10. South SUDAN

Sudanese women are friendly and attractive, plus English is widely spoken.

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Rwanda boasts an incredibly low cost of living plus a plethora of beautiful women to choose from.

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Morocco is full of Arabic speaking beauties who want to get to know you. It’s about time you started studying Arabic!

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Kenya, the birthplace of United States President Barack Obama’s father, is a rising jewel in Africa. English is widely spoken, plus the capital of Nairobi is considered one of the world’s largest technology hubs. It’s the “Silicon Valley” of Africa.

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Visit Egypt and grab lunch with an Arabic beauty while en route to see the Pyramids.

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Eritrea, located right next to Ethiopia, is a small but vibrant country full of beautiful ladies. The local language is Tigrinya.

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Ghana is considered “Africa for Beginners” for many reasons. Ghanians are extremely friendly to tourists/expats and English is widely spoken.

If you visit to Accra and meet a Ghanian lady, you may never go home again!

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Ethiopian Women

Ethiopian Girls

Ethiopian girls are known for their wide eyes and beautiful grace. Learn Amharic and take a dream trip to Addis Ababa in search of your Ethiopian queen!

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Djibouti is a tiny country with a population under 1 million, but still boasts some of the best looking women in Africa. Learn French and meet your future wife.

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Somali girls live on the “Horn of Africa” and are definitely worth the trip. Take in the beautiful Indian Ocean while sharing a cozy spot with your Somalian beauty. Pick up the local Somali language and you’re golden.

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With over 50 different countries in Africa, I know it’s impossible to list them all. So I’m asking you for your help in making this list the best on the internet.

What are your top 10 countries with the most beautiful women in Africa?

Please share your top 10 list in the comments. Which countries would you add? Which countries would you remove from the list?

  1. R 1 year ago

    Keep up the good work fellas!
    I got Seychelles and Cape Verde in my list. Would like to get some info on those places in the future

  2. Joy 1 year ago


  3. Samuel Smith 1 year ago

    Very good list. I am surprised Senegal, Cape Verde, Seychelles, Nigeria & South Africa did not make the list but this the Top 10 not Top 20 list.

    • Chris 1 year ago

      Of course Ur right!

  4. zerihun 1 year ago

    Comment:I wonder how come Ethiopian ladies be come number three the should be number one, because there’s astonishingly ferfect girls in that country, what I know is Ethiopia is more blessed when it comes to girls everyone knows!

    • abdikani 1 year ago

      hey dont forget dt somali girls are the most beutiful ones and they are worthful and amazing
      dont compare ethiopians i know them

    • Bovu 11 months ago

      Yes girl yes

    • Yeabsira 11 months ago

      I think they should be first

    • okuzi Okobet 7 months ago

      Comment:In Somalia you need not to choose a woman, just close your eyes and pick up any woman, they are really beautiful!

  5. tina 1 year ago


  6. seyoum 1 year ago

    ofcorse that is. i wonder these rank is in horne of East Africa. the poor countries but with beautiful girls.

  7. somalian 1 year ago

    you should first learn how to spell perfect an secondly you should know somalian women are better looking and are one of the most blessed when it come to gentics

  8. mohamud 1 year ago

    wooow iam from somalia iproud my sisters

  9. becky 1 year ago

    I think this list is ok. Some of them are
    on point and some of them are not. I have seen many African countries and it’s true the east is blessed with beautiful women. This list is just to inform you and not to cause a fued. So if you don’t feel like your country is not where it should be, just let it go. It’s not a competition.

  10. Guest Star 1 year ago

    Definitely cosign for Ghana; in fact, I’m surprised Ghana isn’t #1! Ghanaian women are beautiful.

