Top 5 Best Adult Tube Sites Of 2022

Best Adult Tube Sites

The quarantines and lockdowns hit hard on each and every one of us, especially in the physical department. An article by The Guardian covers how half the UK adult population turned to pornography just as the pandemic settled, back in September 2020.

The year is 2022 and the porn industry has reached peak levels of viewership and following.

People began looking for ways to release sexual tension without having to worry about any potential public health violations. So, what better place to turn their attention to than the multi-billion dollar industry of porn?

However, when you get a fair share of daily pornographic content, it’s easy to start making distinctions between the countless adult tube sites out there. We’ve all got our preferences in bed and the same goes for sex tapes as well.

You can waste quite a bit of time going down the rabbit hole of trial and error until you reach the good stuff. For those who don’t have that kind of time though, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best adult tube sites you should be checking out in 2022!


Starting off our list with what must be the most popular and well-known tube and porn site there is. PornHub has been showing a great deal of both quality and variation on their sex tapes which has been maintained throughout their 15 years of operation.

With a dashboard filled with only pristine high definition videos ranging between 5 minutes to half an hour, it’s hard to resist taking a peek through what they have to offer. The site divides its videos between 9 major categories: Ethnicity, Scenario, LGBTQ, Actions, Attributes, Language Spoken, Age, Production and Miscellaneous, each of which have their own sub-categories.

As of March 2022, PornHub has reached about one and a half billion monthly users, the majority of which access the site through their mobile devices. Their average site-visit duration has also hit the 9 and a half minute mark which is quite good when compared to other tube sites in the industry.


Another big name in the online sex tapes industry, xVideos could not have been left out of our list. Much like PornHub, the site was founded in 2007 and throughout its years of operation, has become almost synonymous with “sex tapes”.

Unlike what you might expect, the site’s dashboard is quite outdated for a site with xVideos’ reputation. Nonetheless, it is still one of the best sources of high definition and high quality videos, with a very small percentage falling lower than 720p. Its videos are divided into 60 different categories which at first might seem overwhelming for the users, but they are easily accessible through its homepage.

xVideos has an average site-visit duration of 11 minutes and 42 seconds surpassing PornHub’s, which says alot, considering their video durations falling within the same ranges. As of last month, xVideos has reached one point three billion monthly users, a number which has been steadily increasing since the start of the year.


Who knew a hamster could be so naughty? Another porn site with 15 years of experience under its belt, xHamster is here to help anyone quench their thirst… literally! For those that don’t know, the site has its very own beer which came about at some point down their road of success.

Aside from their alcohol though, xHamster has a very clean user interface allowing visitors to quickly filter their videos by HD, 4K and VR straight from its homepage. These filters are especially helpful as their sex tape video quality often varies. It currently features more than 1,200 categories sorted in alphabetical order which is helpful for those knowing what they are looking for, but overwhelming for those who tend to be indecisive.

xHamster has an astronomical average site-visit duration of 12 minutes and 4 seconds, meaning that its users like to browse through the videos and weigh their options. Last month, the site reached more than half a billion users on the site, and while it might not sound as impressive as PornHub or xVideos, it’s still a top pick for us nonetheless!


When talking about the best tube sites, we couldn’t really exclude XNXX. Its site was created back in 1997, effectively making it the oldest running tube site out of the ones we’ve mentioned so far in our list.

It has, by far, the most outdated dashboard and homepage, to the point where it can get a bit confusing navigating through the site. The video quality and length varies for each published sex tape as well, which is bound to cause you some misery. Aside from that, whatever your fetish is, you can definitely find it here! XNXX has a list of 2,000 different tags categorised in alphabetical order, so you probably won’t need to search further for more clips!

March 2022 was a great month for XNXX as the site reached more than 740 million monthly users, with its average site-visit duration hitting the 10 minutes and 24 seconds mark. Even though it has been established for much longer than the other sites mentioned, unfortunately it hasn’t reached the same levels of exposure. Nonetheless, XNXX is still considered on the main ‘players’ when it comes to adult tube sites.


Out with the old, in with the new! It’s time to introduce a new challenger in the adult tube site world. DatingSexTapes has not been operating for long, but it did not fail to capture our attention!

With a user interface that’s as new and modern as they come, it doesn’t take long to get a hang of the site. DatingSexTapes features a 58-category list with filters available for specific languages. All their videos are high definition and so far remain around the 15 minute mark each. Plus, they have their own sex stories section on the site , in case you wanted a change of ‘scenery’.

DatingSexTapes had more than 150,000 visitors in its first month of operation, and since then the number has been steadily increasing. Its average site-visit duration hit the 8 minutes and 6 seconds mark, which for a newcomer to the scene, is very impressive!


We have covered the leading adult tube sites of the industry from the oldest and well-known to the newest and more obscured ones. It’s always fun to take your chances and try out every tube site that comes your way, but if you are looking to save some time searching for the best one, why not take our top 5 for a spin?

You might find the best video quality on PornHub and DatingSexTapes, you might go through large lists of categories on xHamster and XNXX, or you might just like how xVideos’ homepage looks. Discover a new fetish, obsess over a new pornstar, or simply have a raunchy night in, accompanied by some naughty videos!

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