Top 10 Best Places to Stay in Bocas del Toro

Visiting Bocas Del Toro, Panama can be exciting romantic and pleasurable for those who go where the action is. While there are dozens of hostels to choose from, there are those that are exquisite enough to attract visitors on their own. Here are the best hostels to stay at when you visit Bocas Del Toro, Panama.

1. Sand Dollar Beach Bed & Breakfast – Isla Colon

Located just a few minutes outside of Bocas Town, this bed and breakfast is a charming location for couples and families. This beautiful Caribbean style residence displays colorful and relaxing rooms that are only a few steps away from the oceanfront. Guests can take boat tours, explore the islands, take private classes in speaking Spanish or learning how to paint or cook.

2. Monkey Tree Bocas – Big Creek, Isla Colon

This group of jungle vacation rentals are close to the beach and located just outside town. Each home has a deck where you can look out and to the jungle and see real life monkeys, parrots, sloths and other wild animals up close and personal. This location is perfect for lovers of nature searching for a private retreat where they can go surfing, hang out at the beach and enjoy nature.

3. Up in the Hill – Isla Bastimentos

Situated at the highest elevation of Bastimentos island, these handmade eco-lodges sits on a bluff that overlooks Bluff Beach, Paunch and the Caribbean Sea. Visitors can take an organic farm tour or hike past Mentos beaches while enjoying the Caribbean breeze and reconnected with nature at rustic location.

4. Pukalani Hostal – Big Creek, Isla Colon

With only a few minute of walking in order to get to the beach, guests enjoy snorkeling, surfing, standup paddling and private island boat trips when they stay here. Visitors don’t have to leave the main island in order to enjoy the natural beauty it has to offer and rest at the same time.

5. Tungara Hostels – Bocas Town, Isla Colon

Located in the heart of town, this hostel features budget friendly shared and private rooms. These hotels are known for their nightlife and day activities where visitors can watch live surf competitions and soccer games while listening to live DJs and enjoying a large selection of the best imported beers available.

6. Popa Paradise Beach Resort – Isla Popa

Visitors can take private sailing tours and Zapatilla island tours and enjoy the best of Bocas del Toro, but this all-inclusive resort is only open to adults.

7. Red Frog Beach Island Resort & Spa – Red Frog Beach, Isla Bastimentos

This location is not only one of the top beaches in the Panama community but is also the most desired luxurious beachfront destinations. These modern and private villas give you panoramic views and any luxurious accommodation possible.

8. Turtle Beach House – Bluff Beach, Isla Colon

These four bedroom bed and breakfasts rooms offered comfort relaxation and adventure all at once. Guests can go horseback riding, take jungle hikes and even surf the beach.

9. Hotel Tierra Verde – Isla Carenero

Take in the real island experience by staying in his Caribbean style bed-and-breakfast. Visitors can hop from one island to another and participate in all the activities possible while enjoying the views of the Caribbean Sea and the Carenero island jungle.

10. Gran Kahuna Beach Hostel – Isla Carenero

This is the perfect place for visitors looking to find a getaway spot that’s close enough to all the happenings but the attached enough to provide tranquility. Visitors come here to learn to surf, participate in gardening activities and just hang out on the beach.

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