    Agree with the other poster on the shameful omission of Nigeria, Senegal and other countries in West Africa. It seems weird that 5 of the top 8 African countries feature women with Arabic or Indian features/ancestry. Are traditional African features not idolized when evaluating AFRICAN beauty? Geez…

    • raymond harrison 1 year ago

      Ghana should be #1 I am surprise is not

    • Yasmin 12 months ago

      The horn of Africa has NO ARAB in us we are full African blood and we are indigenous people and we have no mixed with any other countries. But to be honest all women of Africa are number one

  11. Africano 1 year ago

    Yeah Bro You Sleeping On Cape Verde lol

  12. Africano 1 year ago

    My List

    1. Ethiopia
    2. Cape Verde
    3. Liberia
    4. Ivory Coast
    5. South Africa
    6. Angola
    7. Nigeria
    8. Ghana
    9. Sierra Leone
    10. Morroco

    • Author
      Tarik 1 year ago

      That’s a good list! Always wanted to visit Ethiopia.

      • Yeabsira 11 months ago

        I have seen its a nice place

      • mimi 4 months ago

        call +2519026523 ethiopia girls are more beautifull from africa

        • Earl 1 month ago

          Who is at the end of that phone number?

    • laya 1 year ago

      Ghana should be #1

    • King of somalians 12 months ago

      Mad man Fuck ShatUp

    • Fikir 10 months ago


      • Zenawi 10 months ago


        • Khemkhembre 8 months ago

          All of these six groups are of same race and close genetical African subgroup. If you pick 100 women of 18 years at random and compare the beauty of each group one will have difficulty to make decisions on ranking these 6 countries. However, I’m biased towards putting Somalis, Eriterians, Ethiopians, Djiboutian, Burundis and Rwandis

    • Tini 7 months ago

      Hhhhhh don’t forget meaning of Abyssinia Ethiopian name from Greece word that means those have ugly faces.

      • Yoni 1 day ago

        You mad we cute and I don’t see no “ugly faces” in Ethiopia

  13. Chicago94 1 year ago

    Somalians girls are fineeeeee as hell man on God.

  14. Kevin Durant 1 year ago

    Those light skin peeps are not original Africans. Not even with the trademarks of an African woman.

  15. Alfred 1 year ago

    Mine us to say that Eritrea should be number one

  16. Alibashir 1 year ago

    For my case the list is fine we as somali men we proud of our ladies as we also rank number one in the list of handsome men in Africa

    • moses 2 months ago

      and your terrorist groups

  17. lewis adams 1 year ago

    Ghana should be #1 I am a white man and I met a Ghanaian lady, OMG she was fire

    • okuzi Okobet 7 months ago

      Comment:First come to Somalia then you judge!

  18. mani jay 1 year ago

    ghanaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they be looking cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  19. Luka Mamer 1 year ago

    Great my Country South Sudan is in top 10 and iam willing marriage Ethiopian lady.

  20. Melvin Barclay 12 months ago

    your mistaken Liberia the first internationally, even the late M. Jackson sing a song called Liberian girl, eve a Nigerian guy sing a song about Liberian girl also,both man and woman Liberian are beautiful and amazing and handsome, no jock about that no day in my life I have ever seen ugly person walking around in the street of Liberia.

    • Samuel 6 months ago

      Yes Samuel Sowah Liberian girl i beautiful in African # 1 on the list.!

  21. Spear 12 months ago

    Ghana???GTFO Ethiopia,Eritrea,Somali,Djibouti,cap verde,seychelles,Rwanda,Burundi,Morocco,Tunisia,Algeria,libya,Egypt and Kenya.

  22. eni 11 months ago

    Comment:where is Cameroon and Nigeria on thatl list?

  23. Edward Boapong 11 months ago

    Am from Ghana and i am suprise Rwanda girls are not No1. They are really beautiful and i need one

  24. Chris 11 months ago

    These lists are the biggest load of bullshit ever. I have been across Africa and as an African I can not say which country has the most beautiful women. This shit is divisive and whole load of utter shit!

  25. Rebecca 10 months ago

    Most of you who said Ethiopia shouldn’t be on the first place haven’t seen how wonderful Ethiopian women are.

