The 5 Best Dating Sites & Apps in the Philippines

Online Dating is one of the easiest ways to meet Filipina women in the Philippines without spending lots of money on nightlife and entertainment.

Best Filipina Dating Sites

In this guide, I’ll share with you the 5 best Filipina dating sites and provide tips and advice on how to create a profile, message girls, avoid the scammers, setup dates, and spend the night with the filipina of your dreams.

The 5 Best Filipina Dating Sites for Men

I’ve probably used and tried almost every dating site in the Philippines. Below is a list of my favorite sites that actually work and will produce results for almost any man.


Filipina Girl on

My favorite online dating website in the Philippines is PinaLove. PinaLove isn’t as big as FilipinoCupid or DateinAsia but it has a great selection of younger Filipinas who are interested in meeting foreigners. They reply often to your messages and are interested in setting up a date.

It’s 100% free to create a profile but PinaLove allows you to send only 1 message every 10 minutes. This is a great feature to prevent too many men from spamming women with low quality messages.

Get a Premium Membership

If you want to achieve maximum results, then upgrade to a premium membership so you can send unlimited messages. You also can see who viewed your profile and you rank higher in the search results as a paid member.

A 1 month membership costs $24.95 but you get the best deal if you upgrade to an annual membership for $99.

The difference between having a free and paid membership is like night and day. Why? Because most Filipinas will ask you a TON of questions before they ever consider meeting you. This goes double if you’re a black man who has to deal with the media publishing all kinds of negative propaganda to discourage women from ever dating you.

With a free membership, you might get 4 new messages but can send 1 reply every 10 minutes. This wastes time and will frustrate you after a while. You don’t have time to waste so invest a few bucks in your social life.

The Good

  • Highest Reply Rate – PinaLove has the highest reply rate out of all Filipina dating sites.
  • Good selection of young girls – The site is full of young, beautiful women looking for foreigners. Other sites like FilipinoCupid are full of widows and desperate single mothers. A lot of girls on PinaLove are still pure at heart.
  • No “Subject” Required – You can just send a message like sending a text. No need to write a subject line like you’re sending an email.

The Bad

  • Poor Customer Service – PinaLove has a great website but customer service doesn’t respond to emails.
  • Cannot Narrow Your Searches – For instance, if you search for “Manila” then it shows you every girl in Manila but doesn’t tell you exactly where. FilipinoCupid does a better job of narrowing down your search results.

PinaLove is the best overall dating in the Philippines if you’re looking to meet and hook up with beautiful, young filipinas.

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Filipina Girl from Findmate.App

If you’re looking for a completely free Filipina dating site, then FindMate is a good choice. It’s 100% free to sign up but women cannot see your messages as a free member.

If you refer 3 friends to sign up for the site, you get a free monthly membership. If you refer 10 friends, then you get a free annual membership. If you want to pay, then it costs $24.95 per month for a 1 month membership. I don’t see any savings for longer term memberships, which is definitely a disappointing feature.

Upgrade to a Premium Membership

FindMate has the 2nd highest reply rate in the Philippines plus the site lets you send a lot of messages quickly. You can also turn on your “location” and see girls who are within a few meters from you.

The Good

  • See Girls Near Me – Very convenient to find girls located near you
  • Free Referral Option – One of the few sites to offer a free membership if you refer friends

The Bad

  • Problem Uploading Photos – I’ve had problems updating more than 1 photo to the site.
  • Doesn’t Offer an App – Couldn’t find an app available for download.

FindMate is mostly a free option if you don’t want to spend the money on a paid dating site. There is a wide selection of younger girls and you can send and sort messages with ease.

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Years ago, DIA was the best online dating site in the Philippines but I don’t use it anymore after getting banned repeated for no apparent reason. I tried setting up a 2nd account but was banned immediately within minutes of activation.

100% Free Dating

DIA isn’t really a Filipina dating site but the majority of the women on the site are from the Philippines. There is also a huge quality problem on their site – the hottest Filipina girls don’t use it. The best looking Filipinas are using PinaLove and Tinder so lower your expectations if you are looking for top notch quality. The site has some great features though and it’s 100% free so you really can’t beat the price.

Declining Reply Rates

When I first signed up for the site back in 2012, I was getting over 50% reply rates but they declined year after year until my final banishment this year.

The Good Stuff

  • 100% Free – You don’t need to use your credit card or Paypal.
  • Good User Interface – You get high quality, clear photos of all the girls
  • Apps Available – DIA offers both Android and iPhone apps

The Bad Stuff

  • Lower Quality Girls – The quality on DIA is much lower than PinaLove, FilipinaCupid or Tinder
  • Lots of Scammers and Ladyboys – This site is full of scammers and ladyboys. Beware.
  • Random Bans – I’ve been banned twice for no reason. I use the same photos and description for all sites. Everyone else accepts them except DIA. Go figure.
  • Poor Customer Service – Customer support is non-existent. If you get banned or scammed, then you’re screwed.

