6 Things I Learned Being a Black Man in China

  Coming from the US, being Black is not an easy thing to do at all. You hear it all the time about the US being the land of opportunity and millions of people who dream of visiting this place. If you watch the news, it’s no secret that the US has a huge race … Read more

Top Jobs & Business Opportunities for Expats in China

One of the most common questions I receive since I’m living in Shanghai is: What are the opportunities like out there? Honestly, after two years, my answers have changed with experience and the maturity to see through different industries. China is a hot topic in today’s global economy. With a middle population of 100 million … Read more

4 Lesson I Learned from Quitting Grad School to Travel

Living in the states, you have access to dozens of opportunities, not all equal, but still there’s opportunity. One of those popular opportunities is graduate school. I myself was accepted to Northwestern University for graduate school but am making the conscious decision to decline the program to pursue my travels. The process is expensive and … Read more

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