Being Black in Thailand: What to Expect Before Your Trip

Being black in Thailand is similar to being back in most places in Southeast Asia. People care more about your money more than your skin color.

Life in Thailand is much different from the western world where the government takes pretty good care of its citizens financially. Of course, many Thai will judge your based on your skin color, clothing, appearance and how much Thai you can speak.

When I took my first trip to Thailand back in 2011, I had a blast because I brought plenty of money on my trip. Being financially secure is probably the most important thing to do in Thailand.

When you have money, people treat you better regardless of skin color. This is a proven fact time and time again. So be sure to dress decent and carry yourself as a person of means.

Of course, many white “farangs” falsely believe that Thai people treat them better than other foreigners. Unfortunately, most Thai only care about a farang’s money and talk very poorly about white men in general amongst themselves.

Black men, on the other hand, can sometimes carry a bad reputation in Thailand due to the recent influx of African immigrants who deal in illegal operations to earn a living.

It’s crucial to separate yourself from these “scammers” and be careful who you associate with. People will judge you poorly if you surround yourself with undesirable people.

Overall, being black in Thailand isn’t easy (there is racism of course) but it’s nowhere near as bad as racism in America and/or Europe.

Most black men will experience a breathe of fresh air once arriving in Thailand. I know I did.

For more information on being black in Thailand, be sure to watch this video:

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  1. Everything is always waaayycist to blacks. Victum mentality is pumped into their brains at an early age. If US is so bad, Liberia is always taking new citizens.

    • Racism lies in you

      Find me online and we can debate about your unhappiness to find an article this harmless and still find reason to be a twat

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