30 Most Beautiful Kenyan Women in the World

Kenya is a beautiful country located on the Eastern side of Africa. The country holds a population of about 50 Million. It is not only known for its scenic beauty but also has been able to produce some of the sexiest female celebrities. These celebrities have a bigger influence both in Kenya and across the continents.

The following are the most beautiful women in Kenya. Their beauty is not only defined by their looks but also by what is in their brains. It is their brain beauty that has made them who they are.

The rank has nothing to do with their beauty. This means that they are all special and unique in their own different ways. Most of them come from different backgrounds both socially and economically and has been able to succeed differently.

1. Sera Ndanu(Actress)

2.Wangechi( Rapper)

3. Avril ( Secular artiste)

4. Vivian Kenya(artiste)

5.Julie Gichuru (Media Personality)

6. Maureen Kunga ( Lawyer and Musician)

7. Lilian Muli (News Anchor)

8. Smriti Vidiyrthi (News Anchor)

9. Huddah Monroe (Socialite)

10. Habida (Musician, song writer and actress)

11. Amina Abdi ( News Anchor)

12. Kamene Goro( News Presenter)

13. Vera Sidika ( Socialite)

14. Betty Kyalo ( News Anchor)

15. Kambua ( Gospel artiste and media personality)

16. Lupita Nyongo (actress)

17. Pierra Makena ( Dj and Actress)

18. Janet Mbugua( News Anchor)

19. Anita Nderu ( Radio Presenter)

20. Brenda Wairimu ( Actress)

21. Karen Karimi ( News anchor and Media personality)

22. Marya ( Secular Artiste)

23. Venessa Chettle ( Socialite)

24. Sarah Hassan ( Actress and media personality)

25. Stella Mwangi ( Kenyan Norwegian secular musician and rapper)

26. Shiks Kapyenga ( Actress and radio presenter )

27. Lulu Hassan ( News Anchor and TV personality)

28. Amani ( Songwriter and secular music artiste)

29. Chantell ( Secular musician)

30. Sheilla Nikki Mwanyigah ( Journalist)

All the above women are pretty, sexy and hot. We cannot be able to rank them rather appreciate what they have.

Some of these celebrities never woke up rich. They are all hardworking and have something precious to brag about.

Most of them work as Media personalities while others are socialites. Their influence across the country can not be measured. They are loved by many and are great role models. These are the best female celebrities in Kenya.

The list is endless and we cannot exhaust all of them. These are just a few from the many celebrities we have.

They are so far the best and coolest ever. Others have different roles to play but we have been able to mention a few. Be sure to visit Kenya and see some of these great icons by yourself.

What more can we add, Kenya is really blessed.

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