The 3 Best Colombian Dating Sites & Apps of 2019

We tested the best Colombian online dating websites and selected ColombianCupid as our top overall pick. This site has the most members, strongest anti-scam and security features and the hottest selection of single Colombian women.

Introduction to Online Dating in Colombia

If you’re thinking about traveling to Colombia or meeting Colombian women, you’ll want to give online dating a try to maximize your results.

Colombian women are some of the most passionate women you’ll ever meet and they carry themselves with beauty, grace and feminiity.

They are the 2nd hottest women in South America (behind Brazil) and many men are discovering all the perks of visiting and/or moving to Colombia. One of the biggest advantages Colombia posssess is its beautiful women.

Cities like Cali, Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena all have thousands of beautiful women searching for foreign men for dates, hookups and even marriage. You can find whatever you are looking for online if you take action and put your best foot forward.

So now you are probably wondering: How to Meet Colombian Women Online?

Online dating is growing rapidly in Colombia and many attractive Colombianas create online profile to meet foreign men just like you.

All you have to do is create a profile, upload 2 to 3 attractive photos, fill out your details, and send out a few messages every day.

If you setup your profile properly, you will have sexy Colombian women messaging and chasing you.

The online dating game is flipped in Colombia: You are the prize!

If you’ve experienced the common frustration of sending out dozens of messages on western dating sites and barely getting any replies, then you will really enjoy online dating in Latin America.

Good, decent men are in short supply in Latin America. Latino men are notoriously known as players, which makes finding a good man extremely difficult for many Colombian women.

In this article below, I’ll introduce you to the best online dating websites in Colombia for dates, hookups and marriage.

ExpatKings’s Top Colombian Dating Sites


Best overall pick

This site is the biggest and best online dating website in Colombia for meeting and dating hot Colombianas. It’s 100% free to join but you have to buy a premium membership to send unlimited messages. Read the full review

Sign Up Process

Creating a profile is 100% free and you can either fill out the short form on their homepage or sign up with your Facebook account.

Next, you’ll be able to edit your profile and fill it out so you’ll receive more replies from Colombian women.

Setting Up Your Profile

Here’s a few profile tips:

  • Upload a clear photo of your face
  • Add 1 to 2 extra photos showing you doing cool stuff to let the Colombianas know you are attractive, successful and have a well rounded life
  • Answer questions about your appearance, lifestyle, background and preferences

Try to answer as many questions as possible so you show up on more search filters. Many Colombian women use the search filter to screen out men so the more questions you answer, the more unique searches you will show up for.

Browsing Colombian Women

Once you browse several women, you may find someone you’d like to contact. With a free account, you cannot send messages to Colombian women so consider upgrading your account for more.

Many people complain about having to pay for online dating, but I prefer using online dating sites where men must subscribe to send messages.

It screens out the losers, bums, and broke guys who are flooding women with messages on free dating sites. The most beautiful women get so many messages that they ignore 90% of them.

Upgrading your account is an investment in your social and love life. Also, you’ll save A LOT OF MONEY by avoiding bar and nightclubs when you travel to Colombia.

Upgrade Your Account

There are two packages available: Gold and Platinum membership.

The Gold membership is the cheapest and costs $29.98 per month. You can receive a discount if you subscribe to a longer plan of either 3 or 12 months.

Accepted payment methods are:

  • Major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Diner’s Club)
  • Boleto Bancario
  • Paypal
  • Skrill

Once you upgrade, simply send out messages and strike up a conversation. Set the language filter to “English” to contact Colombian women who speak good English.

If you find a beautiful lady who only speaks Spanish, then use Google Translate to communicate with her in Spanish. Check out my previous article on how to learn Spanish to improve your Spanish speaking skills, too.


Best free dating site

This site is a very popular social network in Colombia that operates like a dating site. It’s 100% free to join, create a profile and start sending messages.

Most of the girls on Badoo are in the younger generation (18 to 29) and can be a bit flaky at times. However, you will find some extremely beautiful Colombianas on this site so it’s worth a look.

Sign Up Process

Use your Facebook account or enter your email address to quickly sign up for Badoo. The sign up process is quick and smooth unlike most dating sites.

Setting Up Your Profile

Upload 2 to 3 photos to your profile to maximize your views and exposure. Badoo has a feature called Popularity to gauge how many people are viewing your profile. You want to keep your popularity rating “Very High” and the easiest way to do this is by uploading lots of photos.

