Top 7 Most Beautiful Kenyan Female Police Officers

In Kenya, you can find beauty within the law. The women of Nairobi are so beautiful that even the female police offers are turning heads.

I do not know whether it is just a belief beauty cannot go along with authority, but in Kenya we see various policewomen who are such beauties.

Most of these policewomen love fashion and we’ve included photos of them in civilian outfits if we could find them.

Here are the pics to the women in police uniforms and they look amazing.

Emma Brenda Wanjiru

Instagram: brenemmy

Emma Wairimu

Yasmin Abdi

Alice Bella

Judy Chemutai

Zidi Yusuf

Felista Safari


While getting hassled by the police in American can be hell, you might beg to get stopped by these beautiful Kenyan female police officers .

That’s 10 more reasons to visit Nairobi, Kenya and other African countries to have the trip of a lifetime!

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  1. Dude, wtf was the point of this article? Lmao. There are plenty of good looking cops everywhere. plus, most of the girls didn’t have a pic of themeless out of uniform.