Best Ethiopian Dating Sites & Apps of 2021

Ethiopian Women
Ethiopian Girls

Dating sites are now quite popular for meeting new people and finding your soul mate. These sites have a huge database of people that you can meet. There are specific websites for looking for people from different countries.

If you are looking to find Ethiopian women then here are some of the best Ethiopian dating sites for you.


Ethiopian Personals

In this site, you can meet Ethiopian singles who are looking for their soul mates for free. By signing up here you will be able to meet thousands of like-minded people. You can chat anytime and share photos using your desktop, tablet or mobile. The site is running for more than 15 years and they use high-level encryptions so that your personal information is protected. You can build up long-lasting relationships by signing up here.



If you are tired of dating and not finding the right person to share your life with then you must sign up for this dating site. Here we will be able to meet the best Ethiopian singles who are looking for their partners as well. You need to go through a short signup process if you are interested. You will be asked your age, location, etc. so that you can get the right matches. This site is absolutely free and so you can make as many connections as you want till you find your soul mate.


It is one of the best sites for Ethiopian dating. You can sign up to this website absolutely free and connect to various with people from Ethiopia. If you are finding it difficult to find a person to share your life and someone who has the same religious and cultural values then should join this site. You can sign up with Facebook or create a new account. You need to fill in details like name, age, address, etc. and then the site will check if your profile matches with their guidelines. Once your profile is approved, thousands of people out there will be able to view your profile and you will be able to connect to several people as well.


If you are looking for singles in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, then this is the right place to be. It is a 100% free dating site where you will find women of various interests. Whether you are looking for friendship, fun or serious relationship, you will find it here. The sign-up process only takes 30 seconds and once you have done that you will get access to thousands of Addis Ababa singles.


You can get access to charming Ethiopian women from this site. Here you can meet single women and men from Ethiopia and the rest of the world as well. Usually, Ethiopian people don’t date someone outside their community. But time has changed and now no matter from which nationality you are you will be able to date Ethiopian girls by signing up to this site. You can also learn about the Ethiopian culture from this site which will make it convenient for you to meet Ethiopian women.

These Ethiopian dating sites are very popular and absolutely free. So, you can easily sign up here and start finding your partner or friend. You must read the terms and conditions of each site before signing up so that you don’t get to any trouble later on. The sites are
secured and you won’t have to worry about identity theft. You will have a great time mingling with Ethiopian women through these sites.

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  1. Change A in Ethiopia Ladies you must have to learn some 3 lessions from your peers Ethiopia brothers
    1) currently Ethiopia woman phycology towards wealth is dramatically changes so as Philippines ladies you shouldn’t have to attractively see a woman and get in your underwear so be wise before you do something it not good time be wise ?!
    2) if you real want to marry her ask about her attitude towards long-term challange in life and make sure that you don’t support here fincialcially ask her if she plan A or B without you ? If she twist the answer stop there ? She had scammed you up
    3) ask her if she’s want to leave you after she arrives in USA or else she would answer no with no exceptions but please becarefull on ladies in all nation specaily in matter of relationship there are not trustworthy for men who do want settlements for long terms plan so please becarefull

  2. Auwal abdull from Nigeria I love beautiful ladies of Ethiopia . Age between 25_35 as my wife to be with light skin, and also like they traditional music dance thanks again.

  3. I agree dating sites should be clean and taken more seriously. For the other stuff there are plenty places but clean and grounded sites need to exist. I believe good hearted people sign up because the dating game is tiresome. This site can help alpt of people just add grounding rules please. Thank you Qibbly for sharing. Stay blessed

  4. Tarik I’m a Christian brother so this will come from a perspective like that homey. I think as Black men, we should not online date. At all. Many may disagree but it’s not designed to attract high quality woman.

    Say you are traveling to Jamaica. Great. Find a local church there and you WILL find a QUALITY woman. Unless you are still a little boy and looking for booty only to wind up with a clinic visit.

    Second, I love what you are doing. But why not have interviews or podcasts or link up with Wode Maya on YouTube and really get expat Kings brand going? Clean this site up. The naked girls and all that, come on bro. Some of us Christian bruhs were MUCH bigger players than a lot of your fan base and we wouldn’t ever move about in that way by hitting up clubs or pre gaming online. In fact to some woman in some contries; that is prostitution. To be real how is it not? You pay for her meal and she give you a great time. Never see or talk to her again and you send a WU or WhatsApp pay. That’s smutting.

    Instead? Build this brand. Sync up with other black male heterosexual travel bros. Interview married travelers. Brothers who successfully Married Ethiopian or Ugandan or Sudanese woman. Did they pay a dowry? How was the food? What is work like? WiFi packages? How are the government funded contracts handled?

    Let’s raise the level here Tarik. Don’t make this Maxim hookup for black dudes. Raise the level. You are a sharp brother. Take this site more serious man.