  26. giberaw 10 months ago

    Are you fucking kidding me Djibouti should be at the last and Somalian third and cape verde 2nd and Ethiopian 1st you should have seen our girls those in the picture are the ugliest there are so many beautiful girls in Ethiopia and by the way who gave you those pictures

  27. Smith 10 months ago

    1. Eritrea
    2. Ethiopia
    3. Somalia
    4. Gambia
    5. Djibouti
    6. Morocco
    7. Moçambique
    8. Nigeria
    9. Namibia
    10. Sudan

  28. Abdimalek 10 months ago

    Thanks to tell us that thing and you are right

  29. Nthabiseng Mashile 9 months ago

    😊South Africans… We are very beautiful. We speak proper English and we are independent. If you want fashion in Africa,come to the SOUTH.

    • Author
      Tarik 9 months ago

      Yes. South Africa is beautiful. I want to visit soon.

    • Jonathan Bobby Dee 8 months ago

      Lol you guys don’t speak no proper English

  30. Dabrat 9 months ago

    1. Rwanda
    2. Ethiopia
    3. Somalia
    4. Egypt
    5. Djibouti
    6. Morocco
    7. Tunisia
    30. Ghana
    150. Nigeria

  31. Abdikadir Hashim 9 months ago

    Yes! Our girls are number one in the list. Proud to be somali

  32. Gulwade 8 months ago

    Somalis really to be number one coz they are clean and chocolate clour. Woow proud to have one!!

  33. Bairon 8 months ago

    6:Uganda westerners&eastern #check

  34. Amanda 8 months ago

    Beauty is measured by Natural Instinct. not one of the African women portrays in the pictures represents a Typical African woman… all the hair are Fake wearing extensions and the skin tone is highlighted…

    • kuli 7 months ago

      Somalia have no wigs and they have original hair batter than your hair.

    • Black beauties 5 months ago

      African women are beautiful. Even without their extensions and highlighted skin. Don’t forget that black women have amazing bodies that are natural while white women always get plastic surgery. Black women don’t need plastic surgery for a new butt because they actually already have one. Before you go hating on black women think about all the black women who are reading your crap.

  35. Halo Jesus 7 months ago

    You left out the most important TOP 2!: Uganda and Nigeria.
    The best women by far!

  36. Jay 7 months ago

    1- Ethiopia
    4- Eritrea
    5- Seychelles
    6- Rwanda
    7- Angola
    8- Djibouti
    9- Cape Verde
    10- Niger
    11- South Africa
    13- Senegal
    14- Kenya
    15- Namibia
    16- Mozambique

  37. Rabada 7 months ago

    Which country should i visit in Africa where the mediocre boobs of a normal woman is big. May be atleast 3/4 th the size of a Football .

  38. lorena 7 months ago

    hhhhhhh iam from Rwanda but African girls we are unique in oud own way 90% are really beautiful
    BT personally I like Ghana,guinea girls in west Africa Eritrea,Ethiopia andy country lol….

    I have never gone in other counties soo I can’t judge

    • Author
      Tarik 6 months ago

      Yes. Ghana and Guinea girls are very beautiful. East Africa is a hidden gem as well. What are the women like in Rwanda?

  39. brook 7 months ago

    this list is made by a somali person I suppose. ethiopia is number one. Djibouti shouldn’t even be in the list

  40. joy 7 months ago

    Hey, this article is amazing and interesting. keep up the work.

  41. somalian queen 7 months ago

    proud to be somalian lady we have natural hair alhamdulilaah we are 1 of africa nd we alwys the one we also rich nt poor

    • Rasheed fa 2 months ago

      Comment:bla bla bla.Kenyan girls possess more beauty than those somali warheads.

  42. Assumpta 6 months ago

    Comment:Rwanda should come in top 5
    check all the miss rwandas!!!!!