You can also fill out the other sections of your profile, although most people keep the information limited to maintain their privacy.

Add a few details about your work & education to let Colombian girls know you are smart and successful.

Your location is very important so remember to set it to the city you plan to visit (even if you aren’t their yet). For example, set your location to Cartagena if you are going there in the future. Your profile will show up in the search results and women will be more responsive to your messages if they think you are living in the city.

Setting your interests is a good icebreaker and helps girls find something in common with you. You can also search for ladies with the same interests.

Your Personal info is personal, but fill out the details that matter most to you.

And finally, it’s important to list all languages you speak. Setting your spoken languages lets you search for Colombian girls who speak English, plus you’ll know if you need to translate messages to a girl who only speaks Spanish.

Browsing Colombian Girls

Go to People Nearby and enter the city you want to search. Click Show “Girls” and select your desired age range using the slider. Hit “Update Results”.

By default, you will be shown girls who are currently “Online Now.” To view more potential matches, select “ALL” or “NEW” to see more ladies.

Hit the “Chat Now” button to send messages. I noticed the attention span on Badoo is a bit shorter so experiment with shorter messages at first.

Upgrading Your Membership

After sending around 5 to 10 messages, Badoo will block you and ask you to upgrade. There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading to Badoo Premium:

  1. Send more messages
  2. Have your messages read first by the hottest Colombianas
  3. See which girls liked your profile
  4. Browse profiles invisibly
  5. Highlight your messages in her inbox

According to Badoo, premium members receive 2x more messages. A 1 month membership costs around $7 and you get discounts if you subscribe for a longer period.

Badoo accepts:

  • Major Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Subscribe via Cell Phone Bill

Badoo Premium is much cheaper than regular online dating sites and the quality of attractive girls is really high. It’s definitely worth your time if you’re looking for casual dating and hookups.

My Latin Wife
Join Now

Latin Wife

Best matchmaking site

Latin Wife is a more traditional online dating site that resembles the old matchmaking services of yesterday.

Before technology made it possible to chat with women online, you had to subscribe to an introduction service that matched eligible men with marriage minded women.

These women are more interested in long term relationships and marriage than casual hookups. You’ll find some of the most beautiful down to earn women using these types of services so I highly recommend browsing some profiles and giving it a try.

Another reason why I like Latin Wife is because of their romance tours. You pay a flat rate fee of around $1,500 and get personally introduced to dozens of younger, beautiful women.

They take care of your accommodations, language barriers and help you select from a large pool of women face to face. Some men aren’t tech savvy or good with computers so romance tours give you a more personal touch.

Sign Up Process

There is no account signup process like most online dating sites. Instead, you must email Latin Wife at and fill out their Questionnaire to contact ladies.

They provide a phone number and email address on their contact page. Their headquarters is located in Barranquilla, Colombia but you can call their USA number.

Browsing Colombian Women

Go to the Latin Women Profiles page to search for Colombian women based on age range. You’ll see a large photo of each girl along with an ID number. Click her picture to display her complete profile page.

Each profile displays information about her:

  • Location
  • Marital Status
  • Date of Birth
  • Desired Age Range
  • Education
  • Children
  • and Several questions describing her personality

If you see someone you are interested in, remember her ID number.

Prices & Services

To contact someone, you must purchase a package on their Pricing & Services page. The most common service is email introductions. The price is $95 for the 1st introduction.

Here’s a complete list of services and prices:

  • Personal Matchmaking Service: $9,995
  • Colombia Romance Tour: $1,475
  • Room in Barranquilla: $100 per day
  • Personal Translator: $95 per day
  • Spanish Lessons with Lodging $180 per day
  • Telephone Contacts: $20 per hour

Latin Wife is an outstanding site for men who are looking to meet Colombian women interested in marriage and/or long term relationships. They offer helpful services geared towards the financially successful expat/tourist who doesn’t speak Spanish yet wants to build a future with a beautiful Colombian woman.

Summary: Best Colombian Dating Sites

Colombian CupidFree to signup, $29.95/month for gold membership, best selection of women, mobile app, best overall site
BadooFree to signup, $7 for Badoo Premium, mostly younger girls, best for casual hookups,
Latin WifeMatchmaking service, $95 for 1st message then $10 afterwards, best for finding a wife, offers romance tours, good for meeting women in person

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