Bangkok Dating Guide: Best Places to Meet Women & Travel Tips

Bangkok is the most visited city in the world and many men make Bangkok their 1st stop when they travel around SE Asia.

One of the nice things about Bangkok is there are lots of things to do (other than meet girls). Bangkok offers actitives for not only single male travelers, but group and family travel as well.

It’s extremely diverse in its nature and it will take weeks to explore everything in Thailand’s massive concrete jungle.

Of course, we’ll give you the info on meeting Thai women and staying safe while enjoying the trip of a lifetime.


The weather in Bangkok is extremely hot and humid and many people wear hats to protect themself from the sun during the day. The best time to visit Bangkok is from November to March during Thailand’s winter. The weather gets extremely hot in April so bring a mix of short sleeve and long sleeve clothing.


The official language of Thailand is Thai and unfortanutely most girls spoke little to no English. You’ll hear common English phrases like:

“Hello sir!”

“Where You From?”

“Oh Chocolate man. I like you!”

Thai girls speak horrible broken English and you’ll have to deal with a huge language barrier when speaking to the average Thai lady.

Some Thai girls with decent jobs do speak very good English and you can find these girls mostly in the Upper Suhkumvihit Area at coffee shops, lounges and restaurants. Generally, if she’s dresses very well then her English is probably better.

If you’re only staying for a couple days/weeks then pick up the Lonely Planet Thai Phrasebook for around $8. I use it whenever I’m traveling through Thailand and it will help you a lot.

If you are planning on moving there long term then purchase a Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone course to learn the language.

Another good option is to apply for a Thai Student Visa and enroll in a professional Thai language course while living in Bangkok. Not only will you get a 1 year long term renewable visa, but you will actually learn the language better and be able to write in Thai (Thai is written in characters).

Getting Around

Bangkok is a massive sprawling city and you’ll need to use Google maps a lot during your first trip. Of course, most of the signs are written in Thai, which makes navigating the city more difficult.

Luckily, Bangkok has lots of Grab taxis, tuk tuks a fast BTS metro and above ground Skytrain to make getting around pretty easy.

Bangkok Skytrain is the easiest and cheapest way to get around the city. It’s a little difficult to use the skytrain at first so watch this video for more info:

A one way ride costs around 40 baht ($1) and there are plenty of trains available until late at night. The trains are fast and clean.

Grab is another safe and popular way to travel around the city especially at night. Download the Grab app and use it to book a ride. It’s recommend to book an Grab after midnight (especially if you’ve been drinking).

While Bangkok is one of the safest cities I’ve ever been to, it’s not a good idea to walk around any foreign city while intoxicated.

Tuk tuks are popular as well but they are slowly being phased out due to pollution concerns. Tuk tuks drivers are useful for a short ride but will try to take you to Indian tailor shops so they receive a free gas coupon. The good thing is they will often take you for very cheap if you go to these suit shops and look for a suit. The problem is it’s generally a waste of time and you can simply say No.

Where to Stay

Most foreigners stay in the lower Sukhumvihit Area (Between Soi 1 to 10) because that’s where most of the nightlife is located. You’ll be close to all the action and it’s pretty safe at night. There are security guards on most corners and you’ll see lots of foreigners walking around without any problems.

Another nice area is Silom road where you can find some cheaper hostels if you’re traveling on a budget., Agoda, and AirBNB are all good choices for finding a private hotel room or hostel. I recommend getting your own room so you can bring girls back to your place. Hostels are cheap but you’re basically cockblocking yourself unless you approach the hippie European backpacker girls.

If you’re planning to stay for more than a couple weeks, then consider getting your own condo/apartment.

ThaiApartment and 9apartment are good sites to find a decent place. You’ll find a nice furnished apartment for around $300 to $600 depending on the size.

The Women of Bangkok

Girls in Bangkok are mostly light skinned, skinny and petite. However, you’ll also see a lot of brown skinned girls who come from the Isaan Region of Thailand. Many of these girls grew up in poor families and work in Bangkok to support their families.

Lastly, Bangkok is full of hot Latina & European female tourists who decided to spend their holiday in Thailand. These girls don’t have their normal western attitudes and you can take them on instadates to a local cafe or bar. This goes double if you’re a black man. I knew some brothas who only hooked up with European girls in Bangkok because it was “so easy” for him. Ha!

What is the dating culture like in Bangkok?

The dominant reglinion in Thailand is Buddism and most Thai girls are pretty reserved and shy in public. If you’re a foreigner. then the easiest way to find a date is to start a conversation, be nice and take your girl on an instadate or get her LINE id/phone number.

The dating culture does allow foreigners to date much younger Thai girls who value financial stable and security from an older man. You’ve got several different types of couples in Thailand:

  • Young Foreign Man & Young Thai Girl – These couples are increasingly more common with more younger men traveling to Bangkok from western feminism countries than ever before. These guys realized that 20-something women in countries like America are getting so much attention from men that their behavior really sucks. They jumped ship and decided to date a young Thai girl who treats them better. No woman is perfect but generally young SE Asia women treat you a lot better than their western counterparts.
  • Older Foreigner & Young Thai Girl – The majority of these relationships are transactional and the Thai girl is getting supported by the foreigner who usually has a lot more money and life experience. Thai women do seek out stable provider men unlike their western counterparts who seek out thugs & badboys for hookups. An older stable man can pull a girl 10 to 30 years younger than him without being super rich or a celebrity.
  • Young Foreign Guy & Older Thai Woman – There is a small but growing couple in Thailand where wealthier Thai women take care of younger men to satisfy them in bed. I saw several younger men with Older women during my most recent trip to Bangkok. I didn’t see this type of relationship during my first trip in 2009.