  43. biased Eritrean 6 months ago

    1. Eritrea
    2. Djibouti
    3. Somalia
    4. Kenya
    insert all other countries
    as for ethiopia f*ck it shouldn’t even exist

    as for you who are interested in Eritrean beauty go there you will get nervous on every street for the sheer beauty of Eritrean women so many!!
    oh! and f*uck Ethiopia

  44. Israel 6 months ago

    Nigeria should be included

  45. Ethiopian girl 6 months ago

    Every girl is beautiful in their own way
    Why can’t you guys just stop fighting and leave it..remember this is the author’s opinion…make your own list on your own website

  46. Samuel 6 months ago

    Ethiopian girl

    west African Liberian Girl, Guinea,
    even my friend tell me that Ethiopian girl i beautiful in east Africa

  47. Jahdishon Sen_C 5 months ago

    1: Kenya 2 : South Sudan 3 : Namibia 4 : D.r.c Congo 5 :Namibia 6: Mauritania 7 : Uganda 8 : Bukinafaso 9 : Gambia 10 : Swaziland

  48. Ric 5 months ago

    Well I’m white, so can only comment on the women I know in the UK.

    Ghanaian women are very nice looking, and friendly for the most part. There were quite a few in my area of London growing up, and generally got on well with them.

    Nigerian women are ok, but I’ve tried dateing a couple and we just didn’t click.

    I’ve met a few very beautiful Kenyan women. They are very friendly as well.

    I’m not into Arab women, so they don’t do it for me.

    The Somalian women in the UK are not attractive, most of them dress in Muslim clothing, don’t speak English and are rude. I don’t rate them at all either in looks or personality.

    I met one South African woman (Zulu), and she was hot. She was lovely as well.

  49. verla 5 months ago

    I am african and lucky to have visited some african countries .There are good looking and not so good looking people everywhere. However, African women are beautiful ,especially those with natural hair and natural skin tones.

  50. Alex 4 months ago

    Ethiopians and Eritreans are the best ever

  51. Kelly Smith 4 months ago

    Somali women are beautiful. I’m not Somalian, I’m white but the Somali people I know are way more beautiful than the ones in the picture. They have beautiful natural hair and eithiopians can’t meauser up to them, beauty wise

  52. Kelly Smith 4 months ago

    I’m not African I’m white but from my perspective Somalian woman are so beautiful in real life theses photos don’t do them justice. And for those people who think that somalina women are unattractive due to their Islamic wear it’s because they are following their faith unlike most of us in the world

  53. Li chen 4 months ago

    As African i think horn of Africa girls are beautiful [ Ethiopian, somalian , Eritrean, ] also don’t forget Rwanda specially tudsi tripe

    • Author
      Tarik 4 months ago

      East African women are stunningly beautiful. Have you travelled there before? Which countries?

  54. Jay 3 months ago

    Its good kenyans are not scrambling for beauty here because beauty without brains and character is vanity.Kenyan women are known to be intelligent, have a warm heart and so welcoming with beautiful smiles. Beauty is all about the heart and not just physical appearance.
    Talking of beautiful African women I expected you to accord our rich color of black ebony some respect,not some skin toning.And natural endowment in the body,natural full lips,curvaceous body and strong posture.
    I don’t get the guage you used to measure this beauty you are shouting about.

  55. Hassane Beidari 3 months ago

    Hey don’t forget Mali or Niger we’re Touareg beautiful girl are there

    • Author
      Tarik 2 months ago

      I heard great things about Mali. Looking to add more African content in the near future.

      • moses 2 months ago

        dem Malians are urgly terrorists

  56. Gil 3 months ago

    See..they can’t accuse brothers of not liking or wanting to be with black women..I love black women, just not the ratchet ones here in the US and I refuse to be involved with one ever again here. I mean look at the faces of the women in the photos..happy, beautiful, warm, welcoming and receptive. No of this “niggas ain’t shyt” attitude, “I don’t need no man” and “why you talking to me nigga?”..smh.. I must say with the Ethiopian women, those eyes….

  57. moses 2 months ago

    dem issssssssssh I wonder why south sudan is on this list.that country has the most urgly looking human beings.my list is.
    south Africa
    and all the Arab contries not forgetting nigeria

  58. dos 2 months ago

    Why no one considers Tunisian women pretty? I find them very beautiful

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