar along Fields Ave and Perimeter Road.

It depends. You will reap the best results by acting traditional and covering most of your girl’s expenses including daily expenses, food, and transportation. The average Filipina earns around $10 USD per day working a normal 9 to 5 job so keep this mind before giving giving out any money.

A $10 USD (500 php) daily allowance is a good strarting point for the average Angeles City girl if you see her on a regular basis. 15k per month is a good monthly allowance if you are a sugar dady looking for a young Filipina sugar baby.

Dealing with underage Filipinas can be problematic in Angeles City because many girls do not have ID.

Filipinas are smaller on average than western girls and it’s hard to figure out their age sometimes.. You never really know anyone’s age in the Philippines unless you check an official barangay ID, passport, or birth certificate.

The age of consent in the Philippines is 16 but many young Filipina girls will start looking for foreigners as young as 12 years old.

It’s not unusual to see young girls walking around with foreign men nearly 5x their age. Some Filipinas start their period as young as 11 years old and it’s one of the reasons why the Philippines has so many teenage mothers.

You can usually tell if a girl is a bit too young and just be polite without taking things too far. Younger street girls may ask you for a few coins to buy food but nothing more than that usually.

Girls aged 18 to 22 around prime College/University years is the best strategy for most men These girls are young and less likely to have children from a previous relationship.

By default, yes. Condoms are widely available at any local 711 or Uncle John’s. Some hotels sell condoms as part of your “mini bar” and you can find them there. I’ve even seen small Angeles City girls carrying condoms in their purse!

Condoms are highly recommended if you are meeting multiple girls in a small time frame. If you plan to visit the girly bars and barfine a Filipina then rest assured all bar girls receive monthly health checkups.

On the other hand, Angeles City freelancers are not required to undergo health checkups and are more likely to carry STDs. Some of these girls used to work at the bar but caught something and got fired.

Wrapping it up is the best overall solution but you may consider going “raw” if you have a girlfriend or something more long term.

For all the short time girls, wear a condom 100% or else you may need to visit the local pharmacy.

STDs are commonplace in Angeles City so be prepared before you start becoming sexually active. The most common STDs are chymidia and gonorrhoea, which are both treatable with medication.

If you feel a burning sensation while urinating or anything weird then get it treated right away.

At bare minimum, buy an antibotic like Azithromycin and Doxycycline to help fight the infection. Azithromycin is an antibiotic usually prescribed in a single, large dose. Doxycycline is an antibiotic that must be taken twice per day for about 1 week.

Mercury Drug and Southstar Drug require a doctor prescription to purchase antibiotics but you can purchase them at Big Thumb Pharmacy located directly across the street from Walking Street McDonald’s along Macarthur Highway.

That depends on your tastes. I went wild during my first trip to Angeles City and didn’t mind seeing different girls daily (sometimes different girls in the same day). If you suffered a long dry spell back in your home country or broke up with your ex long term partner then it feels good to let loose and smash a bunch of different girls at random.

Some Angeles City girls aren’t worth a second meeting anyway and you could get one step closer to finding a Filipina girlfriend or Filipina wife using the shotgun method. When you meet your ideal Filipina then consider seeing her on a regular basis if your needs are met.

After a while, you may find going out every night too expensive so that’s when seeing the same girl becomes cheaper and more manageable. As long as you take care of your girl then you shouldn’t have any problems. Don’t get too cheap because Angeles City girls have more options than you think due to Facebook and online dating apps.

First off, take a deep breathe and do not panic. All valuables are replaceable so realise it isn’t the end of the world.

Go to CPI Cafe on Perimeter Road where you can use the Internet and make international phone calls.

Contact your family, friends, employer, and other people to let them know you are okay.

Next, log onto the Internet and freeze your credit cards. You can repurchase electronics such as phones and tablets at SM City Clark Mall on rhe 2nd floor near Cyberzone.

Change passwords on your major accounts such as email to prevent unauthorised access.

Take preventive measures to avoid getting robbed again. For example, I stopped drinking alcohol after my phone was stolen in 2023.

Signing Off!

Hope you enjoy your evening in Angeles City. Stay safe out there!

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