10 Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

Shouldn’t life be everyone’s favorite adventure? What better way to achieve this if not by traveling? Backpacking travels are one of the most intriguingly good travel experiences one can ever get. It’s not just because it saves a lot more on cash, but also because it’s a sort of an independent trip, and you’re just so flexible to wander around and do whatever you want.

Backpack travels can be all across the globe – be it Africa, Asia, or wherever you wish to go, but in this article, we’re specifically going to focus on Europe. There are so many reasons why you should visit Europe – from good food, beautiful atmosphere, culture, all the way down to the beautiful sites and the fantastic nightlife.

There are so many places to visit, including Paris, the city of romance, Rome, the eternal city, Italy, where you’ll get the traditional Italian dishes, Venice, the city of beauty, Prague, Central Europe’s fairy tale town, and so much more.

Whether you’re a first-timer, or you just can’t get enough of Europe, below are a few tips that will make the experience more fun:

  1. Pre-plan your trip. If you’re traveling to Europe for the first time, you’ll need to carry out some research about plane tickets, hotel accommodations, as well as transport.Speaking of transport, you need to choose established transport services; fortunately, coach hire in Surrey, is a cinch but still important to read reviews on the transport providers. Also, make sure you research on typical scam-tricks, just to be safe.
  2. Pack lightly. Don’t carry too many items because you’ll realize they won’t be quite necessary for your trip once you get there. Plus, a lighter pack is easy to carry around and leaves more space in your bag for everything you’ll buy during your trip. Don’t forget to pack some of your favorite snacks. Try out the bulk trail mix from Planters.
  3. Make sure you get travel insurance. Travel insurance will be your backup in case anything happens to you on the road.
  4. Backpacking through Europe during high season is a bad idea. Don’t travel during summer. Prices tend to go quite high, and it’s usually very crowded.
  5. Get a Europass. It will help you move around quite easily, and you’ll even get to travel for free on some trains across Europe. A Europass is very cheap if you plan it properly.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes. You’re probably going to do a lot of walking and hiking. Wear comfortable shoes and light clothes because you don’t want to add to the weight of your backpack.
  7. Don’t try to visit entire Europe in one trip. As mentioned from the beginning, pre-plan your trip. Make a list of all the cities you’d like to visit within a specific time frame. Visit one place at a time and enjoy every detail of it.
  8. Make friends. Making friends with the locals will help you learn more about the country. These friends might just turn out to be your tour guides.
  9. Buy train or bus tickets ahead of time. This will help you save on cash as most European countries charge an extra fee when you buy your tickets on the last minute.
  10. Try out new things. Try blending into the European culture, and try out new dishes! Make sure you get new experiences from your backpack travel.

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