Traditionally, men are expected to be providers and Thai girls are expected to maintain the home, family, cooking, etc. This is slightly changing as more Thai women head to Bangkok searching for work and the country is experiencing an economic explosion due to leading the world as the #1 tourist destionation for several years.

Where to Meet Thai Girls in Bangkok During the Day

Bangkok is humid so most of the girls head to the shopping malls to hang out and enjoy the free A/C. Shockingly, Bangkok has world class malls just like in the United States with everything from Starbucks to Gucci stores inside. Quite a surprise for me to see!

Here’s a list of the best malls in Bangkok to meet girls:

  • Siam Pragon (Near Siam BTS station)
  • MBK Mall (Near National Stadium BTS station)
  • EmQuartier (Near Phrom Phong BTS station)

Best Bangkok Dating Apps for Meeting Thai Women Online

Online dating apps are popular in Thailand and many Thai girls use them exclusively to meet foreigners. The girls in Bangkok may be too shy to approach you in public but are much easier to chat up online. Perhaps her English isn’t good or your good looks make her a bit shy and nervous.

Also, there’s a good chance that many Thai freelancer girls will ask you for money if you meet them at night. Once the nightclubs are closed at night, your only option will be a working girl at a go-go bar or a streetwalker.

If you want to hookup with a beautiful Thai girl without spending a lot of money, then Thai online dating apps are an important tool that will save you time, money and headaches.

ThaiCupid is the largest online dating app in Thailand and it has the biggest selection of girls to choose from.

ThaiFriendly is another good dating app as well plus it’s free to send messages every 10 minutes.

Lastly, Tinder is very popular in Bangkok and you can use it to meet tourist girls who wouldn’t consider signing up for Thai-based dating sites.

Best Bangkok Dating & Matchmaking Services

Perhaps you want a more traditional matchmaking service to help you meet the right Bangkok girl for you. A good alternative to bangkok dating apps are matchmaking services where they treat you like some VIP client you see on shows like “Millionaire Matchmaker”.

These services will call you up for a private consultation, help you create an attractive profile, choose the best Thai girls and arrange your dates for you. It’s the perfect solution for busy professionals or more mature men who don’t want to waste time on dating apps.

Here’s a few good Bangkok matchmaking services to check out:


Unreal. That’s the best way to explain arguably some of the best nightlife options in the world. Thailand has a lot to offer the single male traveler looking to meet girls and have a good time.

Every night is pretty busy, especially on the weekends when Thai girls don’t have work in the morning.

Many girls flock to the nightclubs and you can approach them and take them back to your place if they like you. Here’s a list of the best nightclubs:

  • Insanity (Sukhumvit Soi 11)
  • Beam (72 Courtyard Mall, Thonglor Sukhumvit Soi 55)
  • Glow (Asok)

Nana Plaza, Patong, and Soi Cowboy are the most popular nightlife districts for tourists because of the large amounts of shopping bazaars, discos and go-go bars.

You’ll see it all here: a crazy display of fun, food, shopping and sex wrapped up in one.

Each of these districts have their own characteristics depending on your personal tastes:

Nana Plaza () is where you’ll find mostly African freelancers looking for foreigners to hookup with. These women travel to Thailand to earn money to support themselves and their families back home. You’ll also see the majority of black people living in this area. But beware the Nigerian who attempt to sell you drugs. Drugs are illegal in Thailand and if you get caught, you could be subject to a long prison sentence or worse (think death penalty).

Patong is a popular area with lots of go-go bars with dancing girls. You can walk up and down the street while taking a look inside the bars to see what you like. If you order a drink, make sure you pay for it upfront because they are running a baht scam in some of these bars. They gie youa running tab for your drinks then when you try to pay, they ask you for huge sums of baht (think 5,000 baht+). If you refuse to pay, then they may beat you up or call the police. Pay for everything upfront and don’t create a tab. Problem solved.

Soi Cowboy is the oldest nightlife district in Bangkok and was named after a black American go-go bar owner back in the 70’s who used to wear a cowboy hat!

It’s one of the nicest and safest areas to hang out and search for some cute Thai girls.

You’ll see a lot of girls dancing on stage or walking around with a number. All it takes is a wave of your hand and simply telling the staff which number you like. Within moments, your Thai girl will take a seat next to you and try to converse in broken English.

For you brothas dealing with loud mouthed western women back home, I think you’ll find a girl who speaks little English a breathe of fresh air!

Staying Safe

Bangkok is generally a very safe city and it caters to tourists who enjoy going out at night. The only concern in Bangkok is pickpockets so use a fannypack or something similar to hide your money. You can try buying some travel pants that place the pockets on the inside as well.

Avoid drugs in Bangkok at all costs. Too many foreigners get addicted to drugs here and end up homeless or in prison. The drug laws are ruthless and it will be a long, lengthy and expensive process to clear your name and get deported from the country.

It’s best to stay 100% sober in Bangkok to fully enjoy everything but if you do anything: just drink. Nothing else.

To fully protect yourself from any problems, be sure to make a photocopy of your ID and passport for safe keeping. Also be sure to girlproof your room by hiding your valuables in a locked luggage or room safe.

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  1. In reality, most Asian women (who are not sex workers) are not the least bit interested in foreign black men so don’t bother wasting your time. They prefer their own or white men because they are completely different especially when it’s about skin tone. Brothas should just focus on African countries or predominantly black countries.