The 5 Best Countries for Black Families to Live

Moving to another country has its advantages; you learn new ways to work better, you broaden your horizons, get a global mindset, extend your network of contacts and even get a fresh start in life. Living abroad, however, has its own challenges. You may feel disoriented or even lost in trying to get used to different cultures and unfamiliar surroundings.

The truth is settling into a new country can be harder for black families because they might have to deal with racial stereotypes where residents make judgments about them without getting to know them first. Though there is no single country that has solved all its inequality issues, there are some that offer better playing fields for black families.

The best countries for black families to live offer more opportunities for black people families based on economic and ethnic diversity and infrastructure for advancement in the country.

Some of the factors to be considered in determining the best countries for black families to live are; equal access to quality education, the percentage of black college graduates, medical care, employment opportunities, black homeownership rate, black-owned businesses and percentage of black population.

Here are the best countries for black families to live in that will provide a sanctuary without changing your quality of life or fearing for your safety.

1. UK

London, England
London, England

The UK is a highly desirable place for black families. It measures well in terms of education, community, job opportunities and earnings. People from various ethnic groups reside there. According to The Labour Force Survey, foreign citizens make up 14.4% of the population in the UK.

In addition, the UK is one of the safest places for black families to live in; police do not carry guns on the streets, there are no weather extremes and the streets are fairly safe. There are plenty of employment opportunities with an employment rate of 75.6 (provided you have a right to work in the UK)

If you decide to live in London, Brighton or Edinburgh you may have to pay more in terms of housing, food and transportation compared to the U.S.

Affordable Cities in the UK you can live comfortably are; Blackpool, Hull, and Barnsley. You may have a bit of a challenge getting used to the weather; the far north you move the darker and wetter it becomes. Universities with the best inclusive cultures are Hull, Chester, Derby, and Edge Hill.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand

One of the best things about New Zealand is its people. They are warm, kind and friendly people who will treat you and your family as well as everyone else. The standard of living also compares well with New Zealand having the third highest living standard in the world. It is a safe place to live with a crime rate of 5.9 % in 2018.

As a black family in New Zealand, you will enjoy affordable, quality education together with healthcare and public facilities. The education system in New Zealand provide students with an environment of less stress and more learning. The eight universities in New Zealand enroll good numbers and provide a high-quality education with the all their universities being among the top 500 universities in the world as per World University Rankings.

3. Canada

Toronto, Canada

The migration of black people into Canada is high and for good reason. The country is and an ideal mixture of beautiful countryside and modern cities and thus perfect for raising a family. The application process can take years so start applying early. If you establish residency you will have access to government support including: world-class education, a strong economy, a high standard of living and world-class free medical care.

Moreover, Canada is a culturally neutral country with no shooting of unarmed civilians or any race riots. It is one of the world’s most prosperous nations with many job opportunities, business opportunities and a high quality of life. 59% of the population speak English.

4. Panama

Panama City, Panama
Panama City, Panama

One of the biggest advantages of living in Panama is the countries the low cost of living. The Panamanian people are also friendly and they will make you feel right at home. The country has low crime rates and long life expectancy. It is ideal for a family because of its relaxed nature; you can see large families on Sunday afternoons filling the streets and venturing out together. Read more on why we ranked Panama as the top retirement destination for black men.

5. Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Japan will offer you and your family a lot including; amazingly clean cities, a high employment rate and lowest crime rates in Asia, and top-notch education. Your children will also learn a thing or two about ethics and discipline. The Japanese are very disciplined people and the same will be expected of you. Japan’s transportation system is one of the best in the world thanks to its speedy and convenient buses and trains.

What are your recommended countries for black families to live in?

Please share your favorite countries in the comments. Which countries would you add? Which countries would you remove from the list?

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  1. About Japan, I’ve taught here (different parts, urban and rural) since 2010. Jobs I got were basically by accident. Among Japanese employers, I wasn’t a prime candidate. My chances rose after the types with the look suddenly withdrew, and there was no one else. Suck up your pride, get ready for CVs that require your photo, and endure rejection after rejection.

    While at a place I disliked, I formally applied for 5 jobs every 6 months over 5 years and got 0 offers. A White colleague (about same age, years of experience) applied for 5 jobs. He got 4 offers. That said, there are Black people here in different professions (business, construction, education, pornography, etc.). So it’s not completely hopeless. But get ready for some things:

    * People moving and sitting far away from you on public transportation
    * Neighbors not talking to you (a problem among Japanese as well)
    * Staring, mumbling, or laughing (especially in southeastern Shikoku)
    * Landlords who don’t rent to foreigners (not my personal experience)

    If you can put up with all of that for a while, you’ll eventually find individual Japanese who’ll like you. There are more Blasians in Japan these days, too. Not every Japanese is racist. (I’d say it’s a combo of ignorance, indifference, naivet√©, and un-exposure.) Still, there are some racist people around. So don’t come here with rose-tinted glasses. You’ll fall hard.

    Regardless of your color or nationality, one thing that’ll generally be appreciated in the country is if you speak and read Japanese. I’m not great. But when I was asked to introduce myself in Japanese at an online interview in the spring, they liked what I said. After a week, they gave me a job offer. I didn’t accept the position, though. The location was too far off.

    Japan was a dream for me in H.S. and college. Of course, real life isn’t a dream. And I’ve become a bit tired working and living here for a decade. As the saying goes, the future is an open book. If you’re planning to move to Japan, I hope this comment is a little helpful to you.

  2. Hey no worries of getting #Metoo’d. This blog is primarily for Black males. I don’t want to assume but maybe this is list geared towards males wanting to create (new) families among the local women.

  3. Canada does not have modern cities….Infrastructure is so bad and there aren’t that many black people throughout the country. Most of the black people live around Toronto. Unless you live in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal it sucks. Pretty much every city looks the same. Compared to other first world countries Canada way behind. Problems are rarely address by government and when they are, they’re solved at a snails pace.