How to Backup Your Phone Contacts to Google

How many times did you experience a headache due to a data loss? Yes, this might happen to you in the past but this can turn out to be only a thing of the past. Did you know that you can send all the data on your phone out to Google so you can get what you need? Yes, you can do that, and we will talk a little about it in this short article right away.

How to Back Up Data

Well, you just have to go to Settings, then Personal, then Accounts & Sync, and then you just have to choose your Google account. This will allow you to get the results you see right away too. All your available data will be synced once you have selected all of the important option boxes that you will see listed here.

You might also see different options than those that we have talked about here, yet you will truly get the results you see if you find out more information about it right away. Google Drive will allow you to get a lot of fun and your information can be easily protected here. We are going to talk a little about what Google Drive can do for you.

Google Drive

You have to backup Google Drive right away so you can truly get what you need. Tap the famous menu that you will find on the top left, and you have to do this after opening up the app. Tap the Settings icon right away, and you will find this icon at the top of the screen. The Backup tap will be found next to this stuff and you should tap it right away too. There is an option called Start Backup that you have to click right away too.

You can access your data across each one of your devices if you want to, and you can easily do this whenever you want. You can also install the famous Google Photos app, which will allow you to check all of your photos right away.

Restoring The Backups

If you have an iPhone, you can easily restore the backups. Go to Settings, and then go to Accounts & Passwords, then go to Add Account, and next you have to go to Google. Sign in to the Google account with your credentials. Next, you have to tap Next after switching the important Contacts option on.

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