With black unemployment at high levels and a declining dollar, many brothas have been pushed out of their jobs and are looking for alternative solutions.

I’ve been blessed enough to have made most of my income online since 2009 when I quit my job and decided to start traveling the world.

Now, I didn’t just quit my job and look for another income source. I was reading business books like Rich Dad Poor Dad while working 9 to 5 for the man.

I was making a decent living online while working my day job at the same time. This gave me the freedom to have more income sources and better options.

What’s The First Step to Increasing Your Income?

The first step is minding your own business. It’s okay to keep your day job but start minding your own business to provide additional income in your pockets.

Of course, this is definitely a big challenge because we only have so many hours in a day. We cannot be two places at once. That’s why earning an income online works perfectly in today’s digital age.

You can make money online at the same time while keeping your day job. If you don’t have a job, then get creative and think of a big idea. A good idea is a product or service that will solve a big need in a lucrative marketplace.

Why Becoming a Digital Nomad Grants You Freedom

If you have dreams of earning tons of money without any work, then I hate to break it to you: you are living in a fantasy world. All high income earners put in the time and effort to make their money.

Think about NBA Players. You see their million dollar salaries and big homes. But what else don’t you see?

  • Preseason Workouts
  • WeightTraining
  • Daily Shootaround
  • 82 Game Schedule (with plenty of back 2 back games)
  • Spending half of the season living in hotels

There’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes that nobody pays attention to. That is why earning a large income from a job often means having a large workload.

As a digital nomad, you can earn much more money with far less work. Most internet businesses only need 1 or 2 hours per day to run smoothly. Write and record videos from anywhere in the world. Once you publish your content, it continues to earn money day after day. You earn from the value you create, not the time you give.

Here’s a Quick Way to Get Started

Find a Target Market

Your target market is where you will do research and find a product/service/idea to offer. This could be anything from stock market investors to iphone screen repair. Look through magazines and popular websites to find good ideas.

Get a Domain Name

I’ve talked to some brothas who run their entire business through social media. This is a dangerous approach because you don’t own the asset. What if Facebook or Youtube deletes your channel?

Owning your domain is the first step to becoming a digital nomad. It’s your web address where everybody can find you easily. Many of you have probably noticed how black Youtubers are losing their channels in droves. This is why I advocate owning your domain vs using social media for everything.It’s too risky in the long run.

Start Creating Content

Your next step is to start creating content that answers your target market’s questions. A survey is a great way to discover the problems within your market. These questions can be answered with articles, podcasts, blog posts, and videos.

Sell a Product or Service

Once you began creating content, your audience will respond with questions and comments. These replies will help you create your first product/service.

I used this strategy to write my first book, Best Countries for Black Men. I noticed brothas were asking the same questions again and again. So I decided to solve the problems by writing that book.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you start earning money through sales and advertisements, you should keep doing what is successful to keep seeing results.

I hope this motivates you to start your own business and build up your own assets. With the digital economy booming, you can use all that extra money to fund your trips, move overseas permanently, or increase your standard of living.

Good luck!

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  1. Gaurav Heera 1 year ago

    Your Way is very Different compared to other Bloggers I’ve read A lot of posts. Thanks for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just Adding this blog to bookmarks.

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