Being Black in the Philippines: Here’s What I Learned During My Journey

I am actually really excited to give you guys this article for today because I can give you the first hand African American experience that I went through as a foreigner in the Philippines. First things first let’s just get it out the way; we will talk about the use of the “N” word.

No matter where you go you are likely to hear the word, let’s face it, but in actuality in the Philippines it is not as common as one may think.

I lived there for 10 years and can count on one hand how many times I actually heard the words come out of someone’s mouth there.

Of course your first response may be to get upset and make a response, I advise you to just let it go. I will say this because remember this is not our place, we are in theirs, and besides they are truly just mad because they can’t be us.

We all know that anywhere we go as African Americans (even Africans for that fact) we will be on someone’s ‘Bucket List.’

I wholeheartedly believe that every woman of every race wants to try being with a black guy at least once in their lives and the Philippines is no difference. Trust me they want it a whole lot more than just once. Let me explain.

Out there in the Philippines, we are a rarity and even a commodity of sorts because we are different. I will tell you this because I believe it is worth mentioning, Caucasian males are often times preferred over men like us (the black guys).

I would say at least 8 out of every 10 will choose the white guy as the option over us, because Filipino women are obsessed with having white skin, I truly can’t understand why though.

My fellow expats do not under any circumstances let that discourage you from wanting to go there because that 20% is a large number, trust me. Under no circumstances will you ever have a problem getting women, if anything, once you got your game in order, sometimes it will be too easy.

They love us out their guys, but again I always caution you to be careful, because too much love and attention can be a bad thing too.

I actually never picked up women at clubs and bars, didn’t like it because there were always too many eyes on me, because of how I looked.

Get them at the mall, reach out to them on some social sites and work your way in like that. I actually love the low profile approach, because you can do so much more than if everybody knows about you.

Overall they love us out there guys and that includes everyone. They are intrigued by where we come from and constantly want to know about our culture because, on the surface, the Philippines is a very Catholic conservative country.

You will be greeted with warm welcomes (most of the time) and they really do treat us well out there. Just do not let them speak in their language or at least have someone you trust who can translate, to be sure they are not trying to “sneak diss” you or anything.
Please let know if there is anything that you would like me to go into further detail about so I can be sure to make sure you guys are all covered.

I often talk about topics such as this one on my YOUTUBE channel so I do encourage you guys to check it out and just watch me talk about my experiences in the country and also share things that may be of some use to you as you prepare to travel out that way. I will put the Philippines on the map for you guys.


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