The 10 Best Countries for Black Teachers to Make Money Abroad

Want to make a living teaching English abroad? ESL Teachers are in high demand abroad because over 1.5 billion people want to learn English.

While teachling english is the most popular job, you can also work as a math, science or foreign language teacher as well.

Of course, being a black teacher is a unique experience and your job search will be different from expats.

That’s why we created this list of the 10 best and safest countries for black teachers to find a teaching job overseas.

1. Thailand

Teach English in Thaiand

Thailand is a serene place with the perfect climate and friendly people. Their food is also excellent and the cost of living is impressively affordable.

Getting a teaching job is quite easy, but the pay isn’t that much. It’s approximately $ 1,000-2,000 US Dollars per month.

However, teaching in Bangkok can earn you a higher salary. Employers will assist you to get a visa. Just go to Teachaway and apply for a teaching job.

2. South Korea

Teach in South Korea
South Korea

Most people believe that this beautiful country is filled with racists. Well, that’s not true. They’re friendly and welcoming and are ready to employ teachers, especially English-teaching ones.

The monthly payment is $2,000-5,000 and you also get benefits such as free housing. Employers offer assistance in getting a visa. Visit and search for a teaching job of your choice.

3. Dubai

Teach English in Dubai

In the land flowing with milk and honey figuratively, finding a job is pretty easy. You only have to know that payment is based on your level of experience.

If you’ve got years of experience in the profession, minimal 5 years, you can get a job quickly. Monthly pay on average is $3,200-$5,000 and the living cost is quite affordable. You require a valid visa to visit the country. is a perfect site to find a teaching job.

4. Spain

Teach Abroad in Spain

Spain is a country with a demand for English teachers. The monthly pay is $700-$1500 and employers offer help in getting a visa. Go to, and you’re sure to get a teaching job.

5. Vietnam

This is one of the best places to teach. With a monthly salary of $1,000- $2,000 as well as assistance from potential employers to secure a visa, all you need are your teaching skills and a determined attitude. Its living cost is fairly affordable and you can apply at any time of the year. One great city in it to seek employment is Ho Chi Minh. Visit and find a job that best suits you.

6. Japan

Japan is a beautiful country that embraces various cultures. The countless job offers available in it are a testimony of how easy it is to land a teaching job here. The payment on a monthly basis is $ 3,000, and though living costs can consume much of your salary, you stand to benefit from programs that reward teachers with lots of experience in teaching with benefits. A site such as is a wonderful place to find a teaching job.

7. Costa Rica

This beautiful country boasts of magnificent beaches and conducive weather conditions. A demand of teachers is an added bonus for teachers. Monthly payment is $1,700 and the cost of living is pretty high, but it all depends on where you stay. A place like Manuel Antonio is a perfect pick. You have to apply for a work visa at the General Directorate of Immigration in the country. Visit to see the teaching jobs available.

8. China

shanghai skyline and huangpu river with sunset glow; Shutterstock ID 482058760; Usage: web; Issue Date: n/a

Most Asian countries have a large population and a great need for teachers. China is one of them. Teaching English in any part of the country can earn you a great amount of money, not less than $3,000 US Dollars a month. Job openings are in plenty in places like Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai. Employers offer assistance in getting a visa. Go to to see the teaching jobs available in various places in the country.

9. Brazil

Brazil is a great country to teach in. The people are friendly and the monthly payment on average is $800- 1,500 US Dollars. You need a tourist visa and valid passport to visit the country. If you don’t have a passport, it’s alright. A number of schools accept tourist visas. The best period to apply is between March and August when hiring is at its maximum. Visit,6_IN36_KO7,14.htm for a list of jobs available.

10. Chile

Chile is a great country to seek a teaching opportunity. Jobs are in plenty and more people are seeing the need to learn English. With an average monthly payment of between $400- 1,500 and a high cost of living, it may not be a top choice, but the high rate of safety it has should be considered. You need a valid passport to visit the country. is a nice site to access teaching jobs in this country.

What are your top countries for finding a job as a black teacher?

Please share your recommended countries in the comments. Which countries would you add? Which countries would you remove from the list?

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  1. Don’t teach in Dubai. That’s one of the worst decisions you can make. Especially if you’re going to deal with locals. There is a reason why there is always an opening at a bunch of schools in that country. Do your research and you will find all kinds of horror stories of people making the mistake of teaching in the UAE.