The 5 Best Hip Hop Nightclubs in Bangkok

Bangkok is a very diverse town with relatively many night clubs. As a hip-hop enthusiast, it can sometimes be very difficult to get a good club.

The emergence of many venues which mainly play EDM music makes it difficult for most hip-hop lovers to get the right club. This article clearly looks at the Best hip-hop Nightclubs in bangkok.

1.Sing Sing Theater (Bling it Tuesday’s)

Sing Sing Theater

This particular theatre always provides you with a sensual and mysterious atmosphere. The venue mainly acts as a place for theatrical performances with a modern hip hop twist. Hip-hop enthusiasts visit the venue every Tuesday and the theatre mainly becomes a hotspot for all hip-hop lovers.

These parties are hosted by the entourage of Bangkok invaders and also other popular MCs. This particular theatre is unique and it’s the only venue with Chinese lanterns in the background to provide you with an amazing hip-hop experience as you enjoy great music.

Location: Sukhumvit Soi 45
(Closest BTS: Phrom Phong) (Closest MRT: Sukhumvit)

Hours: 9pm to 3AM (Closed on Mondays)


2.Route 66 Club

Route 66 Club

This is one of the oldest clubs in Bangkok and it’s still considered to be the best. This club has evolved and has made a name for itself in the hip-hop scene. The venue is known mostly for its hip-hop roots. Popular hip-hop crews like the Bangkok invaders always visit the venue on many occasions.

The club is large and has two additional rooms that mainly focus on EDM or live music. The club is located on Rama 9 road and its the best place you should be if you truly love hip-hop music.

Location: Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Road
(Closest BTS: Thong Lo) (Closest MRT: Phra Ram 9)

Hours: 8pm to 2AM (Closed on Mondays)


3.The Beatlounge

The Beatlounge

The beatlounge isn’t considered to be a bar, it’s actually considered to be a community where hip-hop lovers meet to enjoy great music. The venue is known to host underground performances and rap battles. You will always meet new artists, DJs and MCs who are ready to entertain large crowds by creating a great hip-hop vibe.

The Beatlounge is an amazing venue for you to enjoy food and drinks as you listen to amazing hip-hop music. It also acts as a platform where upcoming artists can share their content. The club is a very friendly place where you should consider visiting the next time you’re in Bangkok.

Location: Soi Soonvijai, Rama 9 Road
(Closest BTS: Thong Lo)
(Closest MRT: Phra Ram 9)

Hours: 6PM to 2AM (Closed on Mondays)

4. Dirty Bar (DEMO)

The Dirt Bar (Demo(

This bar is sometimes referred to as the small room club. It is one of the few venues that mainly provide people with amazing hip-hop beats. The club is always packed during weekends with people ready to hit the dance floor as they enjoy their favorite hip-hop tracks.

The venue is home to various DJs who are always ready to provide you with popular 80s and 90s hip-hop anthems that will leave you chanting by heart.

Location: Arena 10, Thonglor Soi 10
(Closest BTS: Thong Lo)

Hours: 9PM to 2AM (Closed on Mondays)

5.CE LA VI (Crush Wednesdays)

Ce La Vi

The club is located on the 39th floor of Sathorn Square Building. The location of the club is very beneficial and you always feel like you’re literally on top of the world when you’re in the club. The club is considered to be one of the best hip-hop clubs in Bangkok featuring great DJs and MCs.

Wednesday night is considered to be ladies night and all beautiful women are encouraged to visit the club to enjoy the rich abundance of free flowing hip-hop music.

Location: Sathorn Square Tower (39 fl.), North Sathorn Road
(Closest BTS: Chong Nonsi)
(Closest MRT: Si Lom)

Hours: 9PM to 2AM (Closed on Sunday & Monday)

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