DateinAsia used to be the bet but they have steadily declined over the years. It’s still 100% free and you can have good results if you screen the girls and get them on video using Viber or WhatsApp to verify their identity.

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Filipina Girl on

FilipinoCupid is the largest online dating site in the Philippines and you’ll find the biggest selection of filipinas here. It’s also one of the only sites that is completely paid and offers zero free features. You cannot read or send messages without a paid membership.

FilipinoCupid is Pay to Play

If you want to biggest selection of Filipinas to choose from, then FilipinoCupid is your best option. One of the nice things is that they accept a wide variety of payments options: Credit Card, Skrill and Paypal. Also, you can fine tune your search results by narrowing down girls based on their exact location within their cities.

For example, let’s say you are planning a trip to Manila and want to stay in Makati. You can sort by girls in Makati and send messages to women who live exactly where you are staying.

The Good Stuff

  • Biggest Selection of Girls – Over 3 million people are signed up for FC.
  • High Reply Rate – You’ll get the most total messages on FC
  • More Professional Women – Women on FC earn more money on average than other Filipina dating sites

The Bad Stuff

  • Possible Fake Accounts – Some of the accounts and pictures look fake. I see the same text on profiles over and over again.
  • Requires “Subject” Line – An old, outdated feature that makes messages feel like emails insteads of texts
  • Pay to Play – FilipinoCupid forces you to pay to use the site. This is a bit sketchy and is usually associated with scams.

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Filipina Girl on Tinder

If you are into “swiping right” then Tinder is a 100% free online dating app that works well in the Philippines. Tinder caters to a much younger demographic and all you have to do is swipe right on someone’s picture to show your interest. If she swipes right on you to, then you receive a match. You can only contact girls that you have matched with.

If you’re looking for hookups and one-night stands, Tinder is a great option. However, if you are looking for a Filipina wife or long term relationship, then I’d stay away from Tinder.

The Good Stuff

  • 100% Free to Download App – The App is available in Google Play and Appe Store for free
  • Easy to Use – The entire app is based on swiping left or right
  • High Match Rates – You’ll experience 100 to 400% more matches in the Philippines than western countries
  • Location Matching – Tinder shows you girls within meters of your location using GPS tracking

The Bad Stuff

  • Quality is Hit or Miss – Sometimes the quality on Tinder can be a problem.
  • No Quality Girls for LTR – Tinder is not a good place to find women for long term relationships.

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Which Online Dating Site & App is Best for You in the Philippines?

Here’s a quick rundown of my recommendations based on your relationship goals:

  • Best Site to Find a Filipina WifeFilipinoCupid
  • Best Site for a short term hookupTinder
  • Best Free Site in the PhilippinesFindMate.App
  • Best Site for Meeting Filipinas OverallPinaLove

Why Use Online Dating in the Philippines?

Online dating doesn’t carry the stigma it used to 10 years ago. Almost everyone has a smartphone and it’s easy to download an app and send messages to Filipina women without much effort. Of course, you could meet Filipinas in person but this is next to impossible if you don’t have the money for a plane ticket to the Philippines.

If you are already in the Philippines, then consider all the money you spend going out night after night. Buying taxis to get around, food, and drinks can put a big dent in your monthly budget.

With online dating, you bypass all of the time going out at night and can meet beautiful girls from the comfort of your home. You also avoid unnecessary problems that occur during night like getting pickpocket or dangerously drunk.

It doesn’t take much effort to sign up for a dating site. Most sites will allow you to create a profile in just minutes.

Does Online Dating Really Work in the Philippines?

The short answer: Yes.

The best part is the odds are stacked in your favor and you’ll receive more messages & dates in the Philippines than you normally would in western countries.

The female to male ratio is much higher in the Philippines and many women are lonely and desperately seeking out foreigners for all kinds of relationships. Some Filipinas have good jobs and want a decent boyfriend to spend time with; Other Filipinas are more transactional and want to land a foreign boyfriend with big pockets.

Important Tips when Meeting Filipinas Online

  • Never send money to a stranger – Many filipina women will ask you to send them money for various reasons: no cell phone load, sick mother, no money for transportation, etc. Do not send money to a girl you never met online.
  • Get her on the phone to verify her identity – It’s best to call her up and make sure she is a real person. Better yet, use Viber or WhatsApp for a video call.
  • Use common sense – Know the difference between a real photo and a fake one. Don’t believe everything you hear.
  • Secure your valuables – If she is coming over for the first time, then secure your valuables (cash, ID, gadgets) in a safe place. Some girls in the Philippines will rob foreigners so beware!
  • Don’t Agree to Pay Her Money – Any girl that asks you for money in exchange for “services” is a red flag. There are plenty of red light districts in the Philippines (Angeles City is the best) where you can find those services.
  • Tell the hotel staff to call you before your guest leaves – If you’re staying in a hotel, it’s a good idea to have them call you before your guest leaves.

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