5 Best Beaches in Colombia

Plenty of tourists from all over the world visit Columbia just to enjoy the stunning and breathtaking beaches. However, because of the presence of so many beaches, it can get a bit confusing for the tourists.

Here are the 5 best beaches in Colombia.

1. Taganga

Taganga is a very quiet and beautiful beach, which is just a half an hour drive from Santa Marta. Since many tourists doesn’t visit here, it is the perfect place for sunbathing and having a good time with your friends. The beach is surrounded by green hills on its sides and offers a spectacular view. You can also have dinner at one of the open air restaurants near the beach. It also has a vibrant and happening nightlife.

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2. Palomino

Located on the foothills of Sierra Neveda Mountains, Palomino Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Columbia. Just like Taganga, this is also a less crowded beach. You will probably only meet some local fisherman over there. Some tribal people also live in the nearby mountains. If you want to spend the night, then you will find many beautiful places to stay just near the beach. However, since the current over here is strong, it is advisable not to swim too far.

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3. Providencia

Because of its crystal clear waters and calm and relaxing atmosphere, Providencia is definitely a must visit if you are in Columbia. The presence of the Belize Barrier Reef, which is one of the most largest barrier reefs in the world, makes this beach more appealing to the scuba divers. Apart from that, this beach is also quite well known for snorkeling. The locals over here are also extremely friendly.

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4. Playa Blanca

Located just 20 kms from Cartagena, this stunning beach can be easily accessed by a ferry. It is mainly famous for the crystal clear blue water and its white sand. When you are here, you should definitely try out the local drink Cocada. It is an extremely refreshing coconut drink which comes in many flavors.

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5. San Andres

This is one of the largest beaches in Columbia. In order to reach here, you have to take a short flight from Colombia Mainland. It is mainly famous for diving, but apart from that, you can also try out many other kinds of water sports. From here, you can also explore several beautiful islands like Johnny Cay and Sound Bay. However, because of its huge popularity, it can get a bit crowded at times.

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