Are Thai Women Only Interested In Money?

A recent commentator left an interesting comment on my article called 10 Reasons Why Black Men Should Travel to Thailand. Rasman said:

“I LOVE YOU is a common phrase in Thailand so beware. It means I WANT YOUR MONEY”

I’ve also spoken with many expats (from all different backgrounds) who also believe that Thai women are money hungry and view foreign men as “walking wallets.”

To illustrate what I’m talking about, I want to show you an example of how some Thai women approach foreigners when it comes to money.

TLC has an interesting reality show called “90 Day Fiance” where they follow real life couples who are planning to get married. One of the couples in this season is a 48 year old American man and 24 year old Thai woman who met in Thailand.

As they prepare to get married, the American man realizes just how important money is to Thai women. Here’s the episode where they begin arguing over money:

My Experience With Thai Women

In my experience, I believe there is a lot of truth to this statement IF you only interact with Thai bar girls. If you avoid the red light districts and meet women in normal places like malls, coffee shops or hostels, then your experience will change.

The best way to screen for Thai women who aren’t interested in your wallet is to date women who have good jobs.

Many Thai women are educated and earn decent wages (for SE Asian standards) so you don’t have to worry about her needing you for your finances.

On the other hand, many Thai bar girls are in financial desperation and will seek out any foreigner with a decent amount of money.

This is the reality of traveling in Southeast Asia. Salaries are much lower and there are few government support systems for the people to rely on.

Tips for Dealing With Potential Thai Gold diggers

So you met a Thai women but aren’t quite sure if she’s a gold digger?

Here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Her Job – Where does she work? Does she have an ID to prove her employment? If she is vague, that’s a red flag.
  • Her Education – Did she attend university? Did she finish high school? If she attended university, that’s a big plus in her favor
  • Her Appearance – Does she have a lot of tattoos? Does she dye her hair? Any Piercings? Too many tattoos and piercings will make it hard for her to find gainful employment.
  • Her English – How good is her English? If she speaks good English, then she has better access to higher paying jobs and education. Poor English is usually associated with bar girls.
  • Her Age – How old is she? What is the age gap between you and her? The bigger the age gap, the more likely she is only interested in money.

These are some observations I’ve made after traveling in Thailand and speaking with foreigners who are in relationships with Thai girls. It’s up to you to make an honest decision about what your Thai lady thinks of you.

What was your experience with Thai women? Do you believe they are only interested in money? Share your personal experience in the comments section below.

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  1. Yes i think Thai girls only want money. I met a thai girl just over 1 year ago been back to see her 4 times in the same year. Twice in that year i could get hold of her on the phone for about a wk on both occasions. Then i find out she posted pics of another man and her on fb. This other man has promised her a job in the uk. So every time i ask her does she want me she never gives me an answer. I sent her money over the year. But she wont get nothing off me again

    • Many Thai girls you meet as a foreigner in Thailand are driven by your money. They know you have money to spend or some other foreigner has money to spend. You will most likely not meet the ordinary Thai woman while traveling in Thailand. She is busy working and living her life. Knowing a foreigner is not even something that crosses her mind. If you’re going to date a Thai woman and plan for a long term relationship play their game and make sure they come from respectable families (parents have businesses or jobs). Most of the gold diggers come from families where the parents are serial gamblers, alcoholics, and former prostitutes themselves.
      This is not easy to do. You really have to spend time in Thailand and get to know people through work or business.

  2. Thanks Tarik! This video on TLC just exemplifies my beliefs that most women particularly in Asia want money. I am so scared even in the Philippines. It is the same thing. Women ask me immediately if I wantb a wife and I quickly say no. See you in Manila in June.

    • If you date a woman with a big age gap, then she will probably ask for money. Of course, it’s easy to say no and keep it moving. Too many western expats are traveling to Thailand without speaking the local language so of course they end up being used as a walking wallet. If you are truly interested in marrying a Thai woman, then commit yourself to learning Thai, adapt to the culture, and learn to say NO early and often.