The 10 Best Guest Friendly Hotels in Makati, Philippines


Makati is one of the biggest districts of Manila, and boasts a high concentration of entertaining bikini bars.

P Burgos Street is where most of the bikini bars are located adjacent to Makati Ave. Staying near this area is more convenient and will save you time and money commuting back and forth to the main red light district.

If you end up stealing your beautiful bargirl to stay the night with you in one of the hotels of Makati, you might consider that there are some hotels that have a guest-friendly policy, and others that will charge you extra joiner fees.

To prevent you from experiencing a rude shock, here is a list of girl friendly hotels in Makati that will allow you bringing back a girl for free.

1. Best Western Oxford Suites Makati. A well-equipped and well-maintained hotel, which is in easy reach to many night bars. The establishment allows for your bargirl to stay the night, with the condition that she gives her ID to the front desk officer, so as the other guests’ security is ensured.

2. Makati Palace Hotel. The hotel offers large apartments fitted with king size beds, and opening a great view at Manila’s load of skyscrapers. It is located in walking distance from low-price stores, and a lot of night bars. If you decided to enter the hotel with a lady joiner, the front desk officer will require her to register with a valid ID.

3. Red Planet Makati. The hotel is highly popular for its wide range of pubs and restaurants, a close location to Manila Airport and many tourist attractions, as well as for its guest-friendly policy. You will be charged a fixed price of $37 for a room, without considering any extra fee for your entertaining lady.

4. New World Makati Hotel Manila. The hotel is located in a peddlers-free area, with full-fledged amenities and a large pool. In regard to overnight guests, the hotel tolerates one person to be taken back in the room. The third one will be charged a joiner fee.

5. Royal Bellagio Hotel. It is clean and fitted with all amenities. Among all, it boasts a friendly visitor policy. You can register your girl, by having her presenting an ID, or you can let her unregistered, which means that the receptionist will call you any time she leaves your room.

6. Herald Suites. The hotel is nearby the Central Business District, and at a 20 minutes cab ride from the Manila International Airport. It is wonderfully furnished in the best Filipino house design traditions. You can bring back a local beauty with you, to enjoy the night in a homey atmosphere, without paying anything. A $62 room fee, keeps you entitled to this visitor-friendly policy.

7. LPL Suites Greenbelt Makati City. This nice hotel, in the heart of Makati, offers all basic amenities, and boasts comfortable apartments and highly polite personnel. It has a friendly policy towards an overnight joiner, with some conditions. The girl has to present her ID card to the receptionist, in order to detect her identity and ensure maximum security. Also, you will be asked for personal permission, before letting her enter your room.

8. Peninsula Manila. This 5-star hotel in Makati offers luxurious accommodation and access to many restaurants with great Asian dishes. Overnight companions are allowed, with no fees charged, except for breakfast. Initially, they will have to register with a valid ID.

9. Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences.This hotel boasts quality basic amenities and comfort, and a convenient location near Greenbelt shopping mall. If you are set on bringing a beautiful lady back to your room, you will encounter no obstacles from the hotel. Yet, a second or a third lady, will mean that you will have to pay an extra fee of 1250Php, for their overnight accommodation.

10. Jupiter Suites. This is a spacious hotel for budget travelers, with a wide access to pubs and entertaining places, like; karaoke clubs, spa salons and bikini bars. You are charged $41 for a room, and nothing more for the companion ladies, who will visit you overnight.


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