Best Affiliate Marketing Courses 2020

Are you interested in getting started with affiliate marketing? Want to know which affiliate marketing course is the best?

I received a comment on my previous article on affiliate marketing about the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners.

You’re in luck because there are several excellent courses that will teach you everything you need to know. When I started affiliate marketing in 2006, there weren’t many resources available back then.

Now, you have so many choices available for beginners. The key is to avoid the scam courses that promise riches overnight. Avoid these types of courses at all costs.

Affiliate marketing is a real business that takes time to nurture and profit from. You need an audience, a good offer, and traffic to earn income.

1. SiteSell


SiteSell, created by Ken Evoy, is probably the oldest affiliate marketing course on the internet. When I started over 10 years ago, I learned a lot from SiteSell’s approach to affiliate marketing: C > T > P > M (Content > Traffic > Presell > Monetization).

Their program provides everything you need from training to web hosting and content ideas. The only drawback is you must pay either a monthly or annual subscription to use SiteSell.

It costs $29.99 per month or $299 annually. However, SiteSell members are often more successful than average marketers because you receive useful training and a strict model for earning commissions via affiliate marketing.

2. Affilorama


Affilorama, created by Mark Ling, is one of the first affiliate marketing courses I ever used. It’s 100% free to join and they offer over 100 free lessons from keyword research to content creation.

If you want fast results, then they also offer a premium course called AffiloBlueprint.

AffiloBlueprint is a step by step guide that shows you how millionaires build their affiliate websites. The course comes with over 85 video training lessons and a 12-part series showing you how to drive traffic to your affiliate websites. This is the most popular training course they offer.

3. Wealthy Affiliate


Wealthy Affiliate, started by 2 millionaire marketers, is another old and successful affiliate marketing training course. They offer tons of content plus have one of the largest affiliate marketing communities on the web.

My only negative about Wealthy Affiliate is the price. They charge $29.99 monthly or $359 for an annual plan. My former members have left negative reviews about Wealthy Affiliate calling it a “scam” and “a time waster.” I understand their frustration because it is probably the most expensive course on the planet. If you don’t make money from their tips, then you will feel like you got scammed.

4. Bum Marketing Method


Bum Marketing Method, created by Travis Sago, is the one of the first free internet marketing courses I ever signed up for. It’s vastly different from other courses because it teaches you how to make money with affiliate marketing without having your own website.

If you want big bucks, then you need to own your website in the long run. However, you can learn a lot about internet marketing from this course. It teaches you how to write high quality articles then submit them to article directories with your affiliate link within the article.

Many websites have banned these types of articles, but I think the course is great for beginners who are just starting their affiliate marketing journey.

5. Earnest Affiliate


Earnest Affiliate, created by Johnny FD, is the latest and best affiliate marketing course I’ve seen. Johnny runs a six-figure online business while traveling the world at the same time. I like his course because it relates to digital nomads who enjoy the freedom to travel while making money online.

The course comes with 8 lessons teaching you everything from the basics to automating and scaling your business. He also offers a free 7-part mini course that you can sign up for if you visit the homepage.

The price of the course is only $197 for lifetime access. It’s a great value for the money plus you will learn from a successful American expat who makes a lot of money online.

Final Thoughts

These are my recommend affiliate marketing courses for beginners. If you want quick results, then I recommend paying for a course because investing money in a course increases the chances of you actually taking action and making money.

The problem with free courses is that you are not invested enough in your own success. Free information doesn’t motivate as much because most people read it then do nothing.

The key to succeeding in affiliate marketing is taking massive action then testing out what works. You’ll need an audience that has a common problem. Niches like weight loss, travel, skin care, and make money online are examples of audiences with a common problem.

Next, you’ll need to find a good offer from an affiliate network. Check out Offer Vault for a long list of good offers.

Now, you need traffic. SEO, PPC, and social media marketing are great ways to drive traffic to your offers.

Test your conversion rates, see what works, and improve from there. Did I miss anything? If so, please tell me in the comments.

What do you think?

Written by TJ

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