5 Best Hip Hop Nightclubs in Amsterdam

Art galleries and old newspaper offices double as fantastic and enjoyable experience in clubs.

The clubs have nights full of fun to suit everyone and for everyone who would love to enjoy the nightlife in Amsterdam need to have an open-minded character.

The nightclubs range from underground clubs with Hip Hop styles and other genres of music. Let’s explore more on Best Hip Hop Nightclubs in Amsterdam.

The Club Up

Club Up Amsterdam

It is a smallish and beautiful underground-style club that’s located conveniently on the Leidseplein. The club is secretly built not near the very leery crowds makes the Club Up to a clandestine club, and the only way to spot the club is due to long-queues or revelers waiting to enter the discreet club. It has the latest and excellent sound system and associated with an exclusive artist of the artist’s society De Kring. The club has a friendly and laid-back environment with DJs both from local and international clubs.

For more info: http://www.clubup.nl/


Bitterzoet Club Amsterdam

The best club to have an all-around fun throughout the night, the club plays a genre of hip-hop oriented music, and its name translates to bittersweet.

The club is known to bring together assorted of DJs, musicians, and bands, and often they focus on upcoming hip-hop talents. Chill out on the second floor or surrender to the beats on the well-lightened dance floor and enjoy the stained glass on the club windows that create a unique feeling of the church.

The raised section on the balcony gives you a beautiful dance floor view, and the DJ booth is located on the higher platform.

Sugar Factory

Sugar Factory Amsterdam

Sugar factory is well known to spice up your evening and quite popular with the tourists. The club is known for it’s cutting-edge and multi-disciplinary night theatre, and it’s a club where fun meets performance. The club was formerly a theatre, has large stage peering all over the club main dance floor. The club has an entrance fee but it worth every dance and movement for the night and it’s advisable to reach early to get yourself a nice spot and join the continuous celebration.

For more info: https://www.sugarfactory.nl/

Club Air

Club Air Amsterdam

Club air gives you a welcoming atmosphere that’s is exciting and fun leaving the hard day behind you and letting your spirit soar high with its music. It has ample space that is divide to create a cozier environment with friendly, creative, attentive and quality services. Club Air gives you a chance to let loose and dance till dawn with the DJs offering the best hip-hop music. They use the latest technology of sound and host various international artists and musicians.

Studio 80

Studio 80 Amsterdam

Studio 80 has dimly lit interior with charismatic clientele and innovative DJs that make the night entertaining and fun. The club also plays other genres of music apart from hip-hop making it versatile and the best place to expect and meet open-minded people.

Amsterdam hip-hop clubs offer the best nightlife to keep you entertained and best places to check out on fashion and also meet different people that will make you have a good time.

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