Top 10 East African Countries with the Most Beautiful Women

Beautiful Rwanda Girls

Africa, in General, has been known for producing some of the most beautiful women in the World.

The likes of Lupita Nyongo, Nadia Buari, Zari Hassan, Wema Sepetu, Chidinma Ekile, Jackie Appiah, Vera Sidika, and Margaret Kenyatta among others. East African countries specifically have the most beautiful women.

With that said, here is a list of the top 10 east African countries with the most beautiful women:

10. South Sudan

Known for their tall and dark beauty, South Sudan has some of the most beautiful women around the globe. The best thing about this country is that they speak English as their national language making communication more easier.

9. Eritrea

Beautiful Eritrea Women

Initially part of Ethiopia, this small country is vibrant when it comes to producing lovely ladies. In fact, the country has more women than men. About 3 years back, they passed certain law which suggested that you must marry two or more wives because there are more ladies than men in this country.

8. Djibouti

Beautiful Djibouti Girls

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean, this small country is known for producing gorgeous women. Known for speaking French, the country has a small population of under 1 million. In fact, this is one of the countries with the most beautiful women, not only in East Africa, but in Africa generally.

7. Kenya

Beautiful Kenyan College Girls

Known for producing some of the best Athletes around the world, the country also has beautiful women, with a larger women population between the age of 22 and 45 ages. Kenya has also been rated among the top countries that have the happiest people.

6. Somalia

Beautiful Somalia Women

Located on the Indian ocean near the ”Horn of Africa”, the country has vibrant and lovely ladies around the globe. The country is a semi-desert but continues to flourish when it comes to beautiful women. Though there is civil unrest, the country continues to produce lovely women.

5. Rwanda

Beautiful Rwanda Girls

Something you didn’t know about Rwanda is that ladies are not allowed to wear make-up, which means that they have to maintain their natural beauty. Ladies here do not use all sorts of makeup making them have a natural, beautiful appearance. They are also known for keeping short hair.

4. Uganda

Beautiful Uganda Girls

Uganda, an English-speaking nation, also has beautiful women. Known for their dark complexion, these women are lovely and very friendly. If you are looking for a tall dark girl, then Uganda is the place to be.

3. Burundi

Beautiful Burundi Girls

Bordered by Tanzania to the East, Congo to the west and Rwanda to the North, the country is a Goldmine for pretty girls. This French-speaking nation has short girls but beautiful which are the main traits to look for in a woman.

2. Tanzania

Beautiful Tanzania Girls

Tanzania is known for producing great musicians in East Africa. Apart from this, the country is known for having beautiful women who are both Christians and Muslims. These girls are known for their light complexion.

1. Ethiopia

Ethiopian Women
Ethiopian Girls

Known as the ”promised land” or Zion city, the land is blessed with beautiful women. These girls have a wider smile with round faces and long natural hair. They are definitely the best to go for.

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  1. “They are definitely the best to go for.”

    why are you so biased in favor or Ethiopian women ??? u r entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts………….if they happen to be ur personal preference then say that clearly.

  2. Why are you always ignoring the beautiful women of Sudan? You also did this with your Top 10 Africa countries with the most beautiful women. I’m not talking about South Sudan. I’m talking about a majority-Black African country that speaks Arabic and is South Sudan’s northern neighbor. Sudanese women are so sexy, I thought for sure you would at least mention them in THIS article, seeing how your focus is on East Africa.