10 of the Best European Cities for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business owners who use telecommunications technology to earn a living and live nomadically. There are several perfect European cities for digital nomads.

1. Berlin, Germany

The internet speed, 50 mbps download. Cost of living is comparable to other larger cities. The quality of life is diversified. The food consists of bratwurst and Schnitzel. Visas are required to enter and leave.

2. London, England

Internet speed for downloading is 25 mbps. One delicacy is fish and chips. Visas are required for most everyone. Transportation is varied and includes an over and underground metro.

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

A high cost of living, they offer free health care, free college education, higher wages, and a speed of 42.75 Mbps download. Smoked fish is a delicacy. Bikes are the largest source of transportation. Visas are required and varied and depending on reason.

4. Vienna, Austria

High quality of life ranked 1st in the world and low crime rate. Delicacies are Wiener Schnitzel and Austrian Goulash. Public transportation is widely used by locals. Visas come in two forms, residence and entry. The internet speed is 7.89 mbps for download.

5. Las Palmas, Spain

A safe living environment, and reduced cost of living, and very high quality of life index. The speed is 4.48 mbps for downloads. Visas may not be required for visits below 90 days with some exceptions. Transportation in the city consists of buses and automobiles. Potatoes are the main staple with most meals.

6. Budapest, Hungary

One of the best European cities for digital nomads with reasonably priced housing, high quality of life index, and a speed of 38.63 Mbps download. Visas required for everyone but EU/EEA citizens. Walking is the best way to get around. One of the delicacies is Toltott kaposzta, cabbage stuffed with meat, rice, tomatoes, and sauerkraut.

7. Krakow, Poland

Krakow has a high quality of life, and they have a low crime rate. Speed is 31.50 mbps download. Visas are required for non-EU countries. Visas are available in short and long term. Bicycles or walking is the best way to get around.

8. Ljubljana, Slovenia

The environment is safe and there’s a high quality of life index. Walking or biking is the best way around. Like Poland, visas are required for those outside the EU. Food includes Kranjska Klobasa or sausage. The internet speed for downloads is 38.69 mbps.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Housing, earnings, and education are above average. Public transportation is quite popular with trams, buses, and trains. Bitterballen, deep-fried meatballs, are a popular dish. Internet speed is 59.54 mbps download. Visas are needed for those, not from EU, EEA, or Switzerland.

10. Prague, Czech Republic

High standards of living, and very high quality of life index. Taxes and rent are low. One of the delicacies is Palacinky, thin pancakes rolled and stuffed with jam or cream. Transportation includes trams, buses, and bikes. Visas are not required for all but a few countries. The speed is 45.55 mbps